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  • Birthday July 23

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    United Kingdom
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    Streaming, Building/Repairing PCs, Old Hardware, Regenerating Old Tech
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    Intel Xeon E5-2667 v3 @ 3.20GHz
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    Server Grade
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    12GB FPG @ 1001MHz
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    GTX 1080
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    Server Case (Rack Mounted)
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    256GB QEMU SSD
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    Samsung SyncMaster 723N
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    Some Lenovo One
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    Logitech M150
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    Kotion Each G2000
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    Windows 10 Home 64-bit

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  1. Stentorian

    Free Alternative to Stream Deck

    Thanks for the help anyways. I'll just have to wait till I can afford an actual PC so I use something like Roccat Grid. Appreciate it!
  2. Stentorian

    Free Alternative to Stream Deck

    Also how would I get macros working through my Shadow as it is on a completely different network and in a completely different country to me?
  3. Stentorian

    Free Alternative to Stream Deck

    Does Roccat Grid still work and what was it lacking in?
  4. Stentorian

    Free Alternative to Stream Deck

    Yeah, I've watched his video explaining that. I would prefer to use a mobile and for it to be free please. I have a keyboard available but I don't have a PS/2 slot on my laptop.
  5. Hey, I have seen a lot of alternatives to the Stream Deck from things like a mobile app to a full on DIY recreation of it but a lot of issues occur when I try using the mobile apps suggested. The main one being that it requires it to be on the same network connection and because I use a service for a virtual PC, I am not on the same internet as my PC and therefore none of the apps work. I have come to the community to suggest on any alternatives or ways that I can get the current apps to work for productivity. I want to use the "Stream Deck" for more than just streaming and for productivity such as programming, photo/video editing and gaming. I look forward to see your suggestions and hopefully they work for me. Many Thanks
  6. Stentorian

    Nodemailer Issue

    I figured out another way to do it but I'll mark your response as an answer to help out others. Thanks!
  7. Stentorian

    Nodemailer Issue

    Hello, I have been trying to make a online mini web server using Node for my mum so she can send emails without using the UI of clunky mail clients or websites and I am having an error that I am predicting is coming from Nodemailer. I asked on Nodemailer's github 10 days ago and got no response to my issue so I am coming to the intelligent people of the LTT Forums to help. Here's the available code I think of that will help you out with solving this: Error: https://hasteb.in/umagovoy.yaml Package.JSON File: https://hasteb.in/zoxujaze.json App.JS File: https://hasteb.in/mahuliti.php HTML FIle: https://hasteb.in/inoguxiz.xml Any help will be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks, Ben
  8. Stentorian

    NGINX Issue

    Hello, I am HR for a company called KewlHost which are still in development and we are looking for someone to help us with a NGINX issue. We are trying to use NGINX on one of our nodes that we own to host several sites. At the moment, we need one for the main website, one for the gameserver panel and one for the billing website. We also want 3 - 4 dummy sites that we can change in the future. It would be appreciated if someone could help, either by providing a tutorial on how to do it or by sending a message to me on Discord (Stentorian#9524) so you can help us out. Either way would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Stentorian EDIT: All of the sites need to have SSL encryption on them. We have LetsEncrypt keys but we need it to support SSL.
  9. Stentorian

    VSCode Presence to Text File(s)

    Thank you! I really appreciate you helping me out with this. I will give credit to your plugin when I use it!
  10. Stentorian

    Connect Domain to IP + Port

    OK thank you. I have decided to switch to a different host for the time being.
  11. Hello, Quick question: How do I connect my domain (via Cloudflare) to an ip address that has a port. I have tried looking this up but all I get is suggestions for changing NGINX which I can't do because of the host I am using. Don't ask questions about the host, it's my friends and he offered me to host my site on it for free instead of paying for a host. Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks, Ben (Sten)
  12. Stentorian

    Node.JS Error

    I've just given up on using a reaction system and I've just gone to sub-commands. Thanks for the help though!
  13. Stentorian

    Node.JS Error

    No. I need it to ignore when the bot reacts to the message at the start so it doesn't get triggered by that and instead when a user reacts. So I've changed it to this https://hasteb.in/opusoxay.js following what you said and now whenever I react to the message, nothing happens. Nothing in the console either.
  14. Stentorian

    Node.JS Error

    So I've got it semi-working. https://hastebin.com/otidizosec.js The only problem now is that nothing happens when I react to the message. No errors at all.
  15. Stentorian

    Node.JS Error

    I console log'd reaction and got this https://hasteb.in/yixigiyu.yaml What I am trying to do is set up the bot so it ignores itself when reacting to a message which is why the bot thing is there.