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  1. I have to say i was in a similar position and needed a new chair. I have coxxyx issues and tipped between Secretlab, NobleChairs and a few others. I tried sitting in a few of my friends chairs (who had these) and I found them too firm on my posterior, I ended up with an Atom RS all black premium and love it. I can highly recommend it to anyone. I'm 6ft 2 and 97kg
  2. anyone want to send me a better GPU to use? lol my R7 260x is struggling
  3. Thanks. I lost a load of hrs at work so had to sell my gaming rig but using my spares built together.
  4. Feeling a bit rubbish contributing 130k ppd but it's the best i can do i think.
  5. I had this exact issue with layer 2 looking better. Turned out it was a TINY TINY bit too close to the bed and causing pillowing. This was using Flex build plate and PEI. since adjusting no issues.
  6. Nice one!!! i would but for some reason my GPU isnt getting any WU at the moment, Been waiting since 7am
  7. yeah i have had so many issues i'm hoping i can find one that works, the last one i tried stripped out the drivers for my GTX 970
  8. i had big issues finding / installing a driver for my quadro K1200 so just running on the one 970SC at the moment. (and cpu)
  9. I have been waiting what feels like forever for a WU for my GTX 970SC
  10. I know they are having issues generating enough WU for the amount of availability there is but i for one would love to see the return of the Chome / NACL Folding option