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  1. Oh snap, I never considered the controller. Those are $50 each. I believe you have convinced me to buy new ! I think I'm off the fence now !
  2. I'm just on the fence, I can pick up a brand new one tomorrow, be a little poor till next payday, so that $80 savings is nice, but not like imma spend that $80 wisely anyway !
  3. Looks like those games are just downloads and not hard copy.
  4. This is what's going through my mind ! The warranty is better than no warranty. The one i was gonna pick up is $229 cdn, no game. I can get one for $249 with a game, not sure what used games sell for.
  5. I'd like to sit back on my couch after work where I work on a PC all day and play on the big screen !
  6. Ahh, I see, I didn't know pubg had issues. Just have a buddy from work who loves playing it, he's no tech dude so he probably can't really tell !
  7. I was thinking of picking up an Xbox One used for $160 cdn, roughly $120 USD. It costs $229cdn for a new xbox one S and I can't take advantage of HDR or 4k Blu ray, so I was thinking this may be a good buy. I want it to play pubg with a buddy at work and I also like sports games with a controller. But will the Xbox One be EOL anytime soon and do you think it is worth it for my usage ?
  8. look at metro, how bad it is, an OC isn't gonna change much, look at the i3 - 4350, does just fine.
  9. i new kaby lake would have roughly a 60% improvement over old conroe LGA775 chips clock for clock. G4560 all the way. unless your just websurfing, $17 buck, can't go wrong. For gaming etc go new chips. http://www.techspot.com/article/1039-ten-years-intel-cpu-compared/page5.html
  10. You could possibly mirror the drive to your SD card, insert the new HDD using the sata cable, than boot into windows install and mirror the drive from the SD card to your new HDD there. http://www.backup-utility.com/articles/backup-hard-drive-without-booting-windows-3889.html
  11. Yeah, I thought they had come down in price quite a bit but wasn't sure where abouts. I guess I could try the highside first. Nothing wrong with the card. I got a GTX 770 for free from a friend which is roughly equal in performance (but I like Nvidia drivers more).
  12. How much should I sell my HD 7970 for ? It's a reference card if that makes any difference. Canada (about 30% more in prices than the US). I've found them on craigslist from $120-$160 so I'm thinking around there, but maybe $100 ? It's rather old now although the same as the R9 280x it a 4 year old card. Thoughts ?
  13. It's just a cut down R7 so gaming will be very similar. Budget wise, I'd go for the R5 6-core. You can see this review here with the R7 running with disabled cores ... http://www.zolkorn.com/reviews/amd-ryzen-7-1800x-vs-intel-core-i7-7700k-mhz-by-mhz-core-by-core/view-all/
  14. Yes, It's a nice GPU and overclock very well beyond R9 270x. I recently sold mine for $100 cdn. $60 is a good price, you might get him down to $50. But either way nice card.
  15. Yeah that will work fine. I was just looking at something with a beefed up audio solution. H110M will work all the same.
  16. It's an H170 board ! And that B7 board is nice too,
  17. Perhaps a gigabyte G1 board. Has a beefed up onboard audio solution. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128863&cm_re=gigabyte_g1-_-13-128-863-_-Product A 500w bronze/silver/gold rated psu from a reputable brand will do the trick. Case wise, that's up to you !
  18. It's not showing all processors, Only showing a fraction. Click show processes from all users. Than if you get anything you don't want running, type msconfig in the search bar and shut down those processos or uninstall. If you still have the issue, run a malware scan.
  19. Ansys and solidworks seem to utilize CPU over GPU so i'd suggest getting the strongest CPU you can afford and 16GB ram. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/cJRTYr Or you could check the used market, maybe find a used i7-3770k / 4770k for $100 less.
  20. Open up task manager and check processes tab. This will show you what is using up your cpu resources.
  21. Do you have onboard video ? Try that out if you have it. If not, try another video card, or put your video card into another build etc.
  22. Not a CPU or GPU bottleneck. It's the terrible coding of the game themselves.