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  1. To me you will be entering a world of strange and It will be nice to have more brains on figuring this CPU out. The main Youtubers I watch dismissed it in their reviews and then they all used one to get a better score with the 3090 in Port Royal. They all tested it with the Intel limits in place so I had no problem beating all their CPU benches by a good margin even thought I am not overclocking. I have only tested at 5.3ghz with the Intel extreme tuning utility but I did not crash on any bench and did not throttle on Cinebench R20 with 0 avx offset. I did throttle on
  2. The i9 10900k is incredibly smooth running games. All my games now have migrated from the 6 core i7 and it is not about frames. It is just a better experience. The same happened when I went from a i7 6700k to a i7 8700k. Again not big frame rate jump but the 6 core was smooth and the 4 core was not. I think it is the 4 types of boost it has that make the difference. Especially thermal velocity boost since all my games run the CPU below 70c with my 360mm AIO. Also the only games that do better with all core overclocks(5 and 5.1ghz) are the ones that don't use the "preferre
  3. I look at it as "is it an upgrade" and the answer is not for me. Right now I am using a i7 8086k(2018), i9 9900k(2019) and a i9 10900k(2020). Going by frames in games neither i9s are an upgrade to the 6 core. Going by my hardware not getting in the way of my enjoyment playing, the i9 10900k wins. With the tests I have done I know an 8 core would be fine so I am getting a R7 5800X with my tax return since I already have an i9 10900k.
  4. It is the opposite in the US. The White one is $20 cheaper.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Cooler-Master-MasterCase-Mid-Tower-Ventilation/dp/B01MDS8L83/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3G79KTWXP2LTY&dchild=1&keywords=cooler+master+h500p+mesh&qid=1615218138&sprefix=Cooler+master+h500%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-1 https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-mastercase-h500p-mesh-white-atx-mid-tower/p/N82E16811119341?Description=cooler master h500 mesh&cm_re=cooler_master h500 mesh-_-11-119-341-_-Product&quicklink=true
  6. I bought an white CM H500 Mesh for $149. I got it because it is room for a 360mm AIO on top for the CPU and a 240mm for a hybrid GPU in the front and still have room for the front 200mm case fans to cool the VRMs. I have a H500M on a i9 10900k setup now and all it does is blow cool air so I am sold on the setup.
  7. If you go 1" larger you could get a LG 49" NanoCell TV the is 4k 120hz and has HDMI 2.1 so it is PS5 ready. I use OLEDs as well as the NanoCell and they do burn in.
  8. When I was about 12 years old I was staying at a summer rental cottage(in the winter) in a resort town beside lake Huron called Grand Bend in Canada. One evening my family was driving back from Sarnia after visiting friends and just a few miles out from Grand Bend the sky lit up as bright as day. It was 11 o'clock at night. My Father said he thought the the Russians had bombed the US so He drove to the beach to see the mushroom clouds. I thought it was aliens. In the 10 minutes it took us get to the beach the sky was still bright but fading and I could see the long wide trail in the sky
  9. The main difference to me between the is that the i9 9900k is a 5ghz CPU and the i7 9700k is not. The reason it is important to me is when I used GTX 1080 tis or less, 5ghz did not matter but when I got a RTX 2080 ti it did matter. So anyone that wants to run a RTX 3070 or better now or in the future needs it with an Intel CPU or they are leavinf lots of performance on the table. You could say that you can overclock the i7 9700k but all my Intel CPUs can do their boost clock in an all core overclock but going past that is up to the silicon lottery. I don't like to lose so I do
  10. I would not call them rejects but they do not behave like my previous CPUs. I am not surprised that the i9 10850k runs at 4.8ghz all the time since my i9 10900k runs all the time at 4.9ghz. I run my 10900k stock with the Intel limits removed and it will do Cinebench R20 at 4.9ghz at around 70c. If I use the ASUS AI overclocking it still runs at 4.9ghz but with temps in the low 80s. If I do an all core 5.3ghz overclock it puts out the same temps as the AI overclock. If all I did was run Cinebench the 5.3ghz overclock would be fine but it throttles in TimesSpy with my
  11. You are still short on IPC and frequency. If you are not using your cores you basically are using a R7 2700X. I use game benches to see how my hardware is doing since most games will crash long before synthetic benches do with aggressive overclocks. My Favorite game bench is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Most Youtubers still use it to test hardware so there is lots of info out there. Assassins' Creed Odyssey is another. Running benches like those and using MSI Afterburner to monitor is the way to go. I even record them so I can look at them later and compare with other vid
  12. There is a large gaps between performances of 2080 tis. Your GPU is probably using about 100 watts less than my EVGA FTW3 Ultra since it is heat limited. Also 2080 tis do not perform well with CPUs with low IPC or frequency. Right now the R9 5950X is producing the best scores. This is my score with a i9 10900k stock and my 24/7 GPU overclock(+117core +800mem) on the 2080 ti. https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/59087825? The higher GPU and CPU Clock frequency tells the hole story.
  13. The only true monitor I like is my LG 38" 3840 X 1600 IPS monitor. The reason I like it is that unlike my 3440 X 1440 monitor it stands up well against 4k in text quality and it has enough vertical height so it does not feel like looking through a slit. A 3840 X 1600 monitor is a lot harder to run than a 3440 X 1440 monitor and frames in games are closer to 4k so I would not recommend one for anyone that does not have a 2080 ti or better. I also use TVs as monitors. LG 55" OLEDs for gaming and a 49" NanoCell for general computing. All have HDMI 2.1 and are 12
  14. It barely shows up viewed on a monitor or on the NanoCell TV I am using now but it is easy to spot viewed on an OLED. It is only noticeable in games that have lots of blue sky like Horizon Zero Dawn. In movies it usually blends in with the sky. Using the OLED as a normal monitor was a test that failed. It has not put me off using them for gaming.
  15. Chrome burnt in on mine so being on forums and YouTube did it. Now it is games and TV content only for my OLEDs. Here is what it looked like a 4900 hours.
  16. I have the 75hz version of the 38" LG and it has an IPS panel so I do not know about the Nano IPS versions. Mine is just about perfect and the only thing I have seen that beats it is an OLED.
  17. I have an OLED TV I used as a monitor and it did burn in. Games did not do it. Chrome did. It took 4900 hours to show up. Now for non gaming I use a 49" LG NanoCell TV. It is 120hz and has HDMI 2.1. The image quality is about the same as my 32" LG 4k VA monitor. For gaming on a monitor I like my LG 38" 3840 X 1600 ultra wide. I have an old 34" 3440 X 1440 ultra wide and it always felt like it was vertically challenged and it did not look good along side a 4k panel. LG 38" monitors are not vertically challenged and they do not look like a downgrade from a 4k monitor.
  18. The inti sag bracket that comes with the card is designed for system integrators according to the EVGA Product Manager so I would get an after market bracket it bothers you.
  19. It depends on the game. With higher rendering resolutions the GPU does more work so the frames go down. If your goal is more frames, not a good move. Reasons to use it. Rendering at a higher resolution is a form of anti aliasing so it may be a good substitute if the game anti aliasing is not good. Possible more detail in distant objects. This is for games like Horizon Zero Dawn that have lots of distant objects and runs fine at 60fps. Reasons not to use it. When the games textures do not benefit from 4k. When it brings the frame rate d
  20. No. I would not put either on a Z590. I would get a Z490 instead.
  21. Most of my favorite games run on a potato. 1) XCOM UFO Defense. This is a 1994 Dos Box game. 2) Battle Zone 98 Redux. Hover tanks. 3) Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. The Original 1994 game. 4)X-Com: Apocalypse. 1997 game that like XCOM UFO Defense uses random tile maps. 5)Battlezone: Combat Commander. More hover tanks. 6)Total Annihilation. Better than the sequels. 7) Oblivion. Can be modded like Skyrim. 8)Stronghold HD. Building defenses. 9)SpellForce. The original. 10) Fallout
  22. I use a 49" LG NanoCell that is 120hz and has HDMI 2.1 so PS 5 ready. I paid $500 when it was on sale.
  23. I use the default settings in NVCF. Desktop Color Depth (Highest 32 Bit Color Depth) Output Color Depth (8 bpc) Output Color Format (RGB) Output Dynamic Range (Full) In Window I have HDR off and switch it on before I play a HDR game if the game does not do it itself. I have some Assassin's Creed Games but only really liked Origins in HDR. My most resent favorite HDR game is Horizon Zero Dawn. Most games I don't test HDR since if it is a feature I have it on. With CP2007 I only test with it since I still consider the game unplayable.
  24. I have an HDR 10(38" LG) monitor and a LG OLED TV that I play games on and my HDR games only look slightly better on the OLED. With some games the difference between having it on or off is not worth the effort. So it stays off. Here is a test I did with CP2077 in the desert. HDR off. HDR on. With this game it is a toss up. Some scenes look better but other don't.
  25. I bought Odyssey first and then got Origins. The only thing Odyssey has over Origins in game play is the Spartan kick. Archery and sword play are about the same. I found exploring more fun in Origins since finding ways to enter pyramids was more fun than Greek temples to me. I was not happy with Valhalla and stopped playing it. In Odyssey and Origins I could find enough recourses going from place to place so it never felt like a grind but not with Valhalla.