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  1. I have solved the problem. There was a SquirrelMachine folder in Appdata/Local that ran the Discord installer on startup. It would not get deleted with normal uninstall methods.
  2. Hi, I want to remove Discord from my PC. I have used Discord uninstaller, CCleaner and even Revo Uninstaller but each time my PC restarts; Discord is back as if nothing happened. Please help. Thanks Aaseem
  3. I tested it on my other PC and it worked without a hitch and I am currently using a new cable. I will use LiveCD next.
  4. I have checked the cable and updated the drivers. Do I get a LAN card if nothing works?
  5. Hi, I have been facing this problem for a few days. I am connected via Ethernet cable, whenever I open a link or enter a web address my internet disconnects with a cross appearing very briefly on the Network icon and I get this Host could not be reached or there is no internet connection message in my web browser; right then my Internet connects and the website opens. This is not a problem when surfing the web but doing any work or opening any websites like bank etc. is impossible. Playing any online game results in long spells of "connecting to the server" messages while downloadi
  6. Hi, I am currently using an i5 4570 with 8 GB RAM, 7200RPM HDDs and GTX 1070. This is primarily used as my workstation and 1080p gaming. Recently I have started working with high poly 3D models and I am experiencing considerable slowdowns when working on them. What would be the best option for upgrade which would allow me to work without delays? Thanks Aaseem
  7. Hi, I had posted this very problem sometime back and after changing the cable, getting a higher wattage power supply for my GPU the problem had gone away for sometime. Not completely but it happened a lot less frequently. Recently for the past few days I get this "Signal Out of Range" message on my monitor with no display; turning the monitor off and on again corrects the problem. It seems to happen most often while playing games and watching videos in full screen. Please tell me what to do to completely get rid of this problem. P.S. my other PC had similar problems and it has n
  8. I borrowed another usb cable and although the controller does not get recognized, my PC shuts down within a few seconds of connecting the controller.
  9. no, I do not have another cable, I am currently using the same cable to charge my phone and it is working fine.
  10. My PC crashes whenever I open the app, I cannot change any settings; is there a way to repair or reinstall it? Now I keep getting the error that the USB port cannot provide enough power to the unrecognized USB device.
  11. Hi, I am trying to install my xbox one controller connected via a USB cable to my Windows 10 64 bit PC. My PC detected an unrecognized device and now it shuts down whenever I connect the controller to it. I looked at the Event Viewer and it is full of "0x80070057: Package family Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay_8wekyb3d8bbwe runtime information is corrupted but we cannot repair it at this time." I can use the PC without any problem otherwise, have been running stress test and even played LoL and Witcher without any problem. Please help me. Thanks
  12. Is there anyway I can solve this problem without having to make any changes to the home wiring?
  13. Both the PC and Monitor are connected to their own UPS through a multiplug connected to the wall socket.
  14. Okay I will try that but why would it only happen when I am using my PC to study and occasional videos during the day and not at all when I am using it to render and compile. I have run various stress tests for many hours on my RAM, CPU, GPU and even the HDD and all of them turn out okay and I never face this problem when the temperature is lower and not everyone is running their AC.