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  1. I am not sure about the Superlux, but I know that the Monoprice Hifi DJ (because I own one) is not really good for gaming due to small soundstage and rather unclear imaging (positional cues). Just out of guess, the HyperX Stinger would be a good bet.
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by this, but the modmic has its own cable that you plug to the 3.5mm mic jack at the back of your motherboard.
  3. Best budget mic I can recommend, if you must have USB, is the Samson Q2U
  4. Its a three-way tie with VP, NiP, and Astralis. VP because holy crap, I anticipate for the day/s they just go on a plow and just destroy anyone, and that immense loyalty (until they had to kick Taz, but still). NiP because I've been mostly a Get_Right fan and are just, for whatever reason unstoppable in IEM Oakland... what the fuck? Astralis (former Danish TSM and even after they got Glaive) because they've choked less and less and overtime and it just shows that the Danes are nuts in the game. I'm even more of a fan of them now because they basically figured out the game, and the only way to beat them is to literally have a team just have each member overperform. Glaive's system alone just shuts down the likes of Faze (Yes, Faze beat them 3-0 [and be honest, it was close in every map], but holy crap, that's the kind of performance they needed in the Major against C9, not in a Tier 1 tournament that isn't exactly that important), and in terms of strats... they basically created the nade meta. Glaive's system and strats are literally on display for teams to observe and understand, but somehow it doesn't matter if you figure it out because ever since they got Magisk, an unbelievably underutilized player (thanks MSL for wasting this guy because you like/lick Aizy's dick so much), Astralis has all the firepower in the world. Dupreeh back on entry, Device on form, Xyp9x the ever reliable clutch god and support, Magisk as the second or third star (which he should've been in North, but fuck you MSL), and Glaive, the mastermind. If they don't win the Major... I don't even know anymore.
  5. As someone who's been GM (and maintained it) for 3 seasons (Season 5 to Season 8) and moved on to another game because of Blizzard's lack of desire to actually put in quality time to refine their report system (full automation by the looks of it, and if it was manned... its severely lacking in them, thus why false bans are a thing since it can't differentiate between a thrower/griefer/troll vs someone who's just stubborn and adamant) has just made me more upset over the quality of games (Like, its not satisfying to win because the enemy team has a thrower/griefer/troll that's doing it harder, or have one at all, and its no fun when my team has it), and it gets worse overtime (been playing since Season 1 Comp), in which sometimes they're the reason I accelerated back to GM again, and the only time the complexity and depth of the game can even be seen in decent effect is in OWL... but even then, the meta has always been so stale that it leaves out so many heroes in the game. Like, its been deathball vs deathball or dive vs dive. We could've had a rock paper scissor kind of composition in which deathball, dive, and even bunker can all try to counter each other. But above all, I've never seen a game that's immensely troll/thrower/griefer friendly compared to even DotA2, LoL, CSGO, or Siege just by sheer function. Getting tagged or dying to the enemy team gives them ult-charge, playing Mei with the intent to troll the allied team, I can go on, but atleast DotA2 has Low Priority, LoL has (or probably still have it) Tribunal, CSGO has their "Overwatch" system, and Siege can straight up ban you for a week atleast, and they do it quick enough. Plus in terms of matchmaking, even on my Plat and Diamond smurfs, you can get repeatedly queue'd with the same trolls/throwers/griefers even after 5 minutes to a 24 hour break. Yes, I know, Blizzard has added the avoid as teammate feature back again, but limited to two... TWO... when it could use atleast ten. If this game wants to be an esport, it better shift its favor to the ones who play to win, the pros, the competitive players, and start going hard on the competitive system. Heck, most pros in Siege, CSGO, and even DotA2 and LoL, have relatively normal or sometimes negative stats but play the game to an extent that they've mastered their roles well enough that they know there's more to kills and assists. In Overwatch... its literally just deathball vs deathball or dive vs dive and its a question of which team has better coordination and communication, lack of players going "off-script" like the likes of Miracle, Faker, or S1mple (I dont know any Siege pro, sorry), and everyone plays like bots and its a question of which one malfunctions less instead of which one outperforms who.
  6. Reason I said those three are at the level of the HD800 is because headphones with wider soundstage and more precise imaging are in even more unobtanium levels of pricing or aren't really around in production anymore, and the ones that are close to the HD800 in terms of soundstage and imaging are very few TBH.
  7. Honestly, the 598, K702, and the AD700X are pretty much tied if you want incredible imaging and soundstage. Probably HD800 level of it.
  8. By all means, HD579 or the K702. Be advised, in a competitive aspect, those two are your best bet. From a casual gamer's aspect, where you want some sense of fun in it, these might not be the ones for you.
  9. Which one do you value more? Gaming or music?
  10. Are you limited to just those two headphones?
  11. Yeah, but you could get something close enough (within reason) via software. By that, I mean OP can do that.
  12. The thing is, he already has an amp. And, like I said, he could try EQing first. If its not good enough for him, then yeah, different amps can be the other route.
  13. The thing with the HD800 non-S is that EQ doesn't fix the resonance well enough regarding that 6khz peak, which is noticeable to upper-mids and/or treble sensitive people like me, thus why I went for the S (though I feel like I should've saved myself the money and did the SDR mod which costs $20-30, including shipping, and can even be lower if you DIY and follow the instructions). I lose out a bit on soundstage and lose a bit of precision in imaging, but I can EQ much more to taste instead of fixing because, somehow, when EQ'ing to other tracks, they just sound much worse than non-EQ'd (but the problem rises back up again with that 6khz peak). That said, if it works for you, then I'm happy to hear that. Just sucks that EQ'ing to fix the non-S just gave me more headaches.