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  1. This is a one day build from Adam Savage making custom sabers for playing Beat Sabers on his Rift https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JRbGcyPUnk It would be pretty neat to see Alex do something like this...
  2. How about picking up a couple of unassembled Heathkits from Ebay and putting them together? Heathkits were the best tech enthusiast items of the post WW II era. You could buy a kit to make electronic test instruments, like a homemade oscilloscope, vacuum tube tester, etc. Or high end HiFi stereo equipment, Ham radios, or TVs. Plus early computers. Just make sure you brush up your soldering iron skills first.
  3. Am freaked out by Airbnb prices, got a 2 garage house in Richmond a couple of blocks from River Rd for Friday & Saturday nights for $260 US including all fees. That's after looking at use of a bedroom for $30, all right in the same area.
  4. Thanks, works well. And as a bonus the 8 bit intro looks better ?
  5. My impression from last year was that women were more than 1% but less than 20%. No idea how many were enthusiasts or plus one's. You can get a bit of an idea from looking at the galley. Also, I'm in my 60's and there were enough over 21 that I didn't feel out of place. For me the tough part was being solo, since there were a lot of lines which would have been easier to deal with if I had someone to chat with.
  6. If you decide on Amtrak, the tram will take you directly from Seatac to the King Street Station in a half hour, It's pretty much the only easy public transit trip in Seattle (which works well for me, I work for a towing company here ? ) As for getting around Vancouver, Car2go car rental is also an option. There app shows you the nearest car and unlocks the door for you, and you can just leave it in any legal public parking spot inside their coverage area, charges by the minute you are actually driving the car (Mercedes, since that's who owns the company)(I know a lot of their employees by name, a lot of part time drivers seem to have a problem with the term "legal public parking spot"), there's a couple of other companies in Seattle, Reach Now(BMW) and Lime, don't know if they operate in Vancouver also.
  7. I left early last year, but while there were quite a few kids there didn't notice them being a problem, and I'm a crusty 64 year old. There were things for them to do, like Hamster Ball, and Linus sending them on scavenger hunts. The most annoying thing for me was the long lines for everything from getting in the door, the hands on items, the merch, and the food truck (but not for decorating the lambo) but I'll bet LTT is aware and taking steps, and this year I'll have someone along to chat with.
  8. Make sure you check your phone plan, I use Consumer Cellular which doesn't have coverage there. I planned ahead last year and already had is displayed on Google Maps, but it disappeared just before I got to Vancouver. Canadians are really nice though, stopped people on the sidewalk a couple of times which worked out well, and me on my Harley in full leathers.
  9. If you live on the West Coast check out the train. I've went up to Bellingham a couple of years ago. The price is not bad, the cars are pretty old with wood bench seats in coach, but upgrading was really cheap. From Seattle to Vancouver is about $45 (US) coach, $70 Business and takes about 4 hours. If on a budget bring food, no security to get through to get on the train (customs at the border tho). From San Francisco $150/$200 and takes about 27 hours. Keep in mind that Amtrak tends to take a lot longer sometimes than scheduled.
  10. Wasn't Linus just left alone with Cisco's router stacks?
  11. There's several comments on YouTube, they beat me to it, suggesting to just power the monitor. No more crashes. Add desk lamp, speakers, etc., for more resistance.