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  1. I've had a Tab S for a while, originally used as a teaching tool so I didn't bother rooting it or whatever and have happily used it since. However at the time I could only afford the 16gb version, so after a year or so I bought an SD card for it. However recently I've been constantly running into "Your storage device is full can't update apps" etc etc. It said I had about 500mb left free. So I go and move some of my apps (with application manager) from internal to the SD card. It now says "300mb being used on external SD" or whatever. I did this with about 2gb worth of apps yet the system claims I only freed up 300mb? And today it says I cannot update my apps that are on the SD card since my internal has once again reached it's limit (despite not installing any new apps). The built in storage whatever says 13.6gb are being taken up by my apps, so I tap on that which takes me to Application Manager, so being as autistic as I am over these things I added up each app listed there and it totals about 11gb (it's actually a bit less but i'm giving it some leeway here). So like, where's my data going? Why can't I update an app that is supposed to be on my SD card since my internal magically says its full again? Why didn't I actually clear up a lot of space when I transferred the apps? Is there data that has to be kept on internal or is being kept there that the system just isn't bothering to mention since they figure I wouldn't care or notice? Is android just doing dumb stuff about how it counts data? Should I just back up everything important and root and install a custom rom? What else can I really do at this point? I'm mostly just frustrated that no matter what I do I can't free up space.
  2. Title says it all really. I've never owned a cell phone in my life and not looking to but I've seen some people I follow on twitter have troubles with theirs. They drop it in water for a second, it stops working, take it in but can't be fixed since warranty is now voided due to stickers saying they got wet. Yet the phone is supposed to be rated IP68 or something. Think this was samsung s8 or whatever newest is. So really whats the point in getting IP rated if a 4s accidental dunk in 3 inches of water is going to get in and void it? It seems almost useless to bother doing it aside from saying "our phones are rated for this" and then laughing at someone who accidentally gets their phone wet. I can understand dust and other particulates but water is part of the rating too. It doesnt make sense to me at all.
  3. So I've been having a problem with one HDD in my system to the point where I've had to have it unplugged or else I can't use my system. If I have it plugged in then booting takes forever (probably 5 minutes or so to get to login screen), UEFI I can barely get into, that'll take about 5 minutes as well. Even if I do let it to get to login and actually login nothing will open in a timely manner. Now this drive is just for media storage, I don't have any programs or like that on it. My OS is on a separate SSD. Programs that are installed on other drives will take 5 minutes or so to open, if I open anything to check the drive it'll show and be lettered/named with no storage size. I've yet to try the drive in another SATA port or try a working drive in that SATA port but realistically what are my chances that it's just the port/possible cable and not the drive being just dead?