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  1. Did you try to run defrag via command line? There two types of removable storage devices in Windows. One type doesn't show up in defragmentation software
  2. Alim

    Cloning OS on one M.2 to another M.2

    Acronis instant restore would do what you need. It capable of deploying one image to many computers. Also it installs drivers required to boot image on new hardware
  3. I believe that onedrive maximum is 1tb per user. 5 accounts would be needed to store 5tb of data
  4. One or two external HDDs paired with good backup software should do the job. Another option is to use cold cloud storage. Storing 4TB data on google cloud would cost 28$ per month. However data retrieval is expensive if you ever need to do so. Also specialised software is required, since mainstream backup software does not support third party clouds. Also consider backblaze and other similar services.
  5. What's bandwidth of m2 slot on your board. I know that older boards had pcie 2.0 x2 via chipset, but I don't have specific bandwidth figures. Google it
  6. Alim

    Bitlocker performance

    Did anyone tested bitlocker influence on iops with modern ssd? It looks like only Samsung supports tcg opal in their drives, all other ssds run in software mode.
  7. Alim

    Throttling in games

    It's 1650 most of time, occasionally drops to 1350. GPU temp is below 70. In Dota, gpu clock is 1000, but FPS is low. Temps are low too. PerfCap reason is "idle", so probably it's valve fault. It's better now, I actually won't play games on that laptop, just wanted to know is it even capable of doing that. I expected 1050 to perform slighly less than GTX960.
  8. Alim

    Throttling in games

    I set fps limit to 120, undervolted to -125mv and disabled turbo. FPS is stable 120. CPU temp is 76. Fans don't spin at full rpm. I believe cpu gets throttled because of heat from gpu. Is it possible to limit gpu tdp somehow?
  9. Alim

    Throttling in games

    Just wondering is it supposed to run at 150 fps at high settings or not?
  10. Alim

    Throttling in games

    i7-7700HQ, GTX 1050, HP Pavilion 15.
  11. In CSGO fps ranges from 70 to 130. GPU usage is below 80% and perfcap reason is idle most of time and fans don't spin at highest rpm. Does it mean my cpu is throttled? CPU temps are around 75C
  12. Alim

    AsRock X99 Extreme4 CSM

    It's possible to convert MBR to GPT and install windows without formatting. Your data will be moved to windows.old
  13. Alim

    AsRock X99 Extreme4 CSM

    CSM shouldn't affect GPU outputs
  14. Alim

    AsRock X99 Extreme4 CSM

    There's no videocard uefi mode. Try it all settings are reversible