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    Ryzen 7 3700X
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    MSI X570 Tomahawk WiFi
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    16GB TridentZ RGB @3600Mhz CL15
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    RTX 3060Ti Ventus 2X
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    Phanteks Eclipse P500A
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. Hello Everyone. A while back i got myself a 970 EvoPlus 500GB as the boot drive of my new rig, and recently installed the Samsung Magician software to check its health and for firmware updates. But Samsung Magician doesn't recognize my drive properly, showing up as "Samsung SSD 970, Not supported",(same happens in SSD-Z). I have tried installing the NVMe Driver (Which's installer doesn't want to run, but it somehow installed?) and afaik Raid is disabled in the bios. Anyone know how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated. My setup: -Ryzen 7 3700X -
  2. Well yeah, i know, I wasn't gonna do it myself. I wanted to ask this since i've looked up cpu replacement for PS3s and some people said that they are paired with the syscon and other parts. Wanted to know if that was true or not.
  3. Hello Everyone! Today i decided to take apart my old PS3 to tinker with it a little. Wanted to try delliding both the GPU and the CPU, but during the delidding process i cut some traces and made a crater on the CPU, killing it. Is there any possibility that if i could buy a identical CPU to the one on the board and solder it instead of the broken one? My PS3 is a CECH-2504A Motherboard: JSD-001 S/N 1-882-770-31 RSX chip: CXD5300CGB CPU: couldnt read model number off the headspreader since it was really worn out, but from online searches it may be a CXD2992AGB or CXD2992GB
  4. I did add the rule to inbound section of the firewall. Still no change My internet IP does start with 100
  5. Hello everyone I've been trying to set up a small modded server on my computer to play with some friends. I have set port forwarding in my router ,as they need to connect from outside my network. But every time they try and log in, they can't. I have checked the IPs and port and they seemed ok. Also had a friend that is more savvy helping me and they couldn't ping my router from their computer. We have tried: -a different mc server -checked if Java was a allowed through windows firewall My router is a TP-link Archer AX73 connected to a Huawei Echo
  6. Hello everyone I would like to purchase a new router to use instead of the one the isp provided. I was thinking of purchasing a TP-Link AX73 ( is it a good choice?) as an upgrade to my existing Huawei EchoLife HG8121H (fiber connection). Is there a way i can configure the isp one to act just as a modem and for me to hook up the new one as the router, and if so, how do I go about doing that. I don't know much about networking, so any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone! I received this DP to VGA adapter that i wanted to use for my second display today, and it seems to be DOA. I took it apart and noticed there were a few wires that were detached from the pcb. Can someone help me figure out what cable needs to go where, since i am not very familiar with displayport pinout. The chip on the pcb also seems to be generic (Marking: AS716 1949), and so i wasnt able to find a schematic. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone! Advised by someone, i decided to take a closer look at the temperatures of my 3060ti. I got the beta version of Hwinfo that supposedly shows Memory temperatures, but only GPU temp and gpu Hotspot Temperature show up. Whats up with that? Does this card not have memory sensors? Also under load, the Hotspot temperature gets to 94-96 C (under Port Royal) while GPU temp stays at 77. Should i be worried and/lr repaste it? Thanks in advance! System: -Ryzen 7 5800X -Noctua NH-U12A -X570 Tomahawk WiFi -Tride
  9. when looking a bit deeper into this, it had nothing to do with the drivers,it was the motherboard pbo limits reducing TCD and EDC from 200 and 210W to 95W and 140W, which reduced power usage by 40w and, in turn, is why temps dropped... im dum also noticed that with pbo enabled, GTA 5 keeps crashing even without any boost override, so that's weird
  10. So i got my NH-U12A today, mounted it and it was +-5C cooler than the liquid freezer... Which rules out a mount issue. I might have found a fix! Today i reinstalled windows cause my new ssd arrived, and so i started installing drivers. After installing the amd chipset drivers (this time downloaded from AMD's website instead om MSI's) and ryzen master, i noticed that idle temps dropped significantly. I was idling at around 38C and in a p95 small fft load it wouldn't go above 80-83C, and that's with PBO enabled, +100 clock override and no eco mode. I went in the bios to check w
  11. I use the Included phanteks 140mm rgb ones, They seem to move quite a bit of air and are relatively quiet. My rear fan is a placeholder generic 120mm fan while i wait for another sk-140 fan I might try pointing a fan at the board,but i dont think ill help much
  12. If u find anything out about why this happens, maybe let me know?
  13. I have not seen vrm temps go above ~70C. Tbh i haven't been paying much attention to that, rather i focused on keeping the cpu from overheating. The Pump runs fine and so do the fans, no weird noises.This cooler has only one connector for both pump and fans. I will return it tomorrow anyway since mounting hardware got damaged in the process of taking it off.
  14. I have seen a few posts online about people saying something about that it could be due to it only having 1 fully enabled ccd or that it could be a mb boosting algorithm being to aggressive. Also, i wont be going for the d15 because its quite a bit more expensive in my country plus its really big and might interfere with my ram.