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  1. I don't think it's anything that's really, really bad, but use something else
  2. That's really quite weird. Personally I've never worn out any mouse mat
  3. If you're going to sit a few meters back I recommend a projector. It's quite cheap.
  4. For CAD, my personal experience is that it's a lot better with a professional card like a quadro. Any basic one will do, but helps a lot. A 1080ti should be fine if you don't do really big structures and expect really high performance.
  5. I feel bothered with fps dips. I think it's pretty normal since it's like a small stutter.
  6. Yes. Or. It depends on if I need it or iff I need the money. Now, I just bought a macbook air. That's kind of a crappy laptop
  7. 3NMa

    How'd I do?

    Feels a little green to me :-)
  8. Check altoids tin computers
  9. I can't either see any videos with Jon or James. That would be awsome!
  10. Watching youTube with your neighbor is a whole 'nother level
  11. I agree. I feel like there are many people on here an many people into PC:s that are also into cars.
  12. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/f3tWGX/nixeus-monitor-nxvue24a seems pretty good. With that graphics card, and if you spend a little more you could go for maybe a 1440p 100-140Hz display, or as I would recommend an ultrawide with a little higher refresh rate. But that would cost you double or even more