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  1. Click on 3 and 2 and drag them to swap the positions..
  2. Its a standard message that pops up when doing high intensity work, really annoying. Just click ignore and continue playing vidya games. You can disable this from ever popping up, however you'll also miss out on some other windows notifications. 1. Open the start menu and type "Action Center" 2. On the sidebar to the left you should see "Change Action Center Settings" 3. Untick the "Windows Troubleshooting" checkbox under "Maintenance Messages" 4. cash money.
  3. As someone who owns a Blue Yeti - Don't waste your money. Its not terrible, but you'd be better off getting a less gimmicky mic that gives up the ability to switch between Cardoid, Omnidirectional, stereo, etc. With a mic like the AT2020/2035 which is designed for the soul purpose of one type of recording in mind. Just my 2 cents on the Blue Yeti.
  4. Except when they judge and question your ability to raise your children based upon nothing more then allowing your children to view and interact with violent video games and then threaten to take matters into their own hands outside of their legal rights. There is something very wrong with that.
  5. Very slight curved on the two outer monitors
  6. Try contacting their support or paypal/ your bank.
  7. Nice and simple build. +1 The wind-forces do tend to have quite a bit of sag on them, they're monstrously long.
  8. I got my keyboard within 48 hours from NSW, (Live in QLD). When I ordered my PC it cost about $50-80 for all the parts and case, and it took 4-5 business days.
  9. Going to the right to stop the tubes blocking the airflow and getting in the way of the back fan. Also exposes the logo more, which I like.
  10. Not in this thread. Its been discussed elsewhere on the forum.
  11. Solid build but I'd go for a Hero over the Formula. I had the same choice and just couldn't justify the added cost for.. Aesthetics and a few features I'd likely not use. (Although its much darer in Australia.) Also a 2x8GB ram kit would allow you to upgrade in future if you desire, but I imagine this is another aesthetic choice by you for wanting to fill all the slots.
  12. Nice build. So if the PCIE Bus was.... Busted.. (bumdumtss) What did you do with the 6790?