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  1. Hi Im Upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S7 The Two options that i have are Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G or Huawei Nova 5T 6GB Ram Which of these two is better I game and take photos a lot sometimes shot videos as well
  2. What monitor type would be better for Design(Photoshop ,premiere , illustrator) and gaming on the side: high end VA or will a budget-mid range IPS one will be better? would love some recommendations if you have
  3. who has better customer support in your opinion Samsung or LG?
  4. in your opinion what is the Best mouse pad for FPS and RTS games?
  5. does anyone know a list of good 43 inch TV(i have a small room..)
  6. I Plan to game on PC and PS5 which one of these will be the better pick? thanks
  7. So how do i scale it ? if 100% is native i lower it down to 70% to get 1800P? i never done this before. or set the resolution itself to 1800P instead of 4k
  8. Whats the closest resolution to scale down to from 4k?
  9. Since i can't play at native 4k with decent fps half the time i thought why not lower the resolution down to 3200x1800 but how do i do that without losing much quality in games? just set the resolution to 3200x1800 in game and go or keep it at 4k and use in game resolution scaler option?
  10. Do games get patched on the switch?(for bugs,res quality update) Is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 really that bad on handheld because im kinda short on money right now?
  11. How long do you think they are going to support the switch? and i was thinking about getting the lite
  12. Is it a good time to buy a switch?or is it kind of late to join in?what about exclusives,are there a good number of them now? what exclusives would you suggest?
  13. right now i have a 4770K if i go for a 4K and a 5700XT i wont be bottlenecked because of the cpu?