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    Tech Lover. Strongly opinionated. Hates the direction the internet has taken. Lets go back to when it was like the wild west out here.
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    Manager of a Parts Department
  1. I personally love my google home mini. I've got 3 that I use to control my Philips hue in my house. I personally wouldn't recommend using the mini for any sort of music, the speaker just isn't that great. It's super loud though like loud enough I usually keep mine at 50% and its just fine. The mini iirc doesn't have an audio out so if music is your main thing maybe go for the larger one or just another Bluetooth speaker with google assistant support.
  2. That's just what Jake does. I have all the love for everyone else on the LTT team but Jake just rubs me the wrong way.
  3. Wow hands down. I've been playing it since 2009 on and off. After WoW it would probably be Fallout 3 or Forza 4. I spent so much time tuning cars and taking them around the Top Gear test track. I remember how cool I thought It was to watch the show and get in the same car they just drove and see if I could beat their time. We just need a Grand Tour game that isn't complete crap.
  4. Your correct. You can have only 1 Apple id signed in at a time but your able to log out and into another if you so wish ( Not recommended) You can have multiple payment methods which would mean multiple billing addresses.
  5. I remember the kickstarter campaign and remember how much of a failure it was. I wish I could find one out in the wild because I would totally pick it up. I love weird devices like that! Knockoff Items and weird tech items are my jam.
  6. I agree with everybody else. Go the Strange Parts way and build a device like he did. It won't be "custom" but you can atleast say you built it.
  7. I don't understand why everybody thinks Linus NEEDS to give back. He bought the parts with his own company money. I don't go into your house and see you have 3 Tv's and tell you to donate them somewhere. Its crazy to think that way. Don't get me wrong, It would be fantastic if he did donate some PC's or other parts but that's his choice.
  8. I agree. Just unplug it from the wall and if you feel like something is going to happen to your PC cover it. I've never had to worry about that though.
  9. Legit just Windows defender. It's not hard to protect yourself. Like hmmm maybe when you download an MP3 and it's a .exe maybe don't open that. Super easy.
  10. I would go with a light Linux distro.
  11. I have my phillips hue light bulbs in my living room and then a Merkury smart wifi plug in my bedroom since i legit just turn off and on the lights. All this is hooked up to my google assistant. You could always get a power strip and put a lamp and a fan on it so when you goto bed you can have a routine for sleep that turns off the light and starts the fan.
  12. Hello! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Personally I switched from an iPhone 7 to a Samsung Galaxy note 9. I love the phone and it's a joy to use everyday. It's nice that Samsung pay works practically everywhere unlike Apple pay and it's super snappy with day to day tasks. That being said if your switching from an iPhone 8 it could still be a great idea but I would stay away from the pixels. The way Apple is able to integrate the software and hardware is amazing. You won't find anything else that acts like iOS in terms of optimization. In the end it's your choice but I wouldn't switch from an iPhone 8 just yet.