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    Who am I? Who are you?
    Check out my blog www.ithemesky.com


  • CPU
    I5 6400
  • Motherboard
    MSI B150 VD-PRO
  • RAM
    8 GB DDR4 Kingston FURYX
  • GPU
    GTX 1060
  • Case
    Bitfenix ???
  • Storage
    Samsung EVO 750, WD Blue 1 TB
  • PSU
    FSP 500W 80+ PSU
  • Display(s)
    Dell P2416D

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  1. Kunker_

    what are your main sources of income?

    Probably a weird question in America, but how much do you make - my dad's a truck driver too makes only about 500 EUR per trip. EU - RUSSIA
  2. Kunker_

    Youtube trends you hate

    This: Clickbait thumbnails Hyperactivity 10/10 Everyone who uses memes beyond the point it's even funny (TBH most pewdiepie memes arent even funny..) Like, Sub etc... Flexing and saying im not trying to flex THIS
  3. Decided to review my ZenBook Pro, hopefully, you enjoy the video. Let me know what you think. Also if you are interested I repasted it with liquid metal so consider checking that out as well. This is for anyone who needs some information about the laptop NOT to advertise...
  4. Kunker_


    Agreed, although if you repaste it it performs very good. I showed the results here
  5. Actually @LinusTech should do a video about this!
  6. Thinking about doing it since my laptop mostly is at C2 C state, when it should be C8 mostly - this causes high power usage. Plus the fans are on even at 40C
  7. So I recently got myself a new laptop the ZenBook Pro. The Specs are as follows: i9 8950HK 16GB RAM 512GB NVMe SSD GTX 1050Ti 4K 100% aRGB & sRGB When I first got it it was throttling even below base clock so i thought I'd repaste it. So here are the results. ^ AIDA64 Test /w Throttlestop undervolt -125mV CPU, : IDLE: Before LM: 45-53 Celsius Idle LM: 35-43 Celsius Idle CPU Only: Before LM: 96 Celsius @ 2.7GHz LM: 85 Celsius @ 3.5 GHz CPU & GPU Combined: Before LM: 96 Celsius @ 2GHz, GPU: 85 Celsius @ 1000MHz LM: CPU: 3GHz @ 96 Celsius, GPU: 85 Celsius @ ~1500MHz GAMING: Dota2: Runs at 4K High 60-70FPS, GPU: 1709MHz mostly - sometimes dips, 85 Celsius. CPU @ 2.9GHz, 85 Celsius.
  8. NO problem, thanks anyway. What i meant by that was that my product key ends in AAOEM... But I think I need a factory image not just OEM windows
  9. Hmm. The windows I have installed says the product key ends with AAOEM. So it must be OEM? But why then isn't it branded as ASUS in the control panel and the oem wallpapers?
  10. If anyone has this laptop could you please create a OEM Windows 10 iso for it? I am having trouble installing Intel RST drivers.
  11. Posted this on XDA a while ago might as well post it here: Step 1:Download the APK in the attachment and install it.Step 2:Open the app. Tap on settings. Set resolution to 3840x2160 Set framerate to 60 FPS Set bit-rate to your desired bit-rate (70 Mbps is good) Tap on the last tab. Tap: "Edit Camera Script"Step 3:Paste thispreview-size=%pref_width%x%pref_height%video-size=%video_width%x%video_height%camera-mode=1cam_mode=1cam-mode=1video-hfr=60 preview-fps-range=60000,60000Step 4:Click Apply and enjoy sweet 4K60fps Consider donating via PayPal: balodis10@gmail.com All donations appreciated! rubberbigpepper.lgCamera_2016-12-21.apk
  12. Kunker_

    Should I upgrade to this Laptop?

    Origin PC upgraded their platform to use TongFang. Yes, I have. It's flimsy It is the same chassis. You should do more research
  13. Kunker_

    New pc constantly freezing

    Then re seat the CPU
  14. Kunker_

    New pc constantly freezing

    Try re seating the CPU. If that doesn't help reinstall windows. That BSOD error means the CPU cores aren't communicating properly due to drivers or maybe a bad connection in the mobo try scanning it for bent pins too.