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    Mt. View, Ca
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    C++, C#, Day[9] tv
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    Student at Foothill College. Very casual gamer because I'm almost impossibly bad at just about everything. Looking to meet other people to going to LTX before I get there, so hmu if you wanna meet up at LTX!!!!

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  1. I'll be going to LTX for the first time this year and id love to meet / talk with some of you before I get there. I'd hate to get there and go from booth to booth alone with no one to enjoy it with like the sad loner I am back home . So hit me up you want to meet up at LTX. This community seems super cool and I'd love to meet some of you. I'm also open to carpooling or just traveling together since my best option right now is a 27 hour train/bus ride cause I'm broke. As far as general age/location, I'm a freshman at Foothill Community College, in California. Also, I know this is super ear