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  1. Okay real talk. You were saying that the always online DRM is going to prevent you from running your old Windows XP games, how about you try this setup in Linux and see if you can get the games to run in proton on this setup? (Long shot, but it could be an option to revive your old games). The 6800 is supported in the 304.xxxx drivers which are still hosted on Nvidia's site and has a release date from September 2017. You might have to do some serious downgrading to Xorg or the Kernel since it's pretty old, or you might be able to grab a distro from near that time, but I think this should work in theory.
  2. Yep I understand that. I was lucky enough to start using Linux when I was in high school and had a ton of free time. It doesn't feel like I do any more work on my nix boxes then I did on my Windows boxes, but I also have 10 years of experience with it. As a compromise, you could get another drive and dual boot. Then if you ever experience trouble you can just do a quick reboot and get back into Windows.
  3. In the Enterprise, you always want to use an off the shelf solution if possible. The reason for this is two fold. 1) They are generally easier to get up and running 2) If something goes wrong you have someone else to lean back on if you can't solve it yourself. Also, if you ever build your own solution and it breaks, your job will be on the line because it will 100% be your fault and if the customer loses a lot of money you'll be an easy scape goat to save face.
  4. That is incorrect. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1504-QHXN-8366 Steamworks is supported back to 12.04, but not the client.
  5. 16.04 isn't supported for steam. If you read Steam's Linux requirements : The current LTS is 18.04
  6. I'll also back this up. I'm a Linux Systems Admin for my job and play games exclusively on Linux. If you guys are ever having trouble or want a second opinion let me know.