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    Intel Xeon e3 1231v3 3.4GHz
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    SuperMicro x10SL7-F
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    32 GB Crucial DDR3 ECC
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    AMD FirePro W4100
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    Fractal Design Node 804
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    2x250GB EVO 960 RAID 1, 4 3TB Seagate NAS RAID10
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    Corsair TX750M
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    3 Asus ProArt 24”
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    Corsair Gaming
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    Wacom Tablet
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    Creative USB
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Folding at Home has the Founder’s RTX 3080 In the GPU Whitelist so anyone lucky enough to to have won the lottery today should be able to start folding with them. Hopefully none of the 5 I got orders in for won’t get cancelled so I can crush @Den-Fi in Folding Month.
  2. Glad to hear you and your family are OK. If you haven’t considered it you might want to think about moving your service underground when you get around to upgrading it and if you go that way make sure you add an additional duct from the house to the garage for low voltage signalling (Ethernet, power transfer for the Genny etc.) If you are considering running Ethernet to the garage you might also want to use fibre to reduce the chance of lightning damage.
  3. Not since 6 Oct 2017 but you’ll have to remember we are likely an “edge” case at this point with an atypical spread of daily production values. and as others have mentioned Jason is very receptive to feedback but it might take many months for a change to be added.
  4. <!-- HTTP Server --> <allow v=''/> <!-- Remote Command Server --> <command-allow-no-pass v=''/> I’ve noticed on newer flavours of Linux that you have to replace the init file (It’s broken) and make the fahclient user a member of the video group. see:
  5. As long as your running drivers that support the card they will work in F@H as soon as the GPU whitelist gets updated which will be shortly after the card ids get submitted at foldingforumn.org
  6. yup, things a bit down here too. I was re-arranging some things on the weekend which accounts for some of the drop but I suspect there’s some not as good as the moonshot WUs out there. PS. Can you guess when electricity’s cheapest here.
  7. Neither RTX nor Tensor FLOPs can be used for folding. So a RTX 2070 is a 7.465 TFLOPs for standard precision and the 3070 is 20.31 TFLOPs so an increase of 172% or 1.3MPPD to 3.5 MPPD assuming linear scaling (i.e. no QRB) That’s pretty impressive especially considering it has a TDP of 225W compared to 175 yielding efficiencies of 43.7and 90.26 GFLOPS/W respectively so about twice as efficient. And good luck getting anything near full throughput from a 3090, 3080 or even a 3070 until the molecule sizes greatly increase.
  8. I ran into a similar issue on a Gigabyte b450 ud3 with a 2700x. Would post with XMP enabled with a 2 x 16GB Gskill RipJaws V DDR3200CL16 but was not stable. Forcing the DDR Voltage to the XMP value of 1.35V appeared to fix the issue. This reddit post also suggested adding +0.078V as an offset for Vsoc and also disabling DRAM power-down enable in Peripherals. The slight bump in Vsoc Voltage would give a little extra umpfh to the Memory Controller. It's still not Prime95 small FFT stable but that's due to this boards anemic VRM. After about 10 minutes it goes above 120C and the board locks. Sometimes you can get 3200 to work by upping the DRAM Voltage a touch to 1.4 - 1.43V but it seems to vary greatly depending on how good the memory controller on the CPU is.
  9. Actually I found the 5700XTs performed about as good as an RTX 2060 so about the same price. Their raw compute performance in Terrra FLOPs suggest they should do better than they do but Folding@Home appears to run better on Nvidias OpenGL implementation than AMDs. It appears to be an issue at the driver level from what I’ve read. I was hoping they’d do better as I’m interested in better PPD/W as it’s the Power Bill in the long term that could see improvements. I also found running them under Ubuntu to be a pain to be able to tune their power limits, fan control and undervolting. All of these issues appear to be at a driver level and AMD just doesn’t seem willing or able to fix them. Likely they’re more focused on the gaming performance which makes sense as that is where the majority of their market is and they have more limited resources than their competition. There is a new CUDA core coming for folding at home that has potential to further widen the gap. Don't get me wrong. I like AMD products. It’s just easier for me, in my use case, to stick with NVidia for now.
  10. Meh. I was running 2 5700XTs and they bounced between 900k and 1.4 but averaged out at about 1.1M so ‘bout the same as a 2060. Imho not a good value for folding but that’s likely just down to AMD and their drivers. Gave em to the kids for their gaming systems where they’ll be able to shine.
  11. Under Ubuntu with PCIe x1 risers you likely won’t see too much of a decrease in points with GTX 1060s. The issue you will likely run into is you’ll need 1 thread per GPU so an i5 will likely limit the number of GPUs you can keep fed. Id be curious to see how much you can get out of it but the 1060s. if they’re the 6GB models should produce about 450kPPD or about 400 if you set the power to the minimum (60-90W)
  12. I have a gaming 5 with a 3900x and it runs 3200 just fine but it’s a team group 32GB kit. Stupid question but you are running the sticks in the 2nd and 4th slots from the CPU - right? The VRM on that board though is really weak and I had to mod it to keep it under 110C on prime95 small FFT With AVX
  13. Check that the BIOS set the voltage to the correct XMP value. Gigabyte mobos are known for leaving the voltage at 1.2 when the XMP calls for 1.35 or 1.5. Or set the DRAM voltage manually to the XMP value
  14. Or manually set the fans to 10-15% above where they’re sitting now