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  1. Basically I finally upgraded to Win10 last week, from Win7. Before the upgrade everything worked fine, and so it did right after the upgrade when I first landed on the Win10 desktop. However after the latest updates, I can't launch any game, as soon as I launch, it says program has stopped working and we're out. Things I've tried already: -Since I suspected it to be updates related, I went ahead and uninstalled quality updates, that works for a brief while, however the games stutter and lag like crazy and eventually stop working right after launch, again. -From there I suspected there is something wrong with my OS so, I ran sfc/scannow command which remains stuck at 78%, then running DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth gets stuck as well at 87.5% -Judging by the previous step, it's most likely something wrong with the OS, so I downloaded a Win10 ISO image from Microsoft and installed windows again while keeping my personal files and apps since I read this might be caused by the OS being an upgrade not a fresh install, but joy of joys, it doesn't work PS; all drivers are up to date except the graphics driver because, and I posted a topic bout this few weeks ago, I can't update passed version 395.35, anything passed that the screen goes black during setup like it's suppose to, but never comes back, I hard reset and the device reports and error I can't remember what it was but, this is not the prob I think because, I tried Win10 few months ago, with the outdated but stable driver and it worked fine. Update: I ran Cleanup-Image/Scanhealth and it completed successfully, then ran Restorehealth and it completed successfully as well, so Windows is fine isn't it. So what's wrong?!
  2. The Create Partition option is grayed out, SD card remains labeled "unformatted" despite formatting partition or volumes completing with success, which leads me to think that's not the case, as I said, operating are not actually taking effect. Nothing works, i think i'mma just give up, second SD card I loose this way Goddamn it. I don't care bout the data on it, it all backed up, anything else before I pull the plug, anything dude. Thanks for ur time.
  3. @Oshino Shinobu Doesn't work, quick format says format failed, I'm now trying the Overwrite format option, don't think that's gonna work either as when tried the "clear all" command using Diskpart, it took long, says it's finished with success but there wasn't any actual effect.
  4. So I posted a topic about this earlier, I was given the suggestion to use a third party software called AOMIE partition assistant, to fix a corrupted SD Card that shows a healthy existing partition in Disk manager but, the portion won't be deleted so I can create a new one. The only operation that actually takes effect is changing the drive letter, other than that, wiping the sector or deleting shows that the process ended with success, but it doesn't actually take effect, the card still says unformatted, and is still in RAW format. I have already checked sectors, no bad or damaged ones, but it won't format. Just to recap what happened basically was I had Viber installed on it, I wanted to format the card, as soon as I started the formatting process, Viber starts updating, which I think is what corrupted it, writing and and deleting data at the same time. SD card is a 64GB AData, all commands using elevated prompt fail apart from clearing the disk, which now, I don't think even that is actually working, as I can't create a primary partition afterwards. Thanks chaps, if this counts as a double post lemme know, I'm just following up.
  5. this has been happening sine version 395.17 or something. I download the latest driver, start the setup wizard, it goes through removing previous versions, then when it gets to installing graphics driver, u know how the screen flashes, goes black than comes back again, well in my case it never comes back, i even left it overnight, nothing. tried removing the driver using DDU and then installing in safe mode it works driver installs, but when i reboot into Win10, the device reports an error 43. tried using device manager, Geforce Experience, nothing. anything past 391 won't install. I'm running a GTX1070 BTW, my sig is outdated.
  6. Alrightm i'll give it a go, thanks mate. Ok, i've got the software, now what. Selecting format completes with success but, the drive remains unformatted!
  7. Long story short, i have an ADATA 64GB SD card, last week i wanted to format it, as soon as the formatting process began on my phone, Viber starts updating and i had it installed in the SD card, which corrupted it i think as Play Store was writing into the SD Card and Android was Erasing it at the same time. When i tried to format it again on the phone, the process is stuck at 40%, then reports a Java script error(Doesn't show up for long enough for a screenshot sadly). So today when i got some time, i plug the SD card to my PC, using disk manager, the SD card is detected, the assigned letter is there, so it the partition, marked healthy and all. Using Diskpart same story, the the disk is detected as is the volume, but it's in RAW. Trying to format directly from This PC reports a"Windows was unable to complete format". Using the Clean then Create partition primary command reports "No usable free extent could be found...". Selecting the volume and using the format command completes but then goes back to 0% and says there was and error. right now i've selected the SD Card volume, and using the command "format fs=ntfs" is in progress, sitting at 32% and going. is it gonna work or what, what do i do? I have tried third party software but that doesn't work either. I had it used as internal storage when this issue happened BTW. Thanks chaps
  8. True, very true, and i personally haven't rolled those possibilities out, and again i'm not a doctor i'm just trying to help. But when he was born he was totally normal laughed, responded, interacted the right way, he was normal. But his skull was really abused, i'm talking serious scale. I now man common, i'm doing this because he was taken to several doctors who only made it worst, believe it or not, three of these fuck faces told his family "he's fine, just growing up" while the kid was 7 and still couldn't talk nor keep his balance. You have to understand sir that i know this is a tech community not a medical one, and me starting this topic was not in the hopes that someone would come to me straight away and say "ok, here's what's wrong with him, here's what to do, done" no, i'm here to find some ground where i could start properly digging this through.
  9. Just had to share this guys, the greatest driver of all time, for someone to be able to tame a car like that in the dry or the socking wet, a car that didn't have that much effective downforce, weighed the same as a kitchen table with a monstrous 1200Hp engine, to go that insanely fast in a track with no run offs at all and is ringed with nothing but walls, i'm sorry, but i wouldn't be able to do that even in a video game, RESPECT Senna, no i see why F1 is so boring, because when senna died, it died with him.
  10. Well they didn't and he was still a little boy when these falls happened so theoretically, he couldn't speak very well yet or what ever so there was no way of telling.
  11. So i suppose his concussion has done much more damage