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  1. On the Thecus W2810 Pro, I don't understand why you'd want SMB Multi channel on a device of that size. And trunking/etherchannel isn't new. (tho that is at the network level) Seems like a really pointless device. Very Microsoft tho to make a product and try to find a use for it, instead of starting with a problem people have and making a solution for it. (webtv, ar, etc)
  2. What is the best way to reinstall windows?

    Ideally if you want a fresh copy install you should blank the drives partition table out. That will allow windows to recreate fresh and new recovery partitions. How to go about that? idk windows is a confusing OS.
  3. Linux Distro

    Ubutnu's WiFi system is extremely fragile. Trying to do some custom work on it I recently broke it on Ubuntu 17.10 and was unable to fix it after 2 days of work.. and that's saying something since I've used Linux since 1996.. It's a horrible scripted mess of garbage IMO. - I would avoid Ubuntu if I had to use WiFi and every Debian/Ubuntu derivative like Mint. There are plenty of other good distros out there.. find one that appeals to you is what I usually tell people. If you do deiced to use it, and you get it working don't hack on it and pray the glue holds. WiFi also is kind of a walking disaster on Linux in general due to shitty devices flooding the market, tho most quality name brand cards work pretty well.
  4. Nextcloud is a fork of Owncloud by the original creators. if you like Owncloud try Nextcloud. (During this fork there was a somewhat cryptic message about Owncloud hurting it's users by the creator and he quit the company he started.) Also people are asking for a VPN but why is nobody recommending OpenVPN? it's fantastic software. Some things to add/change: 1. Emby. A competitor to Plex. It can do pretty much everything Plex can and even supports a large array of playback devices like android, PS/Xbox and Roku. The big difference for Emby is that they do not index your media like Plex does and can be used as a 100% private installation. 2. QT Creator and Gnome Builder. Not sure why these aren't listed for IDE's. 3. Lollypop is a pretty good music player and a upgrade over Banshee. 4. Wavebox (formerly wmail) is a e-mail client for webmail users. (non-free) - (Evolution exists here as well but.. I have a checked past with Evolution) 5. There are lots of mail servers like Squirrel Mail, some are quite impressive and useful for large installations like Zimbra. 6. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp have unofficial desktop clients for Linux. https://github.com/Enrico204/Whatsapp-Desktop https://messengerfordesktop.com/ Wire has an official one. https://wire.com Corebird is an unofficial Twitter client. 7. Remove TrueCrypt and replace it with VeraCrypt (it's successor, at least mostly.. TrueCrypt is somewhat mysterious software, nobody knows who actually created it, the original developer using an alias told people not to use it anymore.. You might just want to use Luks/Geli)
  5. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    I mentioned this in another thread recently but Xorg can do this as well. You don't need Multipoint Services or a licence. (depending on game title..) The advantage of doing this over using a VM system like unraid is you can push the hardware a lot harder because your not over-provisioning it. Meaning if you provision 2gigs of ram per VM that ram is lost to the host and other guests, even if it's unused in the system and free however... if you share the resource each user will use only what they use and each instance of the libraries loaded and the OS will only use a single instance in ram. How many sessions could you spawn? idk how many GPU's can you fit in the system? More info -> https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Multiseat
  6. Freenas to Synology scheduled backup

    +1 rsync is the way to go.
  7. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    Oh ya, the reason League was never ported was because it runs so well in Wine. (least it did years ago, not sure now) I doubt Riot wanted the headache when people were just doing the work for them for free.. Wine is kinda a problem like that as it hurts actual Linux game development.
  8. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    Yeah, it is what it is. Any way you slice this it isn't perfect. GL
  9. One other non-linux'ey thing it does.. it places all the software you add from pkg or ports into /usr/local .. the rest of the system is what they call "base" so it separates any "add on software" to /usr/local - this is weird at first if you know linux but it's nice because you can keep clean separation on what you base OS is and what was added. So config files from pkg software will show up in /usr/local/etc
  10. It dosen't really do anything to the board or anything it's just a glitch in how it's read by FreeBSD.. as I remember.. (idk I shut it off once right after ryzen came out and never looked at it again.) If your only running in console mode the graphics should be fine. You'll want to plan out your storage pool and set your dataset options up before you add the data. Jails will use their own zfs dataset and they are like mini isolated VM's. Ezjail or iocage are popular jail managers. (text based tho) PF is a little harder to get into.. it's also not the default firewall in FreeBSD (thats ipfw, same one used by apple) There are guides out there and you can write highly dynamic and short firewall that should be able to take care of it.. but do test it with nmap. There is a package manager called "pkg" the new version of this uses a similar syntax to apt so it's pretty easy to use. In most cases the commands are very similar to Linux but there is some small differences (usually in the switches for the commands) if you get stumped do man "command", or man "config.file" - FreeBSD has much better man pages than most Linux distros. It might take you some time to get all this worked out and learn it.. The handbook on FreeBSD's site is top notch.. it's one of the better OS manuals/wiki's out there. If your ever in doubt and the man command can't help you, turn there for help.
  11. Actually I think you need to disable the temp sensor on Ryzen on 11.1-RELEASE because it throws errors.. not sure if thats been patched or not.
  12. I'm unsure if it supports the graphics driver with anything more than vesa mode. but.. ya.. should work no problem. How much storage?
  13. Yeah.. all PFSense and FreeNAS are.. essentially are web frontends for FreeBSD. (NAS4Free too) Pretty much the high level overview of what you need to do is. Install it. Configure your ZFS pools. Configure NFS, Samba, Syncthing.. whatever. Turn on ip forwarding and PF Configure PF Add a jail manager like iocage and install plex, emby, nextcloud, openvpn.. whatever. good to go.
  14. FreeBSD is the root project of both PFSense and FreeNAS so ovis it can do the jobs of both. Is it a good idea? Sure if you know what your doing. Usually for an edge router I like OpenBSD but there isn't a real good reason FreeBSD can't do it. There is also plenty of documentation out there on how to do this... who knows maybe I'll write a guide up here, for a firewall with jailed services.. dunno.
  15. 1 Tower 2 Gamers Poor GPU performance

    The host is the system running the hypervisor, in your case yes Unraid. I think you have some pretty strong misconceptions about Linux. This is the largest publisher for Linux games but there are others. (EA does a few, 2K does some. Paradox does some, Valve of course and Unity/Unreal support it) http://www.feralinteractive.com/en/ it's not as good as Windows sure.. but it's not a barren wasteland of noting either.. there are modern triple A games for Linux. I haven't tried but if someone had the hardware to be able to do it, I don't see a reason why you couldn't spawn a dozen X servers.. The performance would be better than Unraid for sure.