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  1. I did for quite a while, it is MORE than adequate.
  2. For a lot of people, myself included, this video by MrExitStrategy tells us all we needed to know about the Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Pro. For those who want a TL;DW, it is as follows. Trackpad gestures are VERY similar to macOS, which should open up the product to a very large customer base of Macbook customers (i would imagine mostly those who use the Air). Two finger scroll, and 3 finger swipes all work almost identically to how they work on macOS, which means if you are already accustomed to macOS multitasking this very well COULD be your next computer. Though, as noted in the video the trackpad is somewhat small. I personally don't see too much space to have extended it vertically without limiting screen angles for the iPad itself. For those looking for a little more, Macworld has compiled what we know about it so far in their article found here, but I will give you the highlights. My thoughts: I wish we knew all of this from day 1 of the iPad Pro refresh, but... good LORD am i excited. Ill personally likely be waiting for the next iPad Pro, but I finally found a replacement for my aging 2014 Macbook Air! Everything i actually do on it can easily be done on an iPad, as I do it on my iPad Mini 2nd gen anyways. That is also getting quite long in the tooth, so both slimming down my backpack and getting a substantial performance upgrade will be a great way to start off my bachelors degree. The price of the magic keyboard is certainly expensive at $350 for the larger of the two, but it is also quite justified if you look at what all goes in to it and compare it to other first party accessories. Though, word is that lots of other companies with good reputations for making iPad cases are going to be throwing their hats in the ring. Though these devices usually come in much cheaper, I have yet to hear of one that quite matched Apple's own.
  3. The mac pro is maybe 60 pounds fully loaded before adding things like the Pegasus RAID caddy. So, lets go 100Lb rated castors. oop, $12 on amazon for a set of 4 with 2 that lock. Of course apples are MUCH higher quality than that, but no amount of fancy engineering brings something that retails for $12 up to even the $400 upgrade cost and FORGET about the $700 after-you-buy cost.
  4. Unfortunately, you cant do this with an old AIO as most of them have their pumps built in to the block (which we obviously aren't using in this case). BUT, there are some AIO's out there that are non-asetek designs that do have a pump in the dead space of the rad. Double but, those are all aluminium which you shouldn't mix with the copper of your poseidon block. Is this the poseidon hybrid card? Ive read the air cooler is more than competent by itself.
  5. while im not going to argue that the wheels are at all a good price, because they arent, apples price competitiveness is MUCH better than it used to be.
  6. Where are people even getting that linus or anyone at LMG specifically hates apple??? Linus' daily earbuds are airpods pro Linus' daily smartwatch is an AWS5 Alex was INCREDIBLY close to swapping his daily to a Macbook Air, and Linus didnt almost strictly because of the butterfly switch. Atleast 2 of their editors are macOS users, though i dont recall who by name. I also recall quite a few iOS users. LMG has at minimum 2 Mac Mini's deployed at their office The only truly critical reviews of Apple devices i can recall in the recent past are... the 6 core MBP 15" (justified), and uhh... thats actually about it. That and i guess some people can take the iPad Pro 2019 and 2020 videos as critical? I dont, they critique apples utterly confusing stance on what the iPad Pro is, make a couple "whats a computer?" memes, and end off saying android tablets still suck. EVERY flagship android smartphone video since the 11 Pro/Pro Max's launch has drawn a comparison to it and many have fallen short per LMG's own admission. If you scroll down through the new video feed to your right on the forum, the latest SC video is titled "Why cant anyone compete with apple?" You're really, REALLY grasping at straws here by making some claim that LTT is presenting any sort of bias against or for apple... EDIT: I have used macOS and Windows interchangeably throughout my life, starting with OSX 10.1 and Windows XP and up to macOS Catalina and Windows 10. They both do what they are good at VERY well and anybody who says they hate one with 0 objectivity are genuinely part of the problem. You can dislike macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, whatever it is; you can dislike the company because their morals dont line up with yours, you can dislike the products because you have experience with them and its missing this or that feature, or whatever. Some people hate iOS with a vehement passion because of apps snapping to a grid so you cant have empty space. Thats totally valid. What ISNT is never laying hands on a product in your life and saying you hate it. I cant go around saying "Windows phone was the worst thing ever!". Why? Because ive never used one in my life. For your sake, and everybody elses, speak to what you know people. Having an opinion on something you have 0 experience with is incredibly short sighted and just undermines your own point.
  7. This is totally up to personal experience. Ive been treated well by Gigabyte, bequiet!, Asus, and Fractal very well over the years in terms of PC components.
  8. r/murderedbywords is a literal cesspool of toxic western liberalism. That is all

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      there are some utter 3rd degree burn replies to some lefties god politicians . But you wont be seeing those things over there. almost, just almost as if they are controlling the narrative.

    2. SenKa


      @Tech_Dreamer But orange man bad is peak comedy, didnt ya know?

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      oh yeah , i've been through the concentrated dose, i'm pretty much immune to dem shit rn.

  9. ?? The only feature im aware of that isnt in macOS that is present is window snapping, which is a necessity... They added features on top of *iOS* to make iPadOS This isnt special to iPad OS whatsoever, even within apples ecosystem. iPad OS is not a desktop operating system whatsoever, stop calling it one and stop comparing it to one. Contradicts the point above. You started that it is more feature rich and advanced than macOS, but there are things you cant do on an iPad that you can on macOS??? Also, what features are you missing out on that arent requisite of a tablet (rear facing cameras)? Actually curious I am a very heavy macOS user myself, and do just about everything i could imagine doing on the go with my 2014 air. I would LOVE to know what im supposedly missing out on. But in no particular order iPad OS is missing- Something similar to 2 finger swipe on macOS where i can cycle between full screen windows Proper handling of background app management, on apples mobile devices it will simply shut down an app in the background if you are near RAM capacity. This is especially annoying with youtube where you will just lose whatever video you were on. Remote Desktop Those are just three random features i cannot live without on my main device, which is why my main device is not an iPad. Though, there are others that are honestly unrealistic such as wired internet support that I would kill for but know will not happen.
  10. Sounds like theyre just planning things with AIB's for higher end versions. Though, I'd imagine Apple to be one of them once everything calms down around the world.
  11. Couple hundred bucks extra for a high binned custom PCB/Cooler GPU? Thats actually really damned competitive.
  12. Looks like the iPad Pro is VERY near the perfect college kid device for anybody other than engineering majors (or any other compute-heavy field) The apple pencil is STILL hailed as the best of its breed, so taking notes hand written for things such as law or math classes where there are lots of special symbols and notations will be a treat in tablet mode, and for that 8AM lit class you got fucked taking the keyboard (which i pray is the same magic keyboard on the new air/16" pro) should prove great for writing that research paper due to the much improved maturity of Office 365 on iOS and multi-app support Honestly, if the trackpad doesnt suck and the gestures include 3 finger swipe to swap between apps... i might buy one.
  13. The fact that this is 1x makes it INCREDIBLY useful. I will be buying one for sure.
  14. Do NOT buy a pre-touchbar retina if you ever intend on getting it fixed ever. Parts are as rare as hens teeth, and cost as much as the whole laptop. I got bit by that with a 2013 retina.
  15. The limitation with Apple is largely RAM on older phones. This is moreso an issue with iPadOS where the 1GB of RAM the early 64 bit iPads shipped with simply wouldnt have been enough. Though, the 3GB on the 6s still more than suffices on normal iOS and I agree that cutting support is 100% artificial. Same goes for cutting support for the 2014 Macbook Air after catalina, when the 2015-2017 model is THE SAME LAPTOP. Still salty about it, as I own a 2014 air myself.
  16. That expectation was totally unfounded, and was a hope more than anything The iPhone 8 is already a quite small phone, but I will admit its substantially larger than the 5s and SE. I was in the camp who was hoping for the iPhone 5 formfactor new SE, but i was also very aware that the chances of that happening were incredibly slim. I currently use a 5s as my work phone and its a bit of a chore to text on should i need to. With that being said, my hands are large.
  17. $400 for a roided iPhone 8? Every iPhone 6s owner just found a reason to upgrade. I seriously don't see how people can possibly dislike it, unless they genuinely hate iOS after using it (which is a fair point) or just go "grr ive never used an apple product ever but i hate apple"
  18. Granted, but only your posts were closed. I wish more people knew about Gamer Supps energy drink, and ironic gimmicky naming aside it tastes really fucking good.
  19. Granted, but it was 40c so I could not enjoy it. I wish for exactly 5 sheckles.
  20. I have had nothing but issues with moto phones, and ive used plenty in my life as have my folks.
  21. Try changing to the USB port above/below the keyboard. Its possible it's only certain ports. It should be labled on the IO shield.
  22. ErP is a common one. It should be *disabled* for powered USB to be enabled. I believe on Gigabyte boards it is under "Power management"
  23. I personally have the dock plugged in to the USB hub on my monitor, which can be configured to always output power. Some vendors also allow this setting in the BIOS to some or all USB ports.
  24. Youd have to thicken up the phone quite a bit to make room for the battery, or lose battery capacity. The regained space isnt really there by moving it as the camera already is traditionally on top of other components.
  25. I responded while taking a very quick break, and couldnt quickly find the answer... apologies.