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  1. KodiakWithAK

    2700x vs 2600x what to do?

    if u can afford the 2700X get it. My current system has it and it runs beautifully.
  2. KodiakWithAK

    Need help with ryzen build

  3. KodiakWithAK

    I have no idea what I am doing

    pst- don't listen to these guys Anyone can build a computer- anyone who says elsewhere typically belongs in r/gatekeeping I built my first computer completely off of a guide, and it works fine (or it did. my first build was a FX build with a GTX 480) Use pcpartpicker to check part compatibility, a watch a very, VERY thorough guide with all elements of assembly included If you need help with parts msg me!
  4. sometimes higher hertz memory is more mass-produced and therefore cheaper and will just be throttled to an acceptable clock
  5. KodiakWithAK

    Need help with ram

    Neither. Ryzen APUs run horribly without dual channel memory.
  6. KodiakWithAK

    Fledgling LLC; Legit or Not?

    Do you know any companies that are notorious for whitebox production? I have enough money to make a down investment, so crowdfunding isn’t an issue. I’d love to get into the hardware business, and if I could infiltrate it legally and with this small of an investment why wouldn’t I?
  7. KodiakWithAK

    Fledgling LLC; Legit or Not?

    Alright. Other then Kickstarter, is this legal even? Or does it violate counterfeit laws by 1. Selling another product as there own 2. Putting MacOS natively on their drive
  8. KodiakWithAK

    Fledgling LLC; Legit or Not?

    I saw this while browsing Kickstarter. This company is crowdfunding a mere $3,000 to start an M.2 SSD Company. As I see it, there is only too options. 1. They buy the NAND Flash and PCB and stick a sticker on it. If so, who do they buy it from? 2. scam scam scam it’s a scam any insight on this company? If it’s so easy to start an SSD company count me in.
  9. KodiakWithAK

    DIY eGPU Enclosure for 2018 Macbook Pro

    Didn't know it was that bad. Huh.
  10. I need a thunderbolt graphics card dock. The plan is to create a custom loop around the vega 64 for integration with the new macbook pro, I just need a gpu dock that will work with it. Any ideas?
  11. KodiakWithAK

    Asus Strix B350-F

    Will this motherboard support the Ryzen 5 2400G?
  12. I've encountered this before. Previously, I'd just unistall MSI Afterburner and run DDU, and then reinstall the latest drivers. I just did this for my RX 580s running in CrossFire, and they still run at 300. Could it be NZXT CAM? Am I missing a step that worked previously? If anyone could walk me through completely from the initial point of 300 MHz (with overclocking software installed) to a point of normal operation that would be nice.
  13. KodiakWithAK

    Gaming Monitor Needed

    Just built a system with some RX 580s I had, running them in Crossfire. I simply need a monitor with FreeSync, 144hz and anywhere between 1080p-1440p. Preferred brand would be Asus or Samsung, budget $250?
  14. KodiakWithAK

    Graphics Card Options

    Well, I'm building a new PC and have some options; but what is the best one? (I'm getting paid this weekend and already have the essentials covered; so I have money to spare for a video card) 1) Use my RX 580s in 2-Way Crossfire and spend the video card money on something else 2) Buy an ASUS 1070ti/1080 for $600 at my local MicroCenter 3) Use the RX 580s UNTIL the next generation Nvidia cards come out, which seems to be soon with Micron pumping out GDDR6