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  1. Yes. The big down clock comes at 84c. Make sure you have your power limit set the 130%. Here is my card with its 24/7 overclock. It is designed to stay under 84c. This is the XC going full out with 100% on the fans. As you can see with a better cooling solution it could be a monster.
  2. I have had a 2080 ti XC since October 2018. It is the hottest card I have ever owned. The 2 fan, 2 slot design is totally inadequate for the GPU and that is probably why the Ultra version exists. All the cards I have owned before would freeze or artifact before the cooling solution gave out and that includes the GTX 980, 980 ti, 1080 and 1080 ti(all 2 fan, 2 slot cards). The XC is the opposite. For air cooling I consider my FTW3 Ultra the minimum with this chip. it runs from 2040 to 2070mhz with the stock fan curve with a 24/7 overclock. The XC runs 10c hotter set up the same way. What gets the hottest on the card is the vram and it does not heat and cool while playing like the GPU. It just gets hotter and hotter until it heat soaks the card. Not only the case but the air around the case is very important running this card. The case I use is an old HAF X. To get the case to work with the XC I had to add another 200mm exhaust fan so it ended up having two 200mm intake fans and two 200mm exhaust fans. That was still not enough for the XC so I moved the computer from the bedroom to the living room where there is enough airflow around the case to not allow a build up of hot air. It now runs 5c cooler so it clocks up higher and that allows me to run it with a slight overclock if needed.
  3. Good move. It is the way to go as far as I am concerned.
  4. I have not seen any rise in prices so I think it is a regional thing. I paid $1200 for a EVGA 2080 ti XC in 2018 and they still cost that now. My EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti is $100 cheaper now. My ram and M.2 SSDs I bought early last year cost the same now. The SATA SSDs I bought in 2017 are over $100 cheaper(1 and 2 tb) now. That is mainly going by comparing Amazon buy again prices to what I payed. What I see that has gone up is tec used for working at home and that is for use with a laptops and the PCie versions for desktops cast about the same as they did.
  5. It depends what resolution you are playing at and the games you judge your hardware by. When I first got a GTX 1080 ti I was getting all frames over 60 at 4k in the games I played. Then AC:O came along and I could only do 60 with a 2080 ti at 4k. Now it is RDR2 and I can't play it at 4k with the settings I like with a RTX 2080 ti and stay close to 60 all the time so I had to drop the resolution. So I am slowly going back to the time before I bought a GTX 1080 ti(July 2017) were I had to lower resolutions and I even upgraded to a 2080 ti. I don't expect the trend to change.
  6. jones177


    I use mine for X Plane and will be using it for the new MS Flight Simulator as well. I also use CH Products Pro Pedals along with the HOTAS since I can't do any realistic flying without it.
  7. I am playing Space Engineers in survival mode and have headed out to the green planet with my explorer ship. It has my gunship, a asteroid miner, a little grinding ship and an atmospheric lander connected to it. All the guns are needed since I have the Reavers mod installed and the big guns are mods as well.
  8. It sounds close to the issue that I get with my FTW3 Ultra when I have to switch off the power supply, wait for the lights on the motherboard to go out and then switch it back on again for it to work. I have already bought a replacement for that PSU even though it might be the GPU or motherboard doing it. At least you know what to do if it happens again.
  9. Hybrid GPUs have radiators, usually 120mm but I may get one with a 240mm. I will probably do a push-pull setups as well. I am still planning to use DH 15s for CPUs since I own 3 and I would only consider getting rid of them if they were in the way of the GPU radiator setups. I run 4 computers with Haf cases. Three with DH 15s and one with Noctua NH-U14S. Two are running 2080 tis, one with a 1080 ti and one with two 1080s in SLI. All but one are overclocked. I am not having any issues with them and all my overclocked parts run cool. I am replacing the two 2011 vintage Hafs first and my choice so far is the Cooler Master MasterCase H500M. It has a high price but I keep cases for a very long time so not a problem.
  10. I am probably going with Hybrid GPUs next gen and the Hafs are not designed for that. Can you recommend a replacement that can also accommodate a Noctua NH D15? I bought a SilverStone Technology RL06BR-GP for a i9 9900k build and I loved the build quality of the case but it was too narrow for 2 fans on the Noctua NH D15 and the little case fans are too noisy under load. Fortunately I won the silicon lottery on the i9 9900k so it can run cool with one fan even with an all core 5ghz overclock and I built the computer for my Son to use when he is in town so I don't have to listen to it. I would love to find a case the has the build quality of the SilverStone and be quiet like the ols Hafs.
  11. Games with sliders and presets usually have the information stored in a config, ini or some other extension but most can be opened in notepad. For JC3 the file is stored in documents under Documents\Square Enix\Just Cause 3\Saves\0. The file looks like this. ============================================ { "DisplayFullscreen": 1, "DisplayFullscreenWidth": 3840, "DisplayFullscreenHeight": 2160, "DisplayWindowedWidth": 1280, "DisplayWindowedHeight": 720, "DisplayRefreshRate": 0, "DisplayVSync": 1, "DisplayGamma": 50, "GraphicsMotionBlur": 1, "GraphicsAniso": 16, "GraphicsLodFactor": 3, "GraphicsShadowsQuality": 3, "GraphicsPostEffects": 1, "GraphicsTextureQuality": 3, "GraphicsWaterDetail": 3, "GraphicsShadowsResolution": 1, "GraphicsSSAO": 1, "GraphicsEdgeFade": 1, "GraphicsGI": 1, "GraphicsAA": 4, "GraphicsSSReflection": 1, "GraphicsBokehDOF": 1, "GraphicsWaterTesselation": 1, "GraphicsAOITQuality": 0 } ============================================= The line that is most interesting is ( "GraphicsLodFactor": 3,) because LOD = Level of Detail and it is connected to the LOD Factor presets. The rest depends on what the devs did. Did they have a "4" setting that they left out of the games to not totally kill most computers at that time(2015). Did they leave it in. To find out you can look it up on the internet or just change the 3 to 4 and see what happens. This is modding 101. Always keep a copy of the original file before changing things. Typos can stop a game from working or working properly. Nvidia does have a settings page that is not bad. https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides/just-cause-3-graphics-and-performance-guide For a game like Skyrim that is heavily modded there are pages of info on how to configure your game. https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Skyrim_INI I have spent too many hours doing this.
  12. They still keep things cool with their 200mm fans. So many cases nowadays are not as efficient so it is hard to replace them.
  13. Extreme looks like this. Notice the scores. Regular TimeSpy looks like this. Extreme would be better for your setup since it is 4k but it is not free. This is my usual setup for my FTW3 Ultra. Going past +117 will crash the card. I now do +1100 on memory since it does not create any more heat. I use the slightly higher clocks on the EVGA XC but it has a lower factory overclock. Anything past this and the card artifacts. You should be able to do this with your card but it takes 100% on the fans to keep the heat down. Can't help you with the TR but there should better benches the show off it power than this.
  14. Here is JC3 at 4k on max settings. The visuals are not good even for 2015 considering Witcher 3 came out about then. I got a lot of texture flickering and I remember now why I did not play the game.
  15. I think I may have that old game. I will install it and test. It will give me something to do.
  16. It is hard to say. I don't think this is a good bench for your setup. The CPU score is low so I think it is not taking into account the amount of cores but the strength of the individual cores. The GPU score is low because 2080 tis like high frequency CPUs at low resolutions. So it is not good if compared to a high end Intel part but it may be good compared to other TR setups. That is not Extreme. You can tell by the other scores. Premium gaming PC on Extreme is 10290.
  17. I saw that post a long time ago. The OP was talking about using ENBs and Reshades but ENBs are designed mainly to add depth of field to hide graphical limitations in games and Reshade can add image quality issues if not tweaked properly They also mention Fallout 4 but that game does not look good at low resolutions because of some of the main design elements never look good at low resolutions. It is like all the devs used 4k monitors. In the past I used depth of field through ENB to hide draw distance issues. In Skyrim SE I use Reshade and a ground fog mod as well. Looking forward to your screenshots.
  18. High end stuff can help. My ASUS Hero motherboards have LED readouts that show codes that tell my why the system stopped before booting and have reset and start buttons so they don't need a case. They are considered a luxury be I think they should be on laa motherboards.
  19. I don't know. My FTW3 Ultra has a switch since it has two bioses but I don't know of any other switch. I blame AMD for this sort of thing and reviewers that think it is ok for CPUs not to have integrated graphics. I know that I would not buy a CPU without it because stuff happens.
  20. I do not have the games you are having issues with but surprisingly I have the games you are not having issues with. The objects may be using lods(Level of Detail). These are versions of the objects with less detail that are generated in the 3D program that created the object. In a lot of games when these LODs come into play can be controlled with detail sliders but some bad console ports are missing this sort of thing. The most notorious are Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. I can only tell with a 4k image since there is not enough info in your images to know for sure. I did blow them up in Photoshop by 400% but it was inconclusive.
  21. If your GPU is not getting enough power it will not turn on. A 710 uses a lot less power.
  22. Remove your overclock and test. An overclock that I did last August on an i9 9900k with 5ghz all cores at 1.27v is only having problems now in some games. I blame the last Windows update. I am having problems as well with my 6 cores. I don't play Warzone but since the last major Windows update the games I play that use the Havok physics engine crash or have pauses with my all core overclocks. Removing the overclocks fixes it. I have been running the overclocks since 2018 with no issues but not now.
  23. I call those shots near distance and it is the reason I play most games in 4k. Basically there are not enough pixels. You could render at a higher reolution to squeeze out more detail. Your are also using low settings. Here is the Heaven scene at 4k with Ultra quality. Look at the stones in the image compared to yours.
  24. Having a spare GPU is a good idea. Mine is a GTX 980 ti. It is an RMA that I did not think would go through so I replaced it with GTX 1080. My original 980 ti was destroyed by a faulty PCie cable. It will eventually go into a charity build. If the 710 works fine then you need to look to your PSU.
  25. I have not tested this for a while. I use a i7 8086k at 5.1ghz all cores. It gives a nice gain on CPU games but not so much on GPU games. Since most of the games I play are basically CPU games I use the all core overclock. To me CPU games are those that don't have large frame rate changes with resolution changes. I only tested one GPU game(Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and one CPU game(AC:O) with the usual benches. These score are much lower than my usual because there is no GPU overclock. This is what it looks like.