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  1. 5 minutes ago, Canada EH said:

    OK so I will then buy a prepaid credit card with no fee's if I want to be completely anonymous.

    I will confirm with the bank on the matter of personal info using debit.



    I know the fact that debit card needs to send info to your bank to tell them you authorize this specific transaction, so they can deduct the specific amount on your account. Your bank acts like a middle man between buyer and seller. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, ShmoeMo said:

    like i said, If there is no security on it and you can just log straight in without password or username (not hacking) there is nothing they can do as you did nothing illegal  and it is there own fault for leaving it open

    The national emergency alert system need password and username to log in. I don't think the government leave this system without any protection at all. 

  3. 4 minutes ago, FunkmastaFlex said:

    If this is going to be a new trend, I won't be surprised when someone hacks into the national emergency alert system.

    That person will get arrested. Government agencies don't have time to deal with Pewdiepie vs T-Series drama prank. 


    These fans are messing with the good people. Wait until these fans begin to messing with the bad guys on the deepweb that are making malware for money. 



  4. 1 hour ago, Lady Fitzgerald said:

    I agree in that I got the impression he used a drive installed in the computer for his backup. Backup drives should never be installed in the computer.


    However, better quality internal type bare drives are usually better quality external drives (most external drive manufacturers try to justify the lower quality drives in their external backup drives by claiming external drives don't need to be better since they aren't used as much). I prefer using internal type bare drives for backup drives because I can get better quality drives that way (the drives can be used in an external enclosure, a dock, used with a USB to SATA cable if the drives are 2.5", or poked into a trayless hot swap bay installed in the computer; I favor the latter two). When using multiple, bare drives for backups, you don't waste money and storage space for multiple enclosures and, in the case of 3.5" HDDs, PSUs.

    But I still use external drives for backup and internal drives for daily use. Right now, we have SSD external backup drive which is more faster than typical standard HDD backup, but it comes at the great cost.