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  1. I have a static ip! It said it didn't work tho . . .
  2. Could someone help me port forward for a minecraft server! I tried yet I used https://www.portcheckers.com/ and it said the port wasn't open and I gave the ip to my friends and they said they couldn't join. What should I put in each box?
  3. Thx guys! ummm what server tho?
  4. I want to run some virtual machines, maybe for minecraft server, and maybe for video rendering . .
  5. So im looking for a server to make my nas on! I think maybe r720 or r720xd . . Also which os should I be running? And could you attach a link to a server as I probably would look at a scam Thanks!
  6. Any other one with a bigger upgrade path?
  7. Thanks could I possibly be able to put it in raid 1?
  8. Hi, I am looking for a server for my home to help create a nas and maybe a plex server do you have any recommendations r710?
  9. Anyone have suggestions on a good budget server for a NAS, minecraft server dual server? (Pls leave link)