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  1. goto10

    PS4 Copyright

    if it was a violation of copyright, why would they offered you the option to record video? copyrigth appies under certain circumstances related to music copyrigths, that allows you to listen to music, not reproduce it so others can hear it too, but the gameplay, no, it is not covered by copyright laws nintendo doesn't like people to play and broadcast their games, but that is a nintendo thing
  2. the speeds are controlled by your isp, contact your isp, they are the only ones who control and fix the upload and download speeds you are paying them to give you
  3. about prices, i won't comment, what i can say is what bran i would buy and which one i wouldn't, i would buy sapphire about the workload, adobe usually prefers nvidia cuda, so consider a gtx1660 instead of amd, amd is great but adobe does like more nvidia for lots of effects, for encoding, lots of things
  4. that is the southbridge, these moterboards are from the time there was northbridge and southbridge chps each one handles different things, like sata, pci express comunication, agp comunication, ram comunication, lots of stuff that come more recent cpus handle directly, so southbridge and chipset have changed purpose and location some manufacturers decided that temperature was a concern and put a heatsink over them, others decided that a part working at 40°c is nothing and left them without a heatsink usually those are the chipset, in a modern pc it is for example the x570 chipset, to give it a name, it handles most stuff on the motherboard basically, what the cpu doesn't handle now, since it does alot, now is used a heatsink and a fan over it, because it consumes more power and generates more heat back in the lga 775 era, cases usually had very poor airflow, so a chipset without a heatsink usually always worked hot when moving files between hard disks, so some manufacturers decided to put the heatsink, to avoid getting complains about slow performance and high temperatures, others well, left them be without heatsink each manufacturer does things different, sometimes depends on what intel used to promise in terms of power consumption and temperature
  5. better airflow than a meshify c? perhaps a h500 mesh from cooler master, none of the previous ones mentioned have better airflow than that one look at this review of it personally i would keep the meshify c, in fact i wouldn't change anything on your build, pretty much you have some of the best parts in terms of temperature and airflow possible
  6. it can even short out and end in flames, the liquid might or might not be electrically conductive, i wouldn't risk it, if i can't see well images, screen is leaking, immediate action is required, repair or replace the laptop this is not like clean dust from over your desk or a table, is chemicals, minerals suspended in a oil that makes the unit show images and colors, you are not supposed to be exposed to these chemicals and oils, not clean them, you need a definitive solution
  7. the liquid that makes the lcd show images, colors is coming out, no cleaning will fix it, replace the part or retire the laptop, don't invest time and money into cleaning a damaged broken part, clean the liquid that is coming, well, it is more form where that liquid came, so you have to clean and clean until the lcd stops working or damages something else the two options are replace the part or replace the laptop, don't try anything else
  8. if the cables are called pcie and are 6+2, on the 8 pin put that 6+2, on the second one take another 6+2 and plug only the 6 ones, leave unplugged the extra 2 if the psu has a third 6+2 one and goes alone from the psu, well yes, you can connect it alone, and the other with two, just use one of them, you decide how to handle cables, the one with two 6+2 might be hard to hide the unused connector, perhaps you have to let it hanghing unused, you can decide how to manage the cables
  9. a pc without cpu will do nothing wait for the cpu to arrive, don't waste time on anything before the cpu arrives, patience why is one of the ram modules red? others seems green, are you going to use a gpu or the cpu gpu only?
  10. each tool has their own parameters and drivers to handle the motherboard sensors, so each tool does thigs fdifferent some sensor apps even tell you they are measuring one thing but give you the value of other some motherboards sometimes use bad quality sensors so the measurements they give could be wrong yes a probe directly over the cpu will give you the right answer i personaly trust more on hwinfo but seeing such differneces on all 3 tools, it might be a motherboard with low quality sensors what motherboard is it? are you using the latest versions of those tools to measure temps?
  11. try with only one ram module in the first slot unplugg everything you can, leave only the basic, even unplug the reset button on the motherboard header, leave only the power button, be sure you plugged it in the right place even unplug audio cables form the front connectors, usb 3 header also, leave only the basics about the waterpump, where did you connected it? where is it taking power from? on top there is a cable connected but i can't see how is called and what it goes to
  12. pictures are too blurry, i don't see where you conencted cpu fan header, rememer that some motherboards will not turn on if there is nothing connected there, but in the blurry picture i cant see names are you sure you used the right ram slots for those 2 ram modules? is your motherboard working with 2 and 4? shouldn't be 1 and 3? check motherboard manual, or even remove one of the ram sticks and put only one module on ram slot 1 your cpu doesn't have a gpu in it, so plug in the monitor on the motherboard hdmi ports will do nothing, can you test the gpu in the other pc?
  13. the cigarrete smell is basically a glue, sticky material glued to the fan and cpu heatsink, you could disasemble and use some isoprphyl alcohol to clean internal parts, external parts also some people use a differen citric cleaner or parfum, to replace one smell with another some people when they smell this, they sell the part or pc, because it is almost impossible to remove
  14. also could be helpfull if you can take a picture of the build, perhaps you dnd't connected something or inserted ram modules wrong, let us see how you build the machine
  15. this comment tells me that you are new on the system build world, if you are scared of the box, everything will scare yu, the only thing that takes the fear away is practice, practice and more practice so, guess what i will recomend you here
  16. your definiton of do and mine are very different, such bsod can be caused by ram or cpu, but the parts are failing, a doa is dead on arrival, you connect, turn on and the part is dead, doesn't work at all, no electricity, nothing for the seller or the company it is handled differently, a failing part and a doa part are handled very different sometimes i just build the dam pc, it will work, if i buy good parts, it will work, only these things happen to me with refurbihed or cheapo parts from unknown brands anyway, the box is there for you
  17. theoretically the wipe process is done internally on the drive with very little intervention from the cpu and ram anyway, dban is a strong tool that should be used only when you are giving away hard disks, or a partition messed up the hard disk and is reporting some wrong partition sizes, because darik boot and nuke is a demanding taks for the hard disk and you are wearing it out faster than under normal use dban basically orders the hard disk to wrote and write over information on each sector, i think is like 5 or 7 times, so it takes alot of time, and hard disk are slow, so is alot of time, is a task you put the pc to do in the night, and then you go to sleep and check back in the morning
  18. yes put the motherboard in top of the cardboard box the motherboard came in there is lots of videos on youtube of youtubers doing just that the idea is put the motherboard over a surface that is non electrically conductive and plug everything on it, including psu and gpu the problem often is the gpu, if your gpu is big and heavy is a pita to use it outside a case, so if you can' don't install it just the motherboard if it has a onboard gpu, if is a intel cpu probably has a hd630 or something like that, so you can test almost all parts to be honest, i never test parts, i just do a visual inspection then i assemble, i only use the cardboard if something failed the preassembly outside is only useful if you are going to watercool the pc, and want to avoid bad surprises like DOA motherboard or something like that
  19. goto10

    Chrome OS

    if the ram is not soldered, upgrade ram to 8gbs consider changing the hard disk to a ssd chrome os is just a linux distro that allows you to use chrome, and nothing more basically, which is a web browser that devours ram like there is no tomorrow upgrade parts if possible, avoid chrome like the pest, use firefox and few tabs open5 or 6, not more
  20. the access point has only one ethernet port, used to comunicate the access point to the modem if you want also ethernet ports, you need a router with 4 ethernet ports i personally prefer a router over a access point, offers more flexibility for the things i do, but sometimes a access point might have better wifi coverage
  21. the access point mentioned is basically the router, but without the ethernet ports i mentioned, usually needs the ethernet cable going from the modem to the location where you want to put that acess point i would try first to contact the isp, so you don't buy anything, they should provide a good service in the first place, then if they move modem and things don't improve, you decide to buy a router, a access point, a repeater, or whatever you decide is best on this case
  22. the best way to do this is use a ethernet cable from your isp modem to your pc if you really want wifi and goo signal, you can buy a router, connect it to that ethernet cable i mentioned, the router will give you 4 ethernet ports to connect 4 ethernet cables and also will let you create another wifi signal with another password, so you can have on your room your own wifi separated from the wifi the isp gives you about the cable being ugly, you can install it properly, glued to the floor, walls, roof, it depends on how your kitchen connects to the rooom and what is the best path to hide that ethernet cable also consider calling your isp and asking them to move the modem to another location, the kitchen is usually not in the center of the house, so they installed it on the wrong place and are providing a bad service thanks to that
  23. yes, when in doubt format and start over, but before formatting, save on a external hard disk, or a usb drive the files you want to keep after formatting and reinstalling windows 10, install avast free or any other free antivirus then connect the hard disk or usb drive, copy files back but check them for viruses first i like to use awdcleaner to do scans of malware and similar stuff, is useful when your web browser misbehaves, you can try this adwcleaner right now, is free, might be the solution you need, instead of format and reinstal but to b honest, when you have doubts, the only thing that will convince you about all things ok there, is format and reinstall
  24. the gtx750ti he has is not much powerful and he plans to change it later, but he uses the quicksync, it is faster than cpu encoding, so it saves time, so i can't really complain if it was for me i would buy a cheap gigabyte ds3h like mine that has heatsink for cpu vrms, a r5 and be happy but he does use the dam quicksync, and to be honest amd never pushed to do anything similar with their apus, so well, it is what it is, thank you
  25. well, about the heatsink, is a locked cpu, and i think i will use the stock cooler, so it will blow air over those vrms, the case will have some airflow, the lack of heatsink on vrm is not really that bet in my opinion, i used to overclock a old amd cpu without any vrm and those vrms never got hot the problem with the i7 is the cost, is really expensive, more than double when compared to the i5 about the b360 vs b365, locally i can find this one https://www.gigabyte.com/co/Motherboard/B365-M-AORUS-ELITE-rev-10#kf is a bit more expensive than those i mentioned, but seems to fit the budget and the case, also has vrm heatsinks thank you for your suggestions t be honest, if it was for me, i would tell him to buy a r5 1600 from aliexpress, 16gbs of ram and a b450, to update it later to a 4700, best bang for buck and upgrade path possible but he does use the quicksync feature alot