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  1. Thank you for your reply I found it quite helpful, I am looking into the AKG K702 right now and I appreciate your input regarding everything else it was very useful to read as somewhat of an audio newbie. I'm still leaning towards the AD500X's as I've heard nothing but praise for them in regards to gaming and the only draw-back seems to be the lack of low bass which I don't think I'd mind much, my main concern was whether the noise leak would be picked up by the mic but you've addressed that concern already, one other thing is, if I'm in somewhat of a small room and my desk is in the corner wo
  2. I am not necessarily limited to those two I pretty much just narrowed it down to those because a few of my friend's have said Audio Technica are very good and I found those two the best for my price range, I wouldn't object to other suggestions for me to research.
  3. I have been doing some research into headphones for gaming and I have narrowed it down to one of these two, both these headphones have potential issues that I would love any assistance figuring out. The M50X headphones were recommended by a friend however I read that they can be uncomfortable after long periods of use and have a strong bass which apparently isn't great for competitive gaming as it makes explosions and gunfire quite loud and noticeable over footsteps (which I'd like to hear to have the advantage). The AD500X headphones are rather highly recommended for gaming
  4. I am looking to buy a headset primarily for Gaming and can spend at most £120, maybe a tiny bit more if it's worth it. In the future I plan on purchasing the Mod Mic 5 so a mic is not necessary, however I've wondered if Audio Technica and other Music and Studio headsets are just as good or better for gaming? I've heard gaming headsets are just gimmicky, come with poor microphones and are a waste of money in general. Being able to determine where gunshots are coming from and locating enemies based on footsteps would be rather important to me and I do plan on buying an AMP and DAC in the future