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    InvertedEar got a reaction from pajpaj in Best mic for a starting twitch streamer?   
    like what @xtroria said.
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    InvertedEar got a reaction from spwath in Altec horn + 15" woofer system   
    Holy shit. Good job, man.
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    InvertedEar reacted to Mira Yurizaki in The things that both scare and annoy me in terms of fanboys in hobbies.   
    I also lamented to someone else, and maybe this is hypocritical to what I said earlier, but say the topic is OP asking a question and you answer it. Then people who think they know better quote you to correct you rather than simply provide a better (I use the term loosely) answer to the OP.
    I've come to learn that "correcting" people like this is actually pretty rude. I mean, if I don't like it done to me, then why should I do it to others? Just answer OP's question.
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    InvertedEar got a reaction from Mira Yurizaki in The things that both scare and annoy me in terms of fanboys in hobbies.   
    Half the time, based on my experience, the info dump is filled with insults. Like, I still try my hardest to separate insults and actual information, but really... goddamnit, he can't get straight to the point or use the extra time to replace insults with information. But yeah, there's almost not enough fact-checking or information exposed frequently enough on certain aspects in hobbies that misinformation or just straight up lack of knowledge in them is rather abundant. Like, there was a time I was literally asking what kind of amp does the HE-4 need, and for a few weeks because there were too many answers, as well as too many people just saying "sell the HE-4 instead if you can't power them" or vague answers like "it takes a nuclear powerplant", it was then I suddenly just got directed to other forums from other people who can properly explain what it takes to power them (I don't mind hour long lectures provided its just info).
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    InvertedEar got a reaction from Mira Yurizaki in The things that both scare and annoy me in terms of fanboys in hobbies.   
    Pretty much. I'm still in to audio (listening and sometimes mixing and recording), I prefer to EQ to add-in frequencies when I feel like it than to fix it (because if a headphone has a flaw such as sibilance, peak at certain frequencies, so on and so forth, I'd rather mod than EQ to my liking, because there are tracks I feel would sound more appealing to me if I EQ'd for those tracks than have them completely sound potentially worse to my ears if I EQ to fix and then add more on to something else). I still game and just go for which one I believe will give me the most satisfactory performance (yes, I know, the Vega56 is barely faster than a 1070, but I like freesync and I think the performance is good enough).
    Its just that sometimes when you ask questions for the sake of troubleshooting or what its like (by that, I mean I can't try the unit, so I ask for as many opinions as possible about it), it has to go through so much tangents before getting an answer. Like, holy heck, I was just asking about _____ because I'm interested in what its like to use or I'm asking about ______ because that's what I have but I don't know how to fix it and Google search is being unhelpful even after 10 pages and several hundred tabs and alot of ctrl+f's. Like, sometimes, when you're in a hobby, and you love it, but you come across something, you end up looking to other hobbyists of the same kind/s. Its just that, over time, more and more hobbyists tend to end up being more of a prick, based on my observation over the last few years.
    And regarding your edit, yeah, there's a time and place for cheap things. But sometimes what's overlooked is that sometimes the cheap things can give you more value and quality than even some or alot of things that cost twice or even more than how much they are. Sure, paying more can get you more, but sometimes you can get more for the same price (or less), and even better quality if you end up looking hard enough or got lucky and stumbled upon it. I mean, I got a pair of HD600's for as low as $120. 
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    InvertedEar got a reaction from Velcade in HD598SR + Maximus X Hero. Do I need a DAC/AMP?   
    Pretty much. If you hear there's a hiss before its loud enough to your liking, sure. I mean, there's this guide:
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    InvertedEar got a reaction from Sabir in What is the difference between Modi 2 and Modi 2 Uber?   
    I don't know about you, but for a little bit less than the Uber and a little bit more than the non-Uber, the D30 seems like a better performer based on that link.
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    InvertedEar reacted to SSL in modi 2 vs modi 2 uber   
    You asked about saving $50. I have explained that you can save $100-150.
    DACs sound more similar than different in general. Again, buy a DAC if you want, but don't expect one to sound better than the other. Get the one that has the inputs you need.