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  1. @Helly I understand your point of view, happened the same things to me many times but it was like 10 years ago. With Linux the philosophy changes: you are not an user, you are part of the community. Also the terminal is awesome and easy to use. The fact that people are used to browse the internet to download random stuff from random site is OLD and DANGEROUS. We need centralized, tested & trusted repositories, it's 2019, not 1999. Linux is everywhere, whether you like it or not. Desktop is next. P.S.: if you need help, come to our forums linux4noobs, li
  2. Sounds good, @GabenJr! Also Manjaro is the way to go, I've used it for over a year on my desktop PC. I play all the steam native grames, proton games, Heroes of the storm and WoW on Manjaro.
  3. Hi @aezakmi, you can run witcher 3 with steam proton https://www.protondb.com/app/292030 LoL is currently broken on Debian/Ubuntu based distros, I recommend Manjaro https://lutris.net/games/league-of-legends/ Fallout 4 has mixed results with steam proton https://www.protondb.com/app/377160
  4. Hi there Linus, I'm a sub, a linux gamer and I'm from /r/linux_gaming. I really enjoyed your linux videos with Wendell and your first Proton video. I also noticed that there are always heated discussions in the comment section because of things that people said they could have been researched better. I'm talking about, for example, the fact that you picked an older nVidia driver version, or that the video didn't show some workaround for some proton games, or the fact that you suggested to download some stuff from the web instead of using the repo, etc... I understand that Linux is a very a