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  1. Caught a glimpse of the website before it crashed. Apparently only pre-orders in US and Canada for now. God knows when or if it'll make it to worldwide, by then we'd likely get a 2nd gen iteration already
  2. As smart as the tech may sound, people will find even smarter (or dumb) ways to circumvent it. They tried to make people "healthier" by offering discounts on health insurance if they walk few thousand steps daily. The measurement is done using your phone's or smartwatch's pedometer. Didn't take long for people to figure this out. https://www.indiatimes.com/technology/news/chinese-are-cheating-daily-fitness-goals-with-this-cradle-hack-to-maintain-health-insurance-367313.html
  3. Summary John McAfee was found dead in his cell after Spanish High Court agreed to extradite McAfee to the United States. His death was ruled as suicide. Quotes My thoughts I honestly don't know what to say other than prayers for his family and hope the incident will be thoroughly investigated to ensure no foul play. Sources https://nypost.com/2021/06/23/john-mcafee-dies-by-suicide-inside-prison-in-barcelona/ https://www.dw.com/en/john-mcafee-found-dead-in-prison-after-spanish-court-permits-extradition/a-58023664 https://www
  4. SMS forwarding is bad. Even though I don't use google voice, still good riddance to this feature. SMS forwarding won't (and should never) catch on if services won't stop using SMS as fallback for sending OTP codes.
  5. I wonder where will this place in the Windows good-bad cycle. Win 10 has kinda mixed reviews as it gets better (?) over updates since launched. Assuming Win 10 is "good" (?) then Win 11 would be...?
  6. Summary: Benchmarks and hashrates for the new RTX 3060 LHR (GA106-302, the one with the new SKU) are released on EXPreview.com [1], based on a model from ZOTAC released exclusively in China two weeks ago [2]. Upon first mining tests, it seems that the card would immediately start with a lower hash rate, unlike the original RTX 3060 which lowers its hash rate after running a period of time [3]. This supports the previous rumors that Nvidia would implement further changes to the limiter, possibly at hardware level instead of relying on software/drivers [4]. The new RTX 3060 performs around
  7. ebay is the closest thing that comes to mind. Search for your specs or model and filter by "sold articles". it gives you a rough idea of its price or just list it on ebay already and let the bidders decide. it's probably going to be fair enough price
  8. Maybe, reinstall windows and complete wipe the system? might as well get rid of the bloatware that comes with the manufacturer. Or you can try to claim warranty if it still doesn't work
  9. Monitor might be misconfigured. Did you make sure it runs on 165hz? Might help to compare with benchmarks of the game with similar specs. For competitive games, the frame rate could reach 165 fps (turn on freesync to prevent tearing) For non-competitive games, like SOTR or AC series you could sacrifice frame rates for quality and still manage 60 fps, which is worth the experience for these kinds of games anyways.
  10. You know people would pay extra to get static IP right? Disadvantages are probably your IP could be used to track your activities but it doesn't make any difference if you're logged in and don't clear cookies often.
  11. I say it's alright. I paid about the same during that time for a ASUS Arez Strix Vega 56 OC. You should try undervolting that card to get the most out of it. They're almost always too hot and draws lots of power. I had a Vega 56 before and just undervolt (no overclocking) made about 10% performance increase and runs few degrees cooler and less power. It pretty much stopped throttling. There's also the flashing it with Vega 64 bios hack but I didn't go for it because I didn't want stability issues.
  12. probably not. they said they're applying the limiters to newly manufactured cards, it wouldn't make sense to keep manufacturing the old ones as well while selling the CMP lineup alongside. You can probably still mine other coins than ETH though
  13. Summary Nvidia finally officially announces its "Lite Hash Rate" series for their RTX 3060 Ti, 3070, and 3080 lineup. The new cards will be shipping from late May and will be labeled as such with "LHR" identifier. These cards will run on reduced ETH hash rates. Quotes My thoughts They only mentioned ETH hash but didn't mention other hashing algorithms used by other coins. Since ETH 2.0 is coming anyways (likely late 2021) and ETH won't be mineable with GPUs then, it feels like whatever action they're taking is a mere stop gap measure. Once miners switch unt
  14. I like this. GPU shortage is the hot topic here lately, so what if you guys do a video about video cards that can be used as stand-in until you get a proper GPU. This one is for the viewers who got no on-board graphics and would like to keep the CPU they got. First of all it should perhaps explain what low end cards like GT710 and GT1030 are and how they are worse (or better?) than used old cards at similar price points and what their actual values would be in a world where these cards actually make it into consideration. Points that could be addressed: - Performance compared to on