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    everything that can hold my attention
  • Biography
    Building my own home theater. Currently DIY building second floor in storage warehouse to accomodate said home theater.
  • Occupation
    Owner of car detailing shop, car mechanic, moped mechanic, tech helpdesk for family and friends.


  • CPU
    Dual Xeon E5-2660v2 (20 cores), 256GB RAM, IBM X3650M4
  • Motherboard
    Dual Xeon 5660 (12 cores), 144GB RAM, HP DL380G7
  • RAM
    Quad Xeon E7450 (24 cores), 128GB RAM, HP DL580G5
  • GPU
    Dual Xeon X5460 @3.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, Intel Skulltrail
  • Case
    26U Rack with 2x 24 port Gbit switches, 10Gbit directly between servers
  • Storage
    4x Dell MD1000 with 15x4TB SAS = 240TB
  • PSU
    240v setup. Over 10kW rated. On the lookout for beefy UPS.
  • Display(s)
    KVM Switch and console, RDP and IMM interfaces
  • Cooling
    Split unit air conditioner, rack has 6 240v fans.
  • Keyboard
    Q9450 @3.6 Ghz with 1080P monitor for RDP and IMM viewing.
  • Mouse
    Asus Essence STXII coupled to DIY speakers/amps and seperate surround speakers
  • Sound
    DIY 16x Peerless XXLS10 subs, 8x SB MW19, 2x SB MW16, 2x SB26ADC tweeters
  • Operating System
    DIY amplifiers for mids and highs, 2x Behringer EP2500 for subwoofers, Self designed crossover topology in 2x Behringer DCX2496

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  1. RobbinM

    Constant PC "Freezing"

    Have you looked at all the memory timings, including secondary and tertiary timings?
  2. RobbinM

    We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!

    This connection can solve both the offsite backup problem and the slow speeds to offsite backup. You probably have a spare storinator laying around @LinusTech so pop it in a rack at vanix.
  3. RobbinM

    Constant PC "Freezing"

    Good. I hope it is stable now. Let us know.
  4. Well, you could throw an extra network card (intel, 2 ports) in an old thin client and use that for pfsense, it doesn't need much hardware. You can re-use an old PC for experimenting with FreeNAS and it should work fine. But if I'm speaking to somebody as nuts as me than I'd say go for it! Here's my FreeNAS setup (I upgraded a couple things since the video):
  5. RobbinM

    Constant PC "Freezing"

    ICUE can cause a lot of errors too. I recommend uninstalling it, and see if the problem persists. Some RGB memory relies on the software writing to the same EEPROM chip as the timing tables are stored. This can cause issues and even make the tables corrupt. Therefore I also suggest you go into the BIOS and check if all memory timings are corresponding with the manufacturers spec of the kit you bought. I had a quick look at the event viewer, and it seems your system is trying to make a shadow backup that doesn't go through. You can do the steps in this article: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-performance/volume-shadow-copy-wont-start-error-1053-didnt/f545e4b5-3ac5-4867-8a38-55fa88949bd9 And from that article, running the microsoft tool to scan for corrupt files would not be a bad thing: https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/help/929833/use-the-system-file-checker-tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system Some files can become corrupted because of memory corruption, so this Volume Shadow Copy issue might even be related to the freezes you experience. So far all the research we have done seem to point more and more towards your memory. I hope you will find a corrupted memory timings table, correct it, remove ICUE and then have no stability issues any longer. If your system proves to be stable after this, you can later always try to install a new version of ICUE, but remember that any time you change your RGB settings, it writes to your RAM EEPROM and can cause these issues again so be very thaughtful of it. Please let me know the results of these steps.
  6. RobbinM

    failurecode 0xc0000142 when shuting down!!!!

    I guess you have Office installed? Try to repair your office installation.
  7. RobbinM

    Constant PC "Freezing"

    Okay, the results show me two things, that I hope are related to your problem. First of all, your system drive is almost full. Try to keep it as empty as possible for best speeds. Then secondly, the CPU score is a little on the low side, but as you said you run it at stock. Most users will have overclocked so it's not a fair comparison. Another reason for the low CPU score could be temperature related. Have noticed any high temperatures of the CPU? Have you reset the motherboard to it's stock settings (cleared CMOS) after going back to stock CPU settings? Can you let memtest run for a couple of hours? https://www.techpowerup.com/memtest64/ See what that has to say... What I can make up now is that one or more cores of your CPU 'hangs' while something is going wrong, like a non-critical memory error. Please let memtest run for a couple of hours, up to a day and report back. I will get some sleep and if nobody else had helped you further in the mean time I will get back to you.
  8. RobbinM

    Windows Local Password

    Are you logging in with a microsoft account or have you attached a microsoft account to your admin account in any way, shape or form?
  9. RobbinM

    Constant PC "Freezing"

    That same thing happens to me when I try to overclock a core too much. Have you overclocked the CPU? Can you go to userbenchmark.com, run a benchmark and then post the link to your results?
  10. RobbinM

    New build but it only stays on for 20 sec

    If you look closely you'll see that the pinout on the speaker matches the pinout on the motherboard: Top right corner you see an example, the speaker connector is four pins in a row, and in your case the two middle pins are left out. This is how the typical pc speaker connector looks like, 4 pins in a row, middle two are not connected.
  11. Painting walls in my new home. Getting some camera gear do maybe do a video or two.

  12. RobbinM

    Looking at tiny cases, suggestions

    Linus' friends over at Gamers Nexus do nice case reviews with temps etc.
  13. RobbinM

    Switching to Linux

    With ^^^^ Try it first in a VM. Privacy will be better yes. And "How can I make my own Linux distro?" Don't. Just install the one you like the most.
  14. RobbinM

    Question about AP mode vs Router mode

    That should work, and your devices should get internet service like you used to BUT: both routers should be on different IP pools, e.g. your ISP box would hand out 192.168.1.xxx adresses and your own router in the 192.168.2.xxx range. If you let them handle the same range, the built in DHCP servers in the routers will have a battle and bring down the whole network with it. For devices that go through both boxes, they will be extra secure. If somebody got through your ISP box firewall then they'd still have to go through your other routers firewall to get to the device. That also makes it a more difficult process to forward a port of a device that handles its connection through both boxes because the adress has to be translated twice, and thus both routers will need to have a portforwarding rule installed for that single forwarded device. In general, it is good practice to only have 1 router in your network for troubleshooting purposes. If you need to extend the Wi-Fi range of your network, there are better ways to do that than to cascade a couple of routers.
  15. You should be good. Look for ways to use quicksync for encoding.