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    Great White North
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    Intel Xeon e3 1231v3 3.4GHz
  • Motherboard
    SuperMicro x10SL7-F
  • RAM
    32 GB Crucial DDR3 ECC
  • GPU
    AMD FirePro W4100
  • Case
    Fractal Design Node 804
  • Storage
    2x250GB EVO 960 RAID 1, 4 3TB Seagate NAS RAID10
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    Corsair TX750M
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    3 Asus ProArt 24”
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    Corsair Gaming
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    Wacom Tablet
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    Creative USB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Gorgon

    Folding Community Board

    Lower the power limits on the cards and adjust the chassis fans and you should be able to fold near silently. A little white noise is also good to help people get to sleep
  2. Gorgon

    Folding Community Board

    At your current production, assuming the dark horses on your tail (_Rlocke & RandomAustralian) don’t pick up the pace, you should be there in 4.1 months. Perhaps sooner if you can get your bad PCIe slot working again and have another card to install? ... and you’ll be (more) Legendary in under a week
  3. Gorgon

    Folding Community Board

    I know that some WUs lower the production (11718 anyone) but in general with all the new 14xxx units I’ve seen some lowering PPD but these are offset by some which produce above what I’d normally see for a specific card. im currently runnng 3 Pascal and 2 Turing GPUs and Ive noticed that some WUs do poorly on a 1060 but average on a 1070 Ti and there are some that do poorly on Pascal but OK on Turing. One of the benefits of running many cards (aside from the obvious one) is that these WU variations in PPD get smoothed out faster. With one or two cards your Daily production will likely be more spikey but average out over the week. Partly due to WU PPD and partly due to EOC’s only sampling every 3 hours. If you install HFM.net it will record all your WU stats and can produce reports you can analyze in a spreadsheet. It can also be used instead of the Advanced Control to monitor and control your folding.
  4. Gorgon

    Folding Community Board

    Yes, it is a gradual drop-off after the Folding Month finished in November. We lost a lot of production right after the month as was to be expected but there’s been a slow decline since the initial drop-off. Some of this slow decline are more people stopping folding and some of it is people power-limiting their folding so it’s more efficient. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the season to be folding as the heat generated will offset, to some extent, the heating required in cold climates as opposed to the folding Penalty in the Summer where this additional heat adds an additional burden when running an air conditioner.
  5. The Team climbed up one in the ranks to number 11 today. Number 10 would have been achievable a little sooner but it looks like they’ve started cranking up their points this week. Keep on Folding!
  6. Here's what I'm getting on that WU: GTX 1060 6GB 475,000 GTX 1070 Ti 860,000 RTX 2060 1,061,238 RTX 2070 1,290,500
  7. At this point I’d trade locations. We just went from a few weeks in the -20C temps to warmer weather with freezing rain. We get about 2 months of “summer” here. At least the folding rigs are keeping the basement toasty. Even thought of running power out to the shed to see what the real ambient would do for Boost 3
  8. Do you have the logs from the folding client and can you post them? Sounds more like an issue between the folding client and video driver and/or OS. Anything in the event log? If you do try to install it again at the end of the install process uncheck “Start Folding at Home” then once installed run the Advanced Client from the System Tray rather than the web client. In the advanced Client click the configure button, select the “Expert” tab then add: pause-on-start true to have folding not automatically start when you log in Then in the Advanced tab increase the logging level. Then manually start folding and if you run in to issues post the logs in a spoiler text block. You might want to do a clean install of your video drivers first.
  9. Any further results?
  10. You could also look at the P106 mining cards. Should put out 500-600,000PPD
  11. Ray Tracing Baby! 1MPPD without really tuning it yet on a 14156 which the 1070Ti was getting ~880kPPD on, the 2070 was doing around 1.3MPPD on these and 1060 6GBs about 476kPPD Auto Fan at ~44% (Fan Control not yet working on Linux 415.27 Driver & I broke my window manager) running a 210W power limit but it's only drawing ~ 157W 1950MHz with a +70MHz O/C 65C as the lower card (2070 is upper) on a Z370
  12. There are tools for monitoring your folding. It’s easy to do that locally with either the FAH advanced client or HFMnet. The issue is controlling the folding remotely. You either have to allow remote access to through the advanced control using a username and password then open and forward tcp port 36330 on your router and open it up to the world and HOPE you have a strong password or a static IP to connect from that you can restrict traffic from ... i.e.not recommended. Or, if your not comfortable setting up your own VPN server at home, do some research and find a remote console programme and remote into a system running the FAH advanced control, HFMnet etc. I like to think I’m pretty network savvy (my kids might disagree) and all I do is just keep an eye on the stats at extreme overclocking. HFMnet, BTW will only allow you to monitor the systems via its web pages and while they provide better data than the stats at Stanford or EOC it is a PITA to setup to send those pages to a real web server as it only supports sending the web pages using FTP which sends you credential in clear text. I was creating the web pages locally on the windows host it runs on, using WinSCP to securely transfer them to a web server then a Cron task on the web server to copy them to the right place and change the permissions. PITA and makes the always 10-15 minutes out of date and the scheduled task which SCPed the files on the windows box grabbed focus which was annoying and stopped my monitors from going to sleep.
  13. The best metric for comparison is Single Precision Compute Performance which, unfortunately, most benchmark sites do not report on with the exception of anadtech in their reviews. I started a similar spreadsheet mining Anadtech’s reviews but ... then ... got ... distracted. The other problem is that the Single Precision results like those from FAHBench are not the whole story. The actual performance includes the Quick Return Bonus which applies a non-linear (inverse square root) function to provide more points for Work Units completed faster. It would be nice if FAHBench could include an estimate in PPD by including the QRB as the “reward” in points stand is the incentive we competitive types care about most. The spreadsheet maintained by a user at overclockers appears to to be the most comprehensive list of GPU performance figures for f@h but you need to dive into the By GPU tab to get the best use of it as some of the calculated averages are skewed by bad data.
  14. So the slot is definitely dead then. Bummer