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  1. I can see why you would oppose that. I used the plural because he said "despite how much everyone tries to paint me as one" - I was merely matching his langauge there.
  2. Ok yeah reading that back now I can see that... Apologies RejZoR. Exactly. There are indeed blind fanboys out there, but dismissing valid critique (as I believe this thread originally was) as such is wrong. Critique is important and nobody should be immune to it. The world isn't black or white - everything has good and bad sides to it. I did say it was my point of view, if you disagree with that then that's your right. But I agree that there I should have phrased that second post differently - maybe "why people may label you as a fanboy" would have been better.
  3. I did not dig through your history at all. AS I SAID - this is from what I've seen of you around the site - although 99% is from this post here. But I can now think of another reason why people don't listen to you here: you don't listen to what other people are saying.
  4. I'm not asking for an argument here. I'm merely going to explain my view, and my opinion as to why you may feel that you have this reputation, given what I've seen around this site (full disclaimer: I'm not on here constantly. I will have missed things you have posted). Feel free to completely ignore it, but don't bother writing a heated response if you take offense to what I've said. I'm not trying to insult you - I'm just trying to help. I'll put it in a spoiler because it's not relevant to the thread itself:
  5. On the one hand, I get it. I like that Apple are trying to prevent people from getting ripped off by services like this, that's cool. On the other hand, I don't like that Apple - the ones who own the store - are now essentially dictating the prices at which independent companies can sell their products. It is the right of a company to charge as much as they want for their own product - who do Apple think they are to say otherwise? It's like Micro Center saying to Intel "Hey your CPUs are overpriced, reduce the price or we won't stock them" - an absurd notion that would recieve a mi
  6. I'm fed up of this argument. I've written a whole rant on optimisation in the spoiler but I don't expect that to change your mind. So instead I'm just going to show you proof of what I'm talking about. Here's a geekbench run for the 16 inch MacBook Pro, with an i9-9880H. Here's another, with identical hardware, but now running on Windows through Bootcamp(which is not virtualisation). As you can see, there's a 6% performance difference here - in both single-core and multi-core performance - ON THE EXACT SAME MACHINE. The only difference is that now
  7. Also it doesn't help that there wasn't much consumer demand for anything faster than Gen 3 - even now barely anyone actually needs Gen 4 speeds - and as such it was around for far longer than anyone imagined. I am worried about Gen 5 though. Gen 4 is supposed to be rather difficult to implement already, requiring rather short traces in comparison to Gen 3 (without having to spend more on signal repeaters). This is why Gen 4 riser cards are so rare, but also why they're so short when you do find one. So Gen 5 could be even more finnicky in this regard. Fun fact: Gen 6 is
  8. Take a look at 1st gen Ryzen and Threadripper. When they first launched, Windows performance was utter dogshit compared to on Linux - and that was in maths-based benchmarks - because the Windows scheduler wasn't optimised to deal with multi-ccx CPUs. And these problems stuck around for years - even 2nd gen threadripper performed awfully on Win 10 vs Linux. So yes, this sort of OS-level optimisation for individual pieces of hardware can 100% make a difference to raw math compute performance. Also, stop putting words into my mouth. I never said that the entire reason for the M1's per
  9. There's a lot of stuff in here to talk about. I will preface by saying that overall I agree that Intel is being misleading, however I do feel that a lot of the criticism Intel are recieving from MacRumors here is a bit... unfair. IMO PCWorld is far more fair in their comparisons. Content Creation Performance For example, MacRumors is quick to point out that, yes, Topaz Lab's apps are designed to take advantage of Intel's hardware acceleration suite. But they neglect to mention, as the original PC World article pointed out: Which is completely true. This is exactly h
  10. One person can't maintain the entire Linux Kernel all on their own. He's not asking for support to pay his own wages, he's asking for support to actually maintain the damn thing in the form of manpower and testing.
  11. How many people do you expect to be using this thing over the internet? If the answer is just one, then even a 4th-gen raspberry pi can handle the video transcoding for that just fine - at 1080p - so both the choices here should be massively overkill. Now if you're planning on giving the entire office access, or even just have you and your wife watching two different things (from over the internet) at once, then sure the pi won't cut it. But both of these nucs should still pass the test easily - especially as Plex supports hardware accelerated video transcoding on Intel. (Also, are you absolut
  12. Go to your credit card provider/paypal and request a charge back for a DOA product. If you've flashed the vbios and reinstalled windows + drivers, then I would call that a dead card.
  13. Just found this thread talking about a similar issue - turns out to be a recursion issue in their code that's causing Emit to take a long time.