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  1. no, im Simply Driving arround with 8 Other cars and 1 Small Box Truck on AI Mode.. https://i.gyazo.com/81c83a8cb59d997f5d15663525f0f5f8.mp4
  2. MSI ARMOR GTX 1070 8GB yeah, but this isnt just an issue with beamng, i see all games not using my Computers Full Power. but its really noticeable when you have 10 cars With AI. As i was mentioning before, there is users with lower end I7s running more cars then me no issue This is just one Example, i couldnt find the video i was thinking about of the User dropping 30+ Cars on top of each other.
  3. i have seen users on youtube use the game with more vehicles then i have and no issue. and they had a slower Intel Computer then my current one here.
  4. Why is my Game Beamng.drive not using full Power of my computer? its at 13FPS because i spawned many entities in the game, and my computer is nowhere near max. if i were to close other programs it would be half of what the current load on the pc is, so why is it not taking advantage of the last 25% of the computers power?
  5. no shit thats a thing. but as i figured, which he just confirmed for me above, he does not have a USB C Device.
  6. defidently an option but this is a USB C Drive
  7. hard drives do not have antivirus. your computer does. a hard drive itself does not protect from "hacking" or malware, your computer does. all hard drives are the same, and all SSDs are the same in term of just storing files as you dont seem to need a specific speed drive
  8. Alright, ive done some extensive testing here. so i started first with all ram, this was just before i started the test. it then froze at Frame 12, And this was the Info At this point i took off the Case door, and left it off for the rest of the testing. i first took out the 2x4gb ram, and was left with only 2x8gb of ram. it proceeded to freeze at 5 frames last i put in only the 2x4gb ram, leaving me with 8gb. it proceeded to freeze at frame 9 This must not be an issue with ram, i just happen to be trying to resolve an ongoing ram issue at the same time.
  9. I've set it and this is what it's running at according to cpuZ
  10. Would it be worth it to take out the ram and try a render to see if the issue fixed itself?
  11. From what im hearing on my other post is the 2133 it says it's running at is the 3000mhz and is normal. It seems to be running at 2133mhz right now with no issue.