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  1. I have a HDMI 1.2 and and DVI-D. But am hoping to get 1080p @ 144hz but graphics card dosnt have a DVI-D
  2. I also get this somewhat often. Not sure if its on my end or COD's end
  3. Alright, I'll try and go to the older drivers
  4. The highest I saw it reach was around 50-60%, Streaming Cold war @ 1080p 60fps. Do you know any possible fixes or troubleshooting routes for this?
  5. I have the latest drivers. Is there a issue with the newest Nvidia Drivers?
  6. My game shows that I'm running consistent 130-140, But it feels like I'm almost on 60hz while streaming. But my stream also looks perfect 60fps. and hardware usage is around 2-4% on CPU, and 30-50% on GPU. But I'm assuming that's just using the Nvenc encoder on it. Also have no issues with ping, I'm wired connection to GB internet and most games I have 20-30 ping
  7. Hey, Looking for some help with OBS making my games lag, I run all my games at a good 140fps+, but it doesn't 'feel' like the 144hz I normally run. I stream @ 1080p 60fps and sometimes its fine and it feels good. But sometimes it feels laggy. Hoping to get some help tonight. Thanks
  8. ouch, not worth for 500Mb more. guess ill stick with Gb
  9. The modem does have 1500MB, I tested it on the router. But what is a NIC, and is it expensive?
  10. Whoops. ha sorry, I have the Gigabyte X570 Gaming X. and one of those Bell home 3000's or something like that
  11. Any help is appreciated on this. I currently have a cat 5e cable that can only support up to 1000MBs, However my internet actually goes up to 1500MBs and I'm curious if I were to get a cat 6a, would I be able to use the 1.5Gbs? Or does my motherboard not support it. I cannot find anything online (also is the 5e and 6a have the same ports? like universal to connect to my router and or PC)
  12. Theres not much selection where I am. So its hard to try and find somewhere to try chairs
  13. Hi guys!! I'm looking for a high back ergonomic chair that would comfortably fit my 6'1 150lbs kid. Any suggestions or pointers are appreciated! And preferably at a reasonable price point of course
  14. Not sure what games he'd like. He already purchased cold war and Cyberpunk