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  1. It is new, but If the system turns on usually means cpu is fine? And motherboard is brand new also so could be that, but it gives everything power, I’m just getting no display
  2. Can’t find the cable rn, any other ideas?
  3. Dvid, trying to find that cable rn
  4. Display port is a no on the gpu, motherboard dosnt have one
  5. I will try different monitor with display port, and yeah everything stays running
  6. Yes, and have tried taking gpu out and just running it off igpu
  7. Hey, just swapped out my old x570 board to a b450 because x570 I broke, and with a new processor 3200g and 2060 everything turns on but I get no display! Any ideas??
  8. Miners have used them for years with no issues. So enjoy running on no knowledge and assumptions
  9. Me too at first lol. But it seems to be working fine. and I did not cheap out on the splitters nor the risers. and all cards are using little power. I'm just hoping either one of my CPUS can support the GPU count
  10. Not sure how to predict temperatures unless you find a video of someone testing that setup. But considering the cooler has a TDP of 180w and the cpu will only pull 105w, You should hopefully be looking around 60-70c under load?
  11. Really? I'm buying that CPU today so I don't have to have a card in a 16x slot for display. Because my R5 3600 doesn't have integrated graphics. But I've seen some people use 3000g and have 6 gpus. And I'm hoping with risers each card should only use 1 lane in a 1x slot..
  12. Alright, Well I'm getting my pcie expansion card today hopefully, and a 5th gpu. So we'll see how it goes
  13. No. However it is good to restart your computer once in a while. But you'll know when you need a restart because your PC will feel a little slower when browsing web/launching games etc
  14. I have 2 PSUs, Power is not a problem. I'm not worried about card prices. and Mining with a 1x slot will not effect hashrates. But again, and do you have a reason to recommend 4, The cpu has 20 lanes.