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  1. I can't tell my neightbors tl disable their wi fi. So, there is no real solution for this, it would be bad to have router and to not use it, but I will continue to experiment with these when I'm bored at home. Router seems to have more unstable signal since I have lag problems only when connected on it (not counting Extender, it's hnderstandable why it might have worse latency)
  2. @Falcon1986 My bad for not providing Model name of Technicolor, it's TC7200.U. Both networks are on 2.4GHz and wi fi 4. I was adjusting channels with NetSpot and here are pictures of interferance below. address of Technicolor is and router is so they don't overlap in that way, but I get what are you saying by mentioning overlaping in signals between these 2. There is nothing I could do about positioning them differently. That Tenda_27B238 appeared today, it's not mine and don't know who's using it
  3. I have some ISP Technicolor modem and Tenda F3 router. They are connected with ethernet cable. I have to say straight away that firmware on router is new as it gets. Range of wi fi on router is a lot bigger which is not surprise even for both of networks using 20M signal width. Now, when I use my router wi fi for games, ping is really unstable and lag spikes are more often than not, and when lag spikes are not present numbers of ms are really big, but when I connect on my modem wi fi ping goes down really much and there is no single lag spike, even if I get much weaker signal from it. Both dev
  4. Intel currently have record breaking earnings, they haven't lost anything, just earned more than ever
  5. I have this router with updated firmware from V11.13.01.06 to V11.13.01.23 and it worked perfectly, but on their site it says there is 4 more versions ahead of current mine. When i try to install it, it simply says update failed and it reboot router. On instructions for .41 version of firmware which is 1st next after current mine and above it says it requires V12 version of firmware already installed, but mine is V11 and I can't find a way to update it from V11 to V12. Is it even possible? Is there newer model of this router which support V12? I tried to install all 4 newer firmware versions a
  6. I'm using K20 for almost 2 years now and never ever had single ad
  7. Xiaomi is awesome. I'm using K20 because A70 wasn't is stock for 3 months and I got bored of waiting. I'm using it since august 2019 and my next phone will probably be new Xiaomi. Price to performance is untouchable
  8. It's worse than chrome, at least I can't get used to it, and it is slower than chrome.
  9. There is no browser to rival chrome really. I would gladly switch to something else if there would be anything viable.
  10. I just wonder, will their next apus be on rdna2
  11. Because to not pay for stuff they use downloaded via torrent? Like, all the software?
  12. Oh, yeah, I may consider buying glasses for myself since I lost reading vision
  13. Why tf did they listed 9900ks for 2000$ ? EDIT: Also, I'm sure that cpu have better single core perf than 9980xe, which they put above 9900ks
  14. Can somebody explain to me what this company do? I wikipedia them and found out that they are some kind of programming company, but can't really figure out what really they do