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  1. The MAC I have currently is the 2012 model which had USBs and an HDMI Port and honestly loved it so Im basically looking for something similar in quality that would work for another 5 years plus
  2. Hi Im considering buying a new laptop (mac or PC) after my laptop just decided to stop working, I honestly dont know which brand is best and would appreciate your help. There is no way im going back to Apple as I refuse to buy a laptop that doesnt have regular USB and requires me to buy dongles to use my laptop normally. My requirements are pretty simple Good monitor (screen) preferably 1440P not 4K preferably 15 inch Good battery life Great Mouse tracking thingy (for me apples is the best sadly) Good Keyboard. A good CPU (n
  3. Hey Just wondering how can I bypass the power limit to get to 2100Mhz on my Zotac 2080 ti Amp Thanks
  4. will put that into consideration thanx
  5. 8th gen intel i7 16 ram Evga Mobo 240 corsiar ssd 4tb WD HDD RX 5500XT (Because I broke my 1080ti) 750 Watt PSU
  6. Hi My setup currently has a 240gb M,2 running Windows and my main programs with a 4TB HDD to store my games I was wondering if there was a way to turn my HDD into a Hybrid (just like macs Fusion) or should I just get an Optane to accelerate loading times Thanks in advance
  7. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-zephyrus-g-15-6-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-max-q-512gb-ssd-metalic-hairline-black/6335912.p?skuId=6335912 A bit over the price but great value in my opinion
  8. I dont usually use headsets (depends on the game) And I agree with headsets you dont hear anything but as soon as I play on regular speakers and fans run its annoying on Idle its perfect no noise at all
  9. No its normal fan noise and temps are good its just that my older Gpu was the 980ti Evga hybrid so that fan noise was way less annoying.
  10. Hey Ive been gaming alot lately on my PC and realized that the gpu has been running the fans alot and its starting to annoy me Any suggestions on a third party cooler such as a AIO hybrid
  11. Hey There I just got a deal on a broken Sony MSX HB-101P ($20) and was thinking about making a sleeper PC Rpoject to post on the Build log forum. Kinda need help with the PC Parts Recommendations. I was thinking either a AMD APU ( waiting on the 8 Core model) or a 3100 or 3300 with a Gpu that would be able to survive the small package Would appreciate the help
  12. Ive read online that windows cant be installed on anything above 2tb so I thought about asking