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  1. Correct. Looks like WebDAV is what you want? File hosting/transfers over the internet? Digital Ocean has a guide for WebDAV on Apache with Lets Encrypt SSL. I haven't read this but they generally do high quality guides. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-webdav-access-with-apache-on-ubuntu-18-04
  2. It's terribly insecure. (so much so it's often blocked by ISP's) Beyond that it's not really designed for it. It may function poorly or even corrupt files. There are many reasons you don't want to do this. Syncthing would be a more apt solution or perhaps something like WebDAV. WebDAV isn't really that popular anymore but.. it works well over the internet and OS's can mount it like a disk (if you wanted to do so) -- It is essentially a protocol like CIFS or NFS but built for the internet.
  3. Samba (CIFS Protocol) is fine to use in all cases except over the internet. LAN only.
  4. Actually no.. but.. it depends on the implementation he wants.. if he wants a NAS for an internal network with larger files NFS/CIFS. (Do not share NFS or CIFS over the internet) If he wants storage where ever in the world he is.. Nextcloud on a VPS is excellent. However if he wants really large files over the internet being shared Syncthing might be a good option. You shoehorn yourself into constraints on the problem by starting out with "I've got an old raspi I want to use it to.." -- Start with what problem you are trying to solve first then work your way b
  5. "where ever you are?" You might want to check out Nextcloud.. Basically it's self hosted Dropbox.. (however saying that might be insulting to Nextcloud because it's far better than DB)
  6. Just use MacOS.. you can do plenty of Linux'ey things on MacOS with homebrew or macports. (I'd imagine you can run all of KDE on it really..) Adobe has never supported Linux and they never will.. With the exception of Flash. If I were you I'd try to transition away from them.. it's not a good thing to have your livelihood beholden to a single company.
  7. Python is fine'ish.. It's kind of like programmer ducktape and can be good in places but.. it probably is inefficient and I have concerns with any scripted language in places. Also.. Gentoo probably uses more python than anyone because the entire portage build system is written in python and it's massive and complex. You can't use Gentoo without it. But ANY Linux distro support it just fine so no problems. I don't see why it's even being discussed really..
  8. I'd actually just start with Gnome vanilla and try to figure it out.. it will start to make sense. Once you "get it" you can start adding extensions to it to customize it's behavior. -- It's an oddity to some people why it doesn't have app menu or a taskbar but honestly the reason it doesn't is because it does not need it. I find it to be a very good work flow and a very... focus on the task at hand DE but you can't fight it and try to make it something it's not because it will suck if you do. I've had to learn dozens of strange OS's through history.. (not just windows, mac and linux
  9. Very not true statement. I can't do my job on Windows (Unix sysadmin) because it lacks so much software I need. There are some ways to run emulated Unix programs and utilities on Windows in VM with WSL or Cygwin but they are VERY clunky. Also... they tend to get hit by security software.. One such time I got a call from the security department at work warning me of dangerous software on my system. I was like "Oh? ok lets take care of that.. what is the software." The technician told me it was something called "Netcat". -- I was like NETCAT?! and bust out laughing. The senior security architech
  10. Gotcha. Yeah that doesn't surprise me. I've never seen it mentioned on here. Also yeah, Plex has gone through the privacy problems a few times now and what they collect or report on is up to debate but being that you need an account on their servers to use it is a def concern. That was the first thing that drove me away from plex.. "why do I need a plex account..? ok F this.." but that was a long time ago and I don't know the real story anymore.. all I know is every few years there is user outcry and then promises from plex. It feels to me the company is walking the wire here..
  11. Also god bless you sir, you are leaning at a high level.. yeah a Gentoo install takes a while.. but it's pretty good once you get it up.
  12. If you are not on Debian (or Ubuntu) Just extract the .deb and ./teams (it's a static binary.) Or.. you know honestly I don't want to support MS software. Burn that evil janky pice of crap to the ground and get your org on Matrix/Element https://element.io/personal being forced to use Teams has made me a little bit biter. lol (no really if you need help extracting it and running it on non-debian let me know.)
  13. There is an official debian package from Microsoft. (and an apt repo) Teams is essentially a web wrapper for skype. And yes it does run native on Linux (I pulled the binary out of that .deb file and got it running on Gentoo) albeit with some glitches and typical MS oddities.. like.. Whats the deal with the splash screen.. is this 1999? "Welcome to AOL Microsoft.." and.. WHY WHY WHY won't you use native OS notifications!!!? WTH is wrong with Microsoft! OMGF.. Copy and paste is a little messed up and WHY OMG don't they use NORMAL Markdown.. wtf. Things
  14. I mean their is no wrong reason for liking something. If you like Plex due to their advertising I think that's fine. I don't think Emby makes as much money but they don't scan your content and report home on what you watch either. Emby at one time had a IPTV and DVR capabilities but I think IPTV or hooking in a cable card is going the way of the dodo. Cable Co's are moving to apps.
  15. Heh.. well if you like the ad's I guess. It's basically the same. I setup an automated process for it and it has dedicated media scan times to pickup new media. (it's scan time depends on the size of your library but it's not very long.) Emby automatically knows the difference between TV and Movies but in my case I separate them into a well defined structure so everything isn't in one folder. Emby can also lock out some media to various devices or users. So you can put children's programing in there and that is all they will see or lock out your p0rn from mom or whatever. I don't use th