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    i7 4790k
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    Gigabyte z97d3h
  • RAM
    Corsair vengeance 8 GB 1600 mhz x 2
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    Asus GeForce GTX 760 DU ii 2gb
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    Cooler master k380
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    120 gb wd SSD
    2tb wd HDD
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    Corsair vs 650
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    Stock intel
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    Logitech k380
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    Logitech g400s
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    Altec 2.1
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    Win 10
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    Lenovo IdeaPad 520

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  1. Is there a possibility that my heatsink fan is spinning in the wrong direction
  2. Wow, thanks I could probably buy a pair of hyper 212's for the price of a ML120
  3. I can give a shot to a new cooler. How about CM hyper 212 that was suggested in an earlier response for the given situation or should I be looking at liquid coolers? My case is a cooler master k380, with a fan slot at the back next to the io shield, one on the tempered glass window and one on the bottom, with a vent on the top. I've always had an exhaust fan config in the back the intake fan at the bottom, rest of the heat passes through the ventilator on the top
  4. Just checked, the fan is spinning and the heatsink is in place. It's tight enough that without the case I could lift the whole thing just by grabbing the fan.
  5. The fan mounts or the processor mount?
  6. About a couple months ago, I applied a new coat of thermal paste for the first time in 6 years. Before that the processor was idling at 60-65°c. After the application the idle temps came down to 45°c - 55°c depending on whether I'm using the air conditioning in my room or not. The only time temperatures would hit 90°c was when I was editing videos or playing forza horizon 4. Then I just didn't use the pc for a couple of weeks and now it's getting hot enough to fry an egg.
  7. I can't believe that these are idling temperatures, a month ago it was idling in 40°s. I'm really not comfortable with the process of delid, could this be resolved just by switching to a better cooler?
  8. I checked out lunis's video on this topic apparantly de-lidding doesn't make much of a difference
  9. I have a tube of mx4 by arctic, that's the one I used for the heatsink
  10. Do I need anything in particular for the whole process of detaching then reattaching the IHS plate?
  11. It's locked back into its place, what else is there to it?
  12. So I had been noticing some stutter and lag while gaming on my pc. Upon realising that it was due to the cpu heating up to 90°c, I disassembled the whole pc, cleaned everything up, give the processor a fresh dollop of thermal paste. Booted it up, downloaded an application named open hardware monitor to check the temperature. The pc booted up at 60°c and while I was just casually YouTubing it went up to 87°c. This is after the thermal paste and the cleaning of the whole system. PS, I've been using the Intel heatsink on there for the last 6 years.
  13. Actually I've been on Android since 2012, so it would be a big adjustment and especially I've been on the Google assistant band wagon since it was Google Now on the moto x first gen. Have been avidly using it while commuting or through some day to day tasks and as far as I've heard, the Siri experience is as half baked as Ciri's gameplay was in the witcher 3