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  1. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    737 Max 8.... I can't help but feel

    Also keep in mind that it takes often over a year to investigate a plane crash even if the black boxes and debris is recovered.
  2. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    737 Max 8.... I can't help but feel

    Planes like this are technical marvels that are designed to last decades with millions of non-stop running hours. Two of the same models that are basically brand new that have catastrophic failures is about the biggest red flag that there can be. I'm just relieved that the US finally decided to ground them as well.
  3. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    In order to understand the Avenger movies, what films do i NEED to watch and what order?

    Don't forget about Aquaman! That movie was great.
  4. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    What are some ways to calm down after going to gym?

  5. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    The My Little Pony Mega Thread

    I thought season 3 was pretty rough, glad it lasted so long after.
  6. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    The My Little Pony Mega Thread

    Maybe I should get a Pony avatar...
  7. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    MULTI GPU PETITION please join! :-)

    Maybe for mining but multiple GPU support is just too complicated.
  8. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    [POLL] Do you use a Password Manager?

    No way, if anything I'll write it down partially or as a hint for myself.
  9. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Is it worth buying?

    I want to buy just to have an RGB sound card.
  10. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    What's your opinions about APPLE as of now?

    I really like my Apple stuff, always reliable and well integrated. The crazy thing is how much better it all can be though. They really should restore all the IO ports for their computers and just if they made truly Pro- level mobiles with SD cards slots and USB ports as well.
  11. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    YouTube - Bad Comments Can Demonetize Your Video

    Sounds like Google should hire teams of people to monitor comments.
  12. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    VEGA 56 New 279$ MSRP to combat 1660 Ti (250GBP & 285EUR)

    I like this, maybe it's time to upgrade my RX 580...
  13. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    How safe is it to store my computers in un-aircon outdoor storage unit

    Wrap them in plastic too
  14. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Playing Apex Legends on NVIDIA's UNRELEASED Gaming TV

    Do want!
  15. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Nvidia, I'm Sorry.

    That is still a gigantic GPU lmao