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    electronics (hobby)
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    ryzen 2600
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    steel legent B450M
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    Gskill the cheap ones 2x8gbs
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    GTX 1650 super
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    SilentiumPC Signum SG1 TG
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    kingston M.2 Nvme ssd 2000series 125 gb (i think)
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    seasonic 550W (the blue one) 80 plus bronze
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    motospeed V18
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    gskiller ect
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    wind 10
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    pavilion g6
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    Redmi note 8 pro

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  1. So I'm looking forward to making a Minecraft server at home and there is the part where I need to share my IP address in order to have people join the server from around the world so my question is is there anyway I can have them join my server without needing to share the IP address itself. Thanks for your time.
  2. So i am in need of a system that can show on a screen real time video out of a camera and i want it to both be wired and with max 2 wires (power cables not included). The only thing i have thought so far is those collored round connectors but i am open on any ideas as to how i can get this hole system to work. Thanks for your time.
  3. Ok so i downloaded Minecraft PE beta from playstore and i joined a world an about once per Minecraft day i hear a creppy cliffhanger like sound.....does anyone know whats going on? Oh olso i am in the seed -453238948
  4. It gets on my nerves every time it happens, i am writing on Evernote and i dont know how to stop this every time it happens to me cursor!!? I CANT WRITE!!!! It keeps marking the letter instead of summoning a cursor, my teacher pressed something on the keyboard and it got i way but i don't remember soo... Maybe you guys know anything?
  5. I got a phex v2 mousepad and it has this anti-slip coating and it got dirty and it doesn't stick to the desk anymore and i don't know how to clean it.... Any ideas?
  6. So the only way to get 7.1 must be by using a SPDIF compatible device ?
  7. So i have an asrock steel legend and it is advertised as having " 7.1 audio " but i dont see a side speaker aufio jack............sooo is it just 5.1??
  8. what is ""adaptive sync/ free sync"" on a asus monitor?
  9. does it ? also why does it say ""adaptive sync/ free sync""
  10. How do you guys deal with excess cable length?
  11. Hi fellow as she said you have to press the reply button in order to reply to someone and having them notified that you have replied. You can do that by pressing the big arrow under her message, next to the double arrow and the report button.and then you can write your reply to the person. Feel free to ask me or anyone else yor anything you want. See ya on the forum dude!!
  12. So i have an old letterman's tool back from 1994 and it has turned black, i think due to SOMEONE trying to heat the blade red hot. It is my dad's so i want to get it back to it's original form
  13. So i lookd up some prizes for win10 keys online and i found some with 120$ and some others with 5$ or 10$ for the home version. So my question is,... Why can you use win10 for free but you need 100$ to buy a key that will just put out the watermark????