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    3700x @ stock
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    Asus Crosshair Hero VIII
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    Trident Z RGB 4x8 3200Mhz
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    MSI GTX 1080ti Strix
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    Phantek Enthoo Evolv TG
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    M.2 960 pro 500GB / Samsung Evo 850 1TB SDD
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    Corsair RM750x
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    Asus PG248Q / Dell U2515H
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    X62 Kraken
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    Corsair Lux
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    Corsair Smitar
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    HD 650
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    Windows 10

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  1. Yy the problem is that the mobo can't pick up the cpu temps, so it has no idea the cpu is running hot. So no matter the cpu temp, my cooler wont do anything because it wont pick up the cpu temp
  2. Hello! I need some help, I bought my 3700x a week ago and ever since, it has been a nightmare. First I couldn't get my x370 VI Hero board to post correctly but I thought it was a problem with the motherboard so I went ahead and purchased a X570 VIII Hero. Once I got the new board, it couldn't detect my m.2 drives, so I switched boards again, this time going for a Aorus Master X570, but now I cant get this board to post correctly as well giving me the 00 Q-code, the only way to get it working is to press the reset button on the mobo, once I do that I can finally go into Windows but waaaait theres more, my CPU temp is -55.0C, so my CPU Fans dont spin at all while the chip runs. So either A) faulty motherboard (i've gone trough 2x X570 Hero VIII, 1x x370 Hero VI and a Aorus Master X570) or B) faulty CPU Here are the specs btw: Aorus Master X570 3700X @ stock 3200MHz CL14 - Samsung B-die GTX 1080ti RMi 750W PSU
  3. Heey sorry, I already updated the specs but it didn't update yet. Never the less here they are : 3700x Crosshair Hero VIII 4x8 G.skill CL14 3600mhz (Samsung b-die) GTX 1080ti Strix Evo 960 Samsung m.2 / 250GB SSD 750w RMx Corsair PSU X62 Kraken
  4. Hello Recently I upgraded to a X570 Crosshair Hero with a 3700x. After some weird problem with DP not sending image. I can't get my m.2 to be recognized by the bios . I tried the m.2.1 / m.2.2 ports in the bios, did a cmos reset and disconnected the other drove, still it doesn't show up. Any clues ?
  5. yea ! i aint making that mistake again
  6. okay, Ill change the psu, cause the case was working fine
  7. 3 One 12GB Flash Drive and 2 usb network pens
  8. Fack... I don't have one nor acess to one, anyway to see it via HWmonitor?
  9. hm .. nope, it said something like usb 2, usb 3, its a OEM board .. so I dont have a manual or anything to check
  10. Erm I dont know ... What I rebember it was a blue conector and 2 other conectors, i pluged into the blue one first and then the other ones while the pc was plug in
  11. Hey, I need some sort of help to why this happened, today I changed my gf's pc (mobo, ram and cpu) but something strange happened, I pluged the Network adapter (USB) and I heard a tiny click but I didnt make much of it, at this point the usb stick isnt blinking like it used to, thought it was bc of the USB drivers, since its a new cpu and mobo, but nope ... I tried others flash drives and those didnt work to.. so at this point in time the only thing working was the keybboard and mouse which is connected to the back usb ports, so any clue to why this happened ? is the power supplie going bad ? its a Corsair CX600 80+ bronze (tho its a 4-5 year unit).
  12. They said and I quote : "The problem is the sticks because of its speed, we tried some 2133mhz and it worked, no problem. They ram you have in the system is a Flare X 2133mhz kit." Just a thing of thought they just diagnosed the problem in 2 hours.
  13. Thank you !! They said that the problem was 100% the Ram sticks .. I've order a Flare X 2400Mhz 8x2 and lets see if the system still hangs. But if it does hang, they will say that the problem will be the sticks. Because they said that they tried a 2133mhz sticks and it worked without no problems.
  14. Hello! Sorry to bother, but I have a few problems, and I can't seem to find an answer. So heres what happening, my friends pc a few week's ago started to randomly freeze out of nowhere, I tried to solved it by going into the Event Viewer and searching the error online, I managed to fix it but only for 2 days before it continued to have random freezes. I tried to run a few tests like aida64 , and it could run for 30 minutes straight no problems. But the day after it refused to boot, not even being capable of going into the bios. So I took his pc to my local hardware store, and after a few days they said it was the ram sticks. Funny thing is, they told me that the ram sticks are 100% working on other platforms other than Ryzen and that these ram sticks are not compatible with ryzen, that I need to purchase either a Flare X Kit or a Fortis Kit, now, I've heard that hynix based ram, happen to have some problems on Ryzen system BUT it doesn't freeze and make the system unusable. Are there any cases of hynix based memory making their system unusable? Because I actually ran hynix based type memory for a long time, before I made the switch to b-die, and I never got these problems, the only problem that I encontred was the memory refusing to run at a Stable speed other than 2933Mhz (I had a 3200 Mhz kit) ALSO, the mobo in question is a MSI Carbon x370 with the latest bios. They also said that the chipset refused to run this kit, the kit in question is :HX432C16PB3K2/8 (that is the kit it was on his pc.)
  15. Erm .. I must be golden then. 16 - 16 - 16 - 16 - 38 1.35V Hynix Based Ram F4-3200C16-8GTZR 1700 @ 3.6Ghz / 1.3V waiting on my bracket from NZXT PS : I can't hit 3200, it just plane refuses to boot at that speed, tried 16 - 16 - 16 - 38 - 1T and 2T / 15 - 15 - 15 - 15 - 36 - 1T and 2T EDIT : I ran memtest for ~2 hours