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  1. First time using the XL5 Coolant as I just used water and a little bit of marine RV antifreeze and wow temps dropped another 10 degrees got this coolant idea from Jayztwocents , think he mentioned the coolant before and cheaper and works great i thought about Primochill but twice as expensive for the same type of size bottle SO far i am using this liquid on an custom cooled RX 6800 on a 120mm Copper Rad, Nickle plated copper block, and a brass plug for the pump )
  2. Right, my main income is SSDI on 1327 a month the mining is the best way to stretch my loans out and then pay all the loans back after my education is done, grad school will end Fall 2023 then a year of getting my BSW licensure Edit: but also realize i think Linus mentioned this in one of his videos that Miners can actually benefit certain gamers as when they are ready to see their old mining cards they usually do so at dirt cheap price as they already made their money back and trying to quickly sell to get the next thing, i mean thats what i would do at least when my time comes i
  3. 1. Mainly this will be used for Mining with the occasional memory lane gaming on the Vega 64 as i used it as a daily driver for many years with a 5820k then a 5960x 2. The Vega 64 is about 200 cheaper with the RX 6700xt being about 1kish and 5700xt being 2-300 more than the 6700xt 4. and depends the second mining rig will be a 4th gen i5 it was the only cpu i had that worked for the MB and cant replace the CPU as the board had bent pins and not going to mess with it and 8gb of drr3 ram dual channel or depending on the compatibility might be an my Pentium Gold T rig on
  4. this is the way i figured i payback my student loans BTC is here to stay i feel and with major company's investing in the currency, and government agencies and IRS sees it s a Property already at 80K student loans and have to use an extra 50-60k to finish all my education
  5. how long should a mining rig be valid for for hashrates, looking to buy Vega 64 or 6700XT both have same putout in Nicehash, but the 6700xt has better long-term value but the Vega is a couple hundred cheaper only diffrence is the 6700xt makes an extra about $0.25USD per day
  6. With GPU prices out of most hand i got this card for around 800 in Jan with mostly stimulus money, and got to water cool this beast for around $250 or less got to tally the final number only to see that EKWB had a nicer 240mm AIO version for the 6800/6900 Reference cards, so far mining is my best way to find max temps as it does but stress on the GPU, never saw above 63c, and idle if i have the fan on under 45c and i had to use the Slim noctua 120mm fan from my backup ryzen 3600 build as it was the only 120mm fan i had that would fit and had to do it in a pull config it was the only way to fit
  7. Anyone know where i can get a custom AMD 6800 PCI single slot bracket just installed a water block and would like a single slot bracket instead of resuing the double PCI bracket, overall im did the custom cooling its cheaper better temps and wish i say the nicer version of the EKWB 240 AIO version but i got a solid side panels case from BeQuite
  8. Okay good because I plan on watering cooling it and when I changed the pad to a different one I accidentally ripped off the LED pib housing thing from the pcb, luckily a solder gun and some dumb luck the card still works
  9. I just ordered a water block for a reference AMD 6800 non-xt, do the xt and non-xt version share the same PCB refence layout i assume so as the waterblock works for the 6900xt, need to know if i need to cancel or return my order
  10. When you spend hours troubleshooting a a mining rig in this case only to find out it was a faulty wire adapter that caused the GPU not to show on task manager life of a computer nerd, BTW trying mining to payback student loans when im all done with schooling


  11. damn that make sense , glad im not the only one hope it goes back up soon and profitability says i make an additional $0.40 with the 10700k and about the same for the Ryzen 3600, idk about the 3100 and every penny counts for me but the main Rig has a Pentium Gold don't mine with but did test it for Craps and Giggles, now i wouldnt ever buy a CPU just to mine but if it make 25 cent a day or more im happy as the Ryzen Build is my back up SFF Living room PC but have that in the mining shed as im redoing the house and C2Q with an 1GB ddr5 graphics card is fine currently for Media play back even
  12. electricity has about .1325p per Kilowatt and my 10700k and AMD 6800 was making 5+ dollars a day and now 2-3 maybe 5 on good days, but wanted the XT for my main gaming rig but NOOO people like me lol got them all or people wanting new gaming rigs built that 10700k right as my old rig was a 5960x with a Vega 64
  13. just feels like i was makeing 30-40 or maybe 50 a day on good days with my rigs if they was on 24/7 might have to fall back to older drives and nicehash calculator is about right on the rig manager maybe the workload is getting harder or to many miners, this is kinda helping me spread out my student loans for the year and every semester i do another right as if i kept all the funds it be gone now im learning not spend money as much , plus it helps me payback my student loans if i plan to hold on all the BTC when i finally leave college if i ever do 11, AOE fans out there, but using mining to p
  14. has recent AMD drives nerfing hashrates feels like they have for some reason, might have to switch to act ETH min instead of Nicehash but like nicehash for as its simple to use and i dont let my money sit with them sent it to COINBASE weekly might do daily or every other day as i think i need .001btc to withdraw and since i know i wont be a verified gamer and even those GPUS are gone in seconds i have a main rig with 5 5700xt, 1 5500xt and second right with 2 5700xt's 8gb as my son is grounded and mine on the idle hours with my main Gaming PC as found out DOOM eternal is fun at 4k 120fps at ul
  15. it still will excede 75 degrees