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  1. Has anyone dabbled with boinc on the new mac M1's? Thinking of upgrading my macbook and just curious of its capabilities. I pretty much only do WCG on boinc.
  2. Sending positive vibes mate, that really sucks. Hopefully it will pass quickly.
  3. I mean sure... If you're ok living in the past... *cough*<NZDT>*cough*
  4. I myself had major health woes back in 2011 (still ongoing but fortunately to a much lesser extent). Enough to stop me working for the five following years. A good friend of mine also encouraged me to build a PC and join his gaming clan on teamspeak. It was possibly the best thing I could have done back then, and gave me hours of daily fun, banter, laughter and company (from fellow kiwi's and Aussie's - coz you gotta have dem low pings for battlefield ) when I was more or less completely house bound, and living back with my parents (3 hrs drive from my nearest mates). I'd really r
  5. I've found when the 2070s gets down into the low utilisation WU's (~80-85%) , that's when it gets the noisiest... It's naaasty.
  6. Are higher end CPU's really going to give more longevity though? I mean I understand that some of the very top end CPU's are binned, but I've had an i5 & an i7 (Sandy & Ivy bridge) running boinc for years at 100% load 24/7 (not to mention the years of Battlefield they played before that ). No drama at all. My belief is it's mostly about controlled temps... Unless you plan on running mad overclocks, I just find it hard to believe there'll be a difference in durability.
  7. You could always throw those threads at WCG... I realise you'll still lose some PPD, but you'll at least be helping two research platforms.
  8. I've cleaned and transferred my system into a smaller case, so it can sit on my desk rather than the floor. Plus my 8 yo corsair 200mm fans were getting worn and NOISY!!
  9. Well since the cuda update, it looks as though I can now run 6 of my 8 threads on boinc without a PPD penalty. This is new! Before the update, it didn't matter if I only ran a single core on boinc... I'd still receive a 3-4 percent GPU usage penalty. Hopefully this is on most WU's and not just a few.
  10. I just find it amazing that we have almost 700 folders producing over 1 mil PPD. .