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  1. Yvette222

    70GB vanished?

    check the hidden files and protected operating system files too.
  2. You may need a third party tool. Based on my experience, the third party tools can do this work very well. Sound like your drive has physical issues, bad sector probably. So, it's better to make the backup as soon as possible. For the clone tool, you can try MiniTool partition wizard, easeus backup, minitool shadowmaker, aomei backup tool, Marcium reflect...Some can copy your drive directly to another one, some can help you back up the drive to a file.
  3. Yvette222

    Is this a hard drive problem or something else?

    There may be some possible causes: The hardware is out of date, the hard drive lacks free space, the computer is running out of memory, or the drive has physical issues such as bad sectors.
  4. Yvette222

    Problems with new HDD. Access Denied? (SOLVED)

    Hello, confirm you added System, Administrator and Authenticated Users the permissions. If this can't help you, you can try deleting it and make a new partition.
  5. Yvette222

    How do you transfer an OS from a HDD to an SSD

    I tried the same thing using MiniTool Partition wizard. Both Copy Disk and Migrate os function can copy OS.
  6. It seems the drive has heavy physical issues. Since your computers can't read it, you may need to send it to a data recovery office.
  7. Yvette222

    Can't extend volume C

    First, download MiniTool Partition Wizard as SSD Sean said. Then, start the program, right click drive D, choose the Move/Resize function to change the location between this partition and the unallocated space. After that, the unallocated space should be after partition C, you can then reopen Windows Disk Management and directly take the unallocated space to extend partition C, this is the fastest method I know.
  8. Yvette222

    HHD problem.... Not showing in Disk Management

    Have you tried to update the drivers in Device Manager?
  9. Yvette222

    Quick HDD naming question

    It's safe to change the name for your drives.
  10. Yvette222

    Best disk cloning software?

    Minitool shadowmaker. this a new backup software, you can make use of the 30 days trial period.
  11. Yvette222

    SD Card refuses to reformat, and data doesn't delete

    Sounds like a bad drive. Have you tried disk clean in Diskpart?
  12. Yvette222

    SSD not showing up (PC not detecting it)

    The drive shows up as Unallocated means it lost all the partitions. If this is correct, just right click the Unallocated space and create the new volume to use it again. However, if you saved important data in the drive before this accident, you'd better recover data before making the new partition on it.
  13. Yvette222

    Migrate separate HDD to another as partition.

    You can try to clone the whole old drive to the new one, in most cases, this method works. Partition tool like minitool partition wizard or easeus partition master could help you, or you can also try a backup program such as Macrium. After transferring, you can use the old drive as a data drive. I personally suggest you download a disk test tool to check whether it has bad sectors. Regarding bad sectors, running Chkdsk /r in CMD could make some repairs.
  14. Yvette222

    Question about partition

    The first partition, marked as "system&active", is your system partition. The second, namely partition C, is your boot partition. Both system partition and boot partition are system required partitions. The third partition (recovery partition) is related to Windows recover. It's better to keep it as well.
  15. Yvette222

    Can we make Partition of a SSD Drive.

    Can you please post a screenshot in Windows Disk Management? If you want to create a new partition on the drive and the current partition has free space, it's safe to shrink the current partition in Windows Disk Management. Then, you can create a new partition on the Unallocated space.