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  1. i know what it does and at what resolution it does it, and my friend uses that quicksync on those circmustances yes, i can find that i7 and also a 9700, non k the price is more than double than the price of the i5 8400 or 9400, i think he can't afford it about my original question, the motherboard, do you think that those b360 will work out of the box with those i5 9th gen?
  2. thank you for the reply, the bdget is low, around 400 dollars, the country doesn't matter, i am buying locally, because amazon charges alot for the shipping and transport costs the machine is for video editing, so it has to be intel, because i need intel quicksync, so please don't fill up the post with ryzen entries that can't do what i need
  3. years ago i build a pc for a friend to do some video editing, it is a amd a8 6600k, with 16gbs of ddr3 and cheap motherboard with a gtx750ti, it has a 240gb ssd and a couple hard disks via sata that a8 served very well, bt any laptop with a i5 is 10 times better when exporting video, i am planning on building a new pc, but i have rey little experience with intel pcs these are the parts i will keep from the old build, microatx case, gtx 750ti, hard disks, ssd i will change cpu, ram, motherboard, case fans and the old psu, not because i will need more power, just because it is old and i want to avoid problems with it ram will be corsair or adata ddr4 266mhz kit or a couple of lpx modules, cpu i am trying to decide between i5 8400 and i5 9400, i need it to have the intel gpu for the quicksync feature on adobe my biggest doubt is the motherboard, i am tempted between some microatx like gigabyte b360m ds3h and a 360m gaming, also a msi my concern is with the out of the box support, these 360 are meant for 8th gen and 9th gen, but is this out of the box, does it need a bios update first?
  4. it seems it is the same one i was looking, i guess i will have to buy one and discover if it indeed does what i need to do, to be honest i can't find a decent and cheap soundbar with a subwoofer that fits my needs, so i want to use these speakers until they explode the smarttv i have here, i can select in the audio options between only tv speakers, toslink with tv speakers and only toslink, when i select only toslink, i can't do anything with volume thank you for your help
  5. q300 and q500 are not the same case, yes, but both have those diminute holes, so while one has noral psu placement, the hot air generated doesn't go anywhere really, so still you cook the hardware, mounted verically or horizontally cooler master has to come with a case that doesn't have a dust filter covering their stupid small and really few holes to move cold air inside the case and not cook parts inside as steve said on their multiple videos about the topic, a case revision should have more and bigger holes, the case is nice, but is meant for hardware that works cold
  6. there was fear combat, it depends on gamespy servers that no longer exist, if you can't create local session over lan and play with another person locally, there is no fear multiplayer anymore, is a old abandoned game
  7. i changed my 24" monitor to a 43" tv the old monitor had a 3.5mm output, so i could use directly my logitech z523 speakers no problem the new tv only has toslink, a friend gave me a toslink to 3.5mm converter that works well the problem i have is that i can't control the volume in any form from the tv, it disables audio control, i have to use the volume controls on the speaker, i would like to have control over a reote control is there such device? i find lots of dacs but with amplifier, the logitech doesn't need that, those are powered speakers for desktop pc there is one that has a remote, but it seems that is only for headphone volume control https://www.amazon.com/Neoteck-Converter-Digital-Coaxial-Adjustment/dp/B07G6YXSHD/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=dac+with+remote&qid=1570657999&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUEySjg0MkM3NjZHVU5GJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwMTk0ODAxMlA3M1JBRzZWRzk5QyZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMTg3NzY3MjBDSE9IS1dOQkdKJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ== am i wrong or my only option is a soundbar? i would like to keep using these speakers untill they die, so i don't want the soundbar approach yet
  8. in no place i mentioned a specific design, i used that name as a example to take as a point of comparison say jaguar or buldozer or any other name means nothing to most people, if you point to a more physical example it is worth to be used that way you mention that athlon 5150, i have it here, using it as a point of comparison, it gives 160 points in cinebench r15, i also have a x4 860k, that is basically a improved version of the 8100 with 4 less cores, that cpu gives around 300 in cinebench r15 going back to my original comparison where i said it was the same but lower clockspeed, underclocked, if you take that idea, in a rough inexact comparison imagine that athlon per two, 320 cb the x4 per two is around 600, around the original fx 8000 series that usually gave like 500 something, underclock that and you get a value similar to what i stated is not perfect, but those are points of comparison, you gave here now, your point, is?
  9. i know, i offered a different solution, i already mentioned it, read reply
  10. based on the fx8100 example, if for example you compare it to a r7, is more than double now, cpu is more than double, around 3 times more powerful i would expect, but is only part of the design, gpu and ram are included there, and gpu in particular will have a massive improvement, at least 3 times faster, no sure how much ram will improve, both in ammont and speed, there is alot to consider
  11. you can buy a killawatt to know exactly how much watts each device uses https://www.amazon.com/Hydrofarm-Kill-a-Watt/dp/B01D1YA8G2/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=killawatt&qid=1565542479&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  12. sony decided to make a design that left the ps3 with very little ram, 256megabytes iirc for system, 256mbs for gpu handle ram and cpu on ps3 was complicated, developers had to measure what was going to be loaded on screen all the time, is a wonder what developers managed to make on ps3, like the last of us, that looks so beautiful
  13. well, i have a monitor that has audio output, i connected my speakers to it since it also has 1 hdmi imput, i bougth this https://www.amazon.com/PrinceShop-Splitter-Switcher-Multifunction-switching/dp/B07K9K4FG3/ref=mp_s_a_1_58?keywords=hdmi+switch+3+in+1+out&qid=1565540999&s=gateway&sprefix=hdmi+switch+3&sr=8-58 so i dont have to fight with cables, i think it os not what you ask, but i think is more simple the hdmi has 3 inputs, on 1 i connect tv, on the other i connected ps3 and in the third i sometimes connect another pc i need sometimes, the hdmi switch has a function that when it detects a device has been turned on, it changes to that input automatically, so is great in that respect, audio and video both goes to the monitor, it has a button to select each of the 3 inputs if you wish there is a model with remote control to select input and to turn off the device
  14. the ps3 uses a multicore approach, yes, but is a early design in terms of multicore cpu so is not that efficient because it only has 1 real processor, it has another 7 threads, to call them in some way, but not really threads, that is why developers used to call ps3 way too complex to develop games ps4 is basically a 8 cores amd fx8100 underclocked if you compare both, the speed difference is around 3 to 10 times faster the ps4 depending who you ask, but is not really possible to compare because one thing is the cpu architecture and other is the gpu on each console and that the ps4 uses a x86 architecture, like any pc, but ps3 used a very different architecture so compare them is really complicated basically, if not impossible
  15. 3000 rpm all the time, you got deaf then! airflow and low temperatures doesnt depend only on that, also in the amount of fans, internal flow, place where you put the radiator, if you put fans in push or pull, there is alot you can do to improve or to decrease performance
  16. i cant believe it has been 25 years since i played for the first time on my ps1 yeah, wait a quarter of century or buy a ps4
  17. fpga can be programed to do alot, mostly emulation of other platforms, is meant to be a chip that is not fast, but can adapt to do alot of things soc is basically a cpu with ram controller, gpu and a couple more stuff needed to make almost a entire pc, except for ram, storage and network adapters and of course, electricity controller for battery or power adapter a soc, think of it as a smartphone, as a tablet, as some cheap chromebooks, some tvs use a soc some low end laptops have almost a soc, like amd apus, sort of a fpga can emulate a soc, but a soc cant emulate a fpga basically
  18. pci express is backwards compatible, it has to work even with pcie 2 or pcie 1 also will have to work with pci e4 and pci e5 when is released in 5 or 6 years is like a usb port, you can use stuff from almost 15 years or more, as long as the standard exist and is used what you might need is a motherboard bios update, sometimes is needed, but is a rare situation
  19. a big reservoir doesnt help, the reservoir would mean just more water to be cooled by the radiator who does all the work is the radiator and the fans perhaps what you can do is handle better airflow, that could control temperatures better, but since you gave 0 details, no idea what is best for you
  20. ask support directly to autodesk, they have their own personnel to support their products
  21. surely the repair is change the lcd, the cost might be near the cost of a new monitor, in that case you need to consider if is worth to buy the part and replace it yourself or just recycle them and buy a different brand or model
  22. i have here 2 a400, for boot drives abd for games, for that price i paid, i cant complain
  23. if it is new, is making noises it shouldnt and you dont like that, return it
  24. he doesnt have to install from clean, windows 10 can adapt, is not ideal but it can be done
  25. they had faith it was going to be like on linux, where you report and improve things, didnt worked lol