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  1. the only people who need to know that information are Linus, his wife, his accountant and the tax inspector.
  2. I still for the life of me can't figure out what he intended to use the allen key on? the table?
  3. postage fee and a restocking fee are 2 separate costs, and the restocking fee is illegal under EU law.
  4. under EU law you don't need to give any reason for a product return within 14 days. https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/index_en.htm
  5. If a company sells an item to a customer in Europe, then they must abide by EU consumer rights and import law when shipping to that country in the EU, otherwise they should have declined the sale to begin with. It's really not complicated. Just like some websites now refuse traffic from EU countries as a result of recent GDPR laws implemented by the EU.
  6. He's trying to screw you over. a 1050ti is still a step below a 1060 3gb, and a whole staircase under a 1060 6gb.
  7. funnily enough Kidnap and Ransom wasn't a subject on career day when I was at school, that was a while ago though.
  8. no offense, but the line about setting up a kidnap and ransom business should have been a pretty big clue to it not being entirely serious. Cheers.
  9. the sound of the joke flying right over your head.
  10. not forgetting all the added DLC you get on virtually every game now on top of the initial purchase cost so companies get far more in return for half finished games on release.
  11. my original comment was specifically about people who only measure FPS regardless of other factors, hence why that single post had no quotes to it, every other post I have made since has abeen a direct answer to someone else.
  12. US and Australian intelligence services work very closely together already, just like US and UK agencies.
  13. I agree it does depend on the uptake, like 3D televisions, it could simply not get taken up, or it could be like 4k which is becoming the norm very quickly. I didn't say FPS doesn't matter, I said it should not be the only metric used, especially right now with first generation consumer raytracing cards with very limited driver support and games that are being retrofitted rather than designed from the ground up.
  14. I was answering a post, not the OP. the post I was replying to talked about how framerates are all that matters when everything else is the same, and my point was that thing's weren't the same at all given raytracing is a totally different way of rendering an image, even the same image from the same game, so anyone going purely of FPS comparisons is looking at it incorrectly.
  15. that's the entire point though, raytracing is not the same as what we currently have at all, just like a video on youtube at 1080p in comparison to a 1080p video on Floatplane. I see raytracing as being like going from 1080p to 4k. others might see it as going from 1080p to 1080p in 3D though.
  16. front doors will always unlock, rear doors will unlock as long as the 'child locks' have not been enabled, that is also the same locks law enforcement agencies the world over use, so people can't just do a runner from the back seat.
  17. raytracing on a commercial level is brand new though, while I will wait to see benchmarks comparing current games with and without it enabled on the new cards I still think the people tearing their hair out over a single aspect of performance are the ones at fault here. That said, I do think Nvidia are taking the piss with those prices, especially given the hyper inflated GPU market the last couple of years.
  18. can't say I'm surprised, the Chinese government has been doing things like this for years, saying that so do the US and other governments.
  19. makes me wonder, why are people only considering FPS as performance? detail and effects matter just as much as straight up frames per second. You can get 500fps in Minecraft, doesn't mean it looks any better.
  20. Angel102

    Ray tracing

    some titles can be retrofitted it seems, but now that the technology is starting to become available at a consumer level it will definitely be a case of newer games being made with it specifically in mind.