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  1. i mean that's good for you lol
  2. 16gb ddr 2800mhz or so, i5 6600k at 4.1ghz and a 980ti oc card from gigabyte i think
  3. Trying one for the first time and.... can none hit 60fps? Have latest optifine and mc release, installed latest kuda and with only 20 chunk render distance and kuda on the medium profile i can average like 30-40fps? cpu isn't going that high and neither is my gpu. is it cus i'm running the java version? is it just java being java? planning on trying seus later tonight but i dont have high hopes for it.
  4. So I oc'd my 6600k to 4.2Ghz (didn't change any voltage just the multiplier, OC'd cus I feel like i'm getting CPU bound in a lot of games these days), running aida64 to see if everythings kosher and whatnot but I'm not sure I'm using it right? I'm doing the system stability checker, ran doing just cpu test for 5mins, was okay didn't hit anything above like 42C but stayed consistently level in temps, did CPU+FPU for 5mins and got above 50C but once again stayed consistent. Just did CPU+FPU+Cache for 10mins and same thing. Instantly goes up to 52C and fluctuates around there with a +/-1 difference. Per core temp is a +/-4 difference from the average. I know I should probably let it run longer but I feel 10mins should let me know if it's going to get overly hot quickly or whatnot and should be stable enough. I'm just worried I'm doing something wrong cus those temps seem super low. For reference idle is about 30C For reference I just have like a Gammaxx 400 for a cooler with shitty startech paste (pls no bully am very poor), Define R4? I think, for a case and the front is closed but the top is open. Unless the temp readings from aida aren't reliable but at the same time the cooler fan does not ramp up or anything when I do the test. Actually I just ran another test with CPU+FPU+Cache and used HWMonitor to check temps and it's basically reporting the same thing. Is it just that my OC isn't that much? lmao
  5. yeah ive always felt like i should be getting more fps in games even on med/high settings but whatever, i guess i'll try oc'ing tomorrow when i get up to see how it goes
  6. Finally getting around to playing this. I have an i5 6600k at stock and a giggybites windforce 3 oc 980ti at whatever it's "stock" is. 16gb ddr4, plenty of room on psu since its like 850w corsair gold (old but still works well). Running using the benchmark tool on high 1080p, i'm getting averages of like 55fps with a min of 22fps. on medium i'm getting averages of 65 with min of 25. In game I'm getting about 50-60fps, sometimes dips down to 30fps and some stuttering at parts but not that big, i'm used to stuttering in any big games these days. 1) anyone else with these specs get the same thing? 2) How much of a difference would OC'ing the i5 to 4Ghz be? I know it turbos up to like 3.9Ghz. I just feel like I'm being cpu bound by a lot of big games these days (noticed this mostly on AC Origins and Odyssey)
  7. yeah also deepcools video isnt 100% clear, you twist them cw, push them in and then twist them back to lock it in place which they dont mention at all, i have it slightly set now but one of the plastic pins broke on it so it's only like 3/4th locked into place but temps are fine now yeah temps/jumps on the cpu is fine now that i've taken the thingy on and you're probably right on the case airflow, i dont think it's too bad, cable management is great, pull thru front, exhaust in back but i think that it might be cus i have psu fan up but rn idc i'm tired from fucking with things so far and it's been situated like that for the past 3 years and i'm prob oow for it so who cares
  8. cpu seems to be okay just jumping up pretty fast under light loads like i'm updating fortnite and the changing % in epic launcher is causing % to go from 35c 20% load to 45c 40%c, just seems weird to me to have it jump that fast which is why i dont think i've attached it correctly actually you know what fucking LMAO i didn't i just realized i forgot to take the protective thing off the cooler holy shit brb the gpu is what i'm worried about constantly sitting at 60c
  9. also not sure if i installed the 400 right at all? white things went thru the mobo and spread like i saw in pictures but vids kept mentioning to turn the black parts but those would just make the cooler pop back out so i didn't touch them
  10. So i posted last week about my cpu overheating on boot with an AIO after cleaning, someone said something could have grown on the inside of the tube and was now on the cooling fins and i could try opening it up to check but that'd void warranty. I still have 2 years left on warranty so i'm attempting to rma thru corsair but lol taking forever. so with my very limited budget, my parents bought me a gammaxx 400. While installing it i dropped the cpu just a little bit and it slightly bent a pin a little so i pushed it back into place, put everything on and it booted fine. however I'm now being paranoid i guess? would a bent pin give any issues with heat? like i know that the 400 is a budget cooler so i'm not expecting great things but i dunno, paranoia. also does the type of load on the CPU affect its temp or is it just 100% at full clock the same no matter? I only ask cus since I havent been up for a week my pc is updating and shit and it's at like 100% at times and the second is does the cpu (i5 6600k at stock everything) goes from like 35c up to 55-60c almost instantly? but i haven't put a sustained load on it yet. the fan isn't getting loud and it stays at like 1200 rpm or something. mostly cus i'm worried to play some games like fortnite tonight (not br, stw which is pretty hard on the cpu since that almost takes me up to 100% i guess) With the GPU (gigabyte windforce x3 oc 980ti) fan I think i'm also just being paranoid again but it seems gigabytes fan curve is wack. i've never given it a look but like i said i'm kinda paranoid right now. First pic is the default profile (i downloaded xtreme engine to see this cus i've never dealt with fan curves before). Like it's summer here, it can get hot, i dont have AC, so a few mins after i booted after replacing the cpu cooler it started at 40c and got up to 60c before the fan kicked in (all while on desktop with nothing being pushed thru the gpu almost, constant 0%). This is kinda worrying? I turned that 3D active fan off and it switches to the second pic which is what i have it on rn but i dunno, like i said i'm super paranoid right now lol. thanks for any help gamers
  11. I've had it since about 3 days before the 10 series launch so that could be it and if it is I'll probably just try to see if someone can buy me a 212 evo or somethin cus I don't have the patience to even try that. Edit: I see it has a 5 year warranty on it so I'm gonna see if I can rma it or not.
  12. See above post but the single connector is plugged into the mobo in the same spot it's always been in.
  13. Nope pump is definitely working and plugged into the right header, when I cleaned it I didn't take the block off the cpu, I just dismounted the rad from its position, took the fans off, cleaned them and used compressor on low psi to blow thru the rad. Corsair link says pump is running at like 1600rpm or something, I can definitely hear it running faster the hotter it gets. When I took the block off and put it back on I disconnected the data cable and there's a 4 pin that plugs into a spot by my ram (asrock pro something) that it's been plugged into since day 1 with no issue. Then there's another cable with 2 4 pins for the rad fans, plugged the fans back into those. That's all the cables it has.
  14. So yesterday I dusted out my pc for the first time in 2 years cus my idle temp of my gpu was way too high. So I took it outside in the shade, it was hot but I mean there's only hot or rain right now and I don't have any other option to clean it. I've done this before many times with no issue but when I put everything back together yesterday and booted up I noticed that my fans were in overdrive and the pump in my H100i was at max. I opened up corsair link an saw my cpu at 95 and tube temp at 40 so I figured okay it got warm (I was only out 10 minutes) and shut it down about 30s after powering on. I let everything cool over night (it's in a nice cool basement), start it this morning and tube temp is reading 23 but cpu is reading 55. It takes like 10s to boot so it hasn't been on long. So I figured okay, tp that came preapplied on cooler is done, I'll just replace that (tho I didn't take the cpu out of the socket, just left it in and wiped it down) Did that. Same thing, even in bios at boot it's 55 or so and just keeps climbing. Anyone have any kind of idea what else I can check for? Is the tube temp normal? Would doing something stupid and putting the aio in front of an open freezer for a bit cool it down if the water inside is somehow still too hot? It's a 6600k at stock everything with a 980ti and 850w psu. The gpu temp is reading fine and while I watch the cpu and tube temp rise I can feel the air passing thru the rad still being cool. I honestly don't have many options, I don't have any other heatsink I can try nor do I even have any kind money to even buy the shittiest one imaginable, buying the 10 dollar tube of paste today was almost too much for me to afford. My biggest worry is somehow the cpu is fucked and I'll have to replace that or something cus if so I guess I'm out of a computer for the next year or two.
  15. dam u got me homie u sure told me my doggie, imagine if there were a group of marginalized ppl out there who routinely discriminated against because of using slang or words that arent in the dictionary, that'd be fucked up if there was my dude. maybe think once before u come out with ur "Haha, good sir you seem to have used a word that does not exist! EDIT: Thanks for the gold my good sirs!" thx i mean that's an all u problem if u cant understand my first post but then understand my follow up post that says exactly what i said at the beginning