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  1. I don't know. My FTW3 Ultra has a switch since it has two bioses but I don't know of any other switch. I blame AMD for this sort of thing and reviewers that think it is ok for CPUs not to have integrated graphics. I know that I would not buy a CPU without it because stuff happens.
  2. I do not have the games you are having issues with but surprisingly I have the games you are not having issues with. The objects may be using lods(Level of Detail). These are versions of the objects with less detail that are generated in the 3D program that created the object. In a lot of games when these LODs come into play can be controlled with detail sliders but some bad console ports are missing this sort of thing. The most notorious are Bethesda games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. I can only tell with a 4k image since there is not enough info in your images to
  3. If your GPU is not getting enough power it will not turn on. A 710 uses a lot less power.
  4. Remove your overclock and test. An overclock that I did last August on an i9 9900k with 5ghz all cores at 1.27v is only having problems now in some games. I blame the last Windows update. I am having problems as well with my 6 cores. I don't play Warzone but since the last major Windows update the games I play that use the Havok physics engine crash or have pauses with my all core overclocks. Removing the overclocks fixes it. I have been running the overclocks since 2018 with no issues but not now.
  5. I call those shots near distance and it is the reason I play most games in 4k. Basically there are not enough pixels. You could render at a higher reolution to squeeze out more detail. Your are also using low settings. Here is the Heaven scene at 4k with Ultra quality. Look at the stones in the image compared to yours.
  6. Having a spare GPU is a good idea. Mine is a GTX 980 ti. It is an RMA that I did not think would go through so I replaced it with GTX 1080. My original 980 ti was destroyed by a faulty PCie cable. It will eventually go into a charity build. If the 710 works fine then you need to look to your PSU.
  7. I have not tested this for a while. I use a i7 8086k at 5.1ghz all cores. It gives a nice gain on CPU games but not so much on GPU games. Since most of the games I play are basically CPU games I use the all core overclock. To me CPU games are those that don't have large frame rate changes with resolution changes. I only tested one GPU game(Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and one CPU game(AC:O) with the usual benches. These score are much lower than my usual because there is no GPU overclock. This is what it looks like.
  8. I used a 28" Samsung TN 4k 10 bit(8 bit +FRC) from 2015 to 2018 for image editing. The first GPU I used on it was a GTX 970. I also have a version of the same panel in a ASUS monitor I still use as a portrait monitor. I replaced the Samsung with a LG 32" 4k VA monitor that is also 10 bit(8 bit + FRC). These monitor go cheap on sale. They are not ideal but the ones that are go for 3 or 4 times as much.
  9. I would run tests to see if 5ghz and 3200mgz ram runs higher frames than 4.9 and 3600mgz ram. Also there is the RTX 2080 ti to consider. Bedtime story time. Before I ran two i7 8086ks I ran an i7 8700k that could only do 4.9ghz all cores. I paired it with an EVGA FTW3 Ultra 2080 ti(2040mhz average) and I pair the 5ghz all core i7 8086k with an EVGA XC 2080 ti(1965mhz average). The i7 8086k with the lesser GPU always won in bences and games and made the extra $300 I paid for the FTW3 Ulta pointless. Now with both computers having 5ghz CPUs the FTW3 Ultra al
  10. Why are your volts so high? I used 1.27 for an i9 9900k for 5ghz all cores on an Aorus Altra. If you can get the volts down there is a good chance the ram will do what you want. I don't have access to the i9 9900k computer now since I built it for my Son but this is what it looked like. Running Cinebench.
  11. The way I do it is with another computer and there is no easy way to do it without. Each component has to be tested starting with the GPU. First, remove the card and the reinstall it. Disconnect and reconnect the PCie cables from the GPU to the PSU as well. Second, try the next PCie slot. Also check your monitor by testing it with another source like a console. Also If you have a TV, try plugging into that. That is about all you can do without a second computer. The rest needs parts. Like an old HDD with Windows installed to see if your SSD
  12. No. Your situation is just plain hard. The thing is it could be many things. You need to test your GPU in another computer to see if it has failed. If it has not you need to start testing other parts of your computer and that is even harder to do. If is was easy building your own computer and troubleshooting it everybody would be doing it. With this hobby you have to take the good with the bad and right now you are up to your eyeballs in bad. All you can do is persevere.
  13. I did 3D modeling for a living. My 3D computer usually was rendering when I was not physically using it so I used my 2D computer(running PhotoShop & illustrator) to game on after hours. I used multiple computers because I started doing 3D when computers had 1 core so the only way to speed things up is to use lots of computers. By the time my computers had 4 cores(2009) I went down to using 2 computers for work. I still use 2 computers since they were built while I was still working(retired), but now my 3D computer is used mainly for VR games. Unless you use the
  14. This hole post is confusing to me since the OP said "The computer runs but won't boot and I can't even get into the bios" In this situation I would use the integrated graphics on my Intel CPU but AMD's don't have integrated graphics. The only other thing I would do is put in another video card and most people don't have spare cards(I do because paranoid).
  15. I am talking about GPU overclockers since the OP thinks it is an MSI Afterburner issue. GPU overclocks load in after the video drivers as Windows loads.
  16. You may notice that your motherboard is still powered after you turn off your computer. If any of this power is detected by your GPU as you turn on your computer the card will detect low power and not turn on. One of my RTX 2080 ti computers does it but only twice since I built it in 2018. I found the solution on the EVGA forums. It may not be your problem but it is worth a try.
  17. If you can't see your motherboards bios then it is not an MSI Afterburner issue. It loads after the Nvidia drivers as Windows is loading. My RTX cards(2080 tis) have a mode that is triggered by low power. So when I get a blank screen all I have to do is switch off the power supply or unplug from the wall, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. This is very rare but it happens.
  18. The setup is purely for entertainment and it is a good match with my 2080 ti for 4k gaming. If I want a higher refresh rate I drop the resolution to 1440p and get 120hz. The HDMI 2.1 is for 120hz 4k and I will need that with the next graphics cards I buy. The G-sync compatibility works almost as good as the module in my 1440p 144hz monitor and much better than Freesync with a Nvidia I have on my 38" LG Ultra wide. I am planning on replacing all but my 38" ulta wide with OLED TVs. I am just waiting for a price drop since I payed a $100 less last black Frida
  19. I went with a 2019 LG OLED because of the G-sync compatibility and HDMI 2.1. It is now my #1 monitor.
  20. It depends on the monitor. My old 28" TN 4k monitors did a great 1440p but my VA 4k monitor is only good for 4k. None did a good 1080p. I bought my first 4k monitor in 2015 and played games like Witcher 3 at 1440p and old games like Fallout NV at 4k. It is only when the GTX 1080 ti came out that I started playing all games at 4k. I now use a LG 4k OLED TV as a monitor and it can do 1440p better than my 1440p 144hz monitor(LG 32GK850G).
  21. It will keep it cool enough(low 30s idle) with a 5ghz all core overclock with one fan.
  22. I went from a 32" 4k monitor to a 55" OLED TV. It was not planned to be a replacement. I only replaced my old 1080p 55" TV on a stand, in front of a sofa with a 4k TV on a 30" deep table for TV watching and casual gaming. No one was using the old setup and watched TV on their monitors in the bedrooms. I am a 4k snob that does not like 1440p at all but the LG OLED is incredible and even 1440p that I rejected(too fuzzy) on a 32" 1440p 144hz LG monitor looks fantastic. Now after 6 months of using the OLED my 38" LG ultrawide feels too small and I hate the idea of
  23. I use a B9 as a monitor($1200). If the CX 48" is cheaper I will get one. But if the B9 is cheaper I will get another. I am now used to a 55" monitor to a point that my 38" LG ultra wide feels too small. I really don't like to use it anymore and use that system mainly for VR now. I also may get a 55" C9 if they hit $1300.
  24. I do 222 already with my i7 8086k at 5ghz in the single core test. I need close to a score of 240 to get the sort of gains I need in my old modded games and newer building games. The price is within my budget so it all depends on independent benches(not opinions) whether I get one or not.