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  1. Just an 8-pin connector should be ok assuming you aren't planning on overclocking. 8-pin CPU power cables can supply ~340 watts, far more than a stock 3900X should ever use.
  2. *far worse stock issues. Radeon went full 'hold my beer' at the out of stock GPUs game. Many online stores - especially in Europe - haven't had a single card to sell since the original launch back in November. No. You can't. Basically any GPU worth buying at the moment is completely sold out - especially high-end ones. Unless you're willing to pay far more than they should cost to buy one from a scalper on ebay, you don't really have a choice at the moment but to wait.
  3. Depends on what you want. The 3900X won't give you any improvement in gaming over your current CPU - they have the same single-core performance and no games need 12 cores - but it will give you a big bump to multicore performance for CPU rendering. The 5800X on the other hand will give you a boost to single-core performance and improve your gaming experience, but is the slower choice for rendering due to it having four fewer cores (although still faster than your current CPU). The question of which to get depends entirely on what you value more.
  4. Or you can get the facts about the new phones without Samsung's BS by watching MKBHD's videos, which went live at the same time as Samsung's stream:
  5. Well... yes. Same as it will likely "just work" on any 3000 series GPU built after ~February 2021. Because it will be a part of the vbios installed in the factory. It's not like they're making it an 'optional feature' that you have to download separately every time you get a new GPU.
  6. Shit yeah, should've said "Performance".
  7. This connector is labelled HDD1, so my guess would be here.
  8. Looks like an Aurora: https://www.dell.com/lt/p/alienware-aurora-r7-desktop/pd This page seems to outline the SKUs, however there's no guarantee that there aren't more not listed here. Could also be a custom product as previously mentioned. As it says though, it could be anything from a single RX 560 to dual 1080tis.
  9. Summary Intel has refreshed thier NUC line of small form-factor pcs with their 11th gen "Tiger Lake" mobile CPUs. There are three NUCs being announced: NUC 11 Performance, NUC 11 Pro and NUC 11 Enthusiast - a larger model with an RTX 2060 discrete GPU. The NUC 11 Enthusiast - known by the code-name "Phantom Canyon" - is the successor to their previous Skull Canyon and Hades Canyon NUCs. There are no pictures, however the NUC 11 Enthusiast is expected to be slightly larger than its predecessors given the motherboard dimensions and additional discrete GPU. Th
  10. No, but the hope is that a CEO with a technical background is more likely to give the engineers the resources they need to do the work properly, rather than make everything focused about profit margins. Not that that's remotely assured of course.
  11. Summary According to reports from Iranian media and energy industry officials, cryptocurrency mining has led to electricity shortages in both urban and rural areas. For example Tehran - the capital - has seen daily power cuts over the last two weeks. Insufficient electricity supplies have resulted in the burning of dirty heavy oil products for power, which has caused large amounts of smog across major cities. Bitcoin mining is a big thing in Iran, thanks to tax exemptions and cheap power boosting their profits. However, mining is forbidden by law during times of pe
  12. The Titan RTX and 2080ti use the same chip - TU102. They have the exact same memory controller and therefore, by definition, have the same memory interface. Nvidia just neutered the 2080ti by leaving a chip out - thereby reducing the bit-width and bandwidth of the memory bus. They did the exact same with the 1080ti. These being the same consumer tech channels that used modded bios' for an overclocking competition...
  13. That doesn't answer the question as to why they decided it needed 12GB rather than 6. That's still a fuckton of vram for a card of this performance level. Also Nvidia isn't alien to the concept of just leaving empty vram pads on their boards. Just look at the 2080ti.
  14. True, guess it's more of a help for people lower down the stack. Those with a 3080 probably wouldn't notice the difference.