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  • CPU
    Intel eyeseven eightseven00
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z370 A PRO
  • RAM
    Geil evo potenza 1x8gb
  • GPU
    Zotac amp GTX 1060 3Gb
  • Case
    Sharkoon s25 w
  • Storage
    Adata 256gb ssd
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    Philips hdtv 30 inch 720p
  • Cooling
    Intel cpu fanand Case fan
  • Keyboard
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    Razer lancehead tournament edition white
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  1. idk, i only have xtu and throttle stop, hwmonitor for monitoring
  2. also i want my laptop to be hotter so it can heat my room, my room is freezing
  3. if i dont do stress test, it can go 4 ghz, once i click start test, it drops to 2 ghz immidiately and keep reducing speed
  4. it never hits 70c and i have set fan to max and added a cooler under my laptop what could go wrong also i have tried both undervolt and default still no avail
  5. no cpu never hit 44w or above thats the problem because i still have power throttling
  6. are you talking about Throttle stop? because i cant find PL1 in XTU
  7. my MSI GF63 9RCX is having a lot of problem, which i cant fix, and here is a serious problem, when i stress test my laptop with XTU, it have power limit thorottling, and speed is reduced to 1.2 ghz help