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  1. I tried Downhill Domination - upto 4 players SmackDown HCP - upto 6 players.
  2. Hi, When I play PS2 games on my PS3. I can only connect two controllers. Is there a way to connect more than 2 controllers. Thank you
  3. Hi, Last night instead of Shutting Down my PC my mother put the PC to sleep. And my dad thought it was turned off and switched of the UPS. So today morning when I booted it up. I got the Blue Screen of Death. And automatic repair started to repair the PC. After some time I got the automatic repair couldn't repair..................... ........srttrail.txt. So I tried the restore option in advanced It did not help. Now can I reset the PC ? Will it work ? What else can I do ?
  4. Hi, I recently got hold of a old PS3 from someone who was not using it. I got it for playing RDR 1 and LOU 1. That PS3 is a jailbroken one. It has this HEN and multiMAN things to play games from a USB. I have some questions What is this HEN and multiMAN ? Should I enable HEN to run multiMAN ? If yes Why ? Can I run PS2 ISO using multiMAN ? thank you.
  5. Hi, I'm from India. I have a BSNL broadband connection. It's a government run telecom. I have this wierd problem. When I connect my phone to the WiFi apps like Google App, Gmail, YouTube, Discord, Signal, WhatsApp and more stop working. Not like stop stop. They are not getting connectivity. Apps like Signal and WhatsApp start to work when I open them otherwise I don't get any notifications. YouTube Gmail and Google app Straight up don't work. Happens with all the phones in our house except for my mother's phone which is a Motorola E4 Plu
  6. Sorry it's a 9100F I did not realise that a 9100 even existed. It's a 2 years old PC. No I don't see the BIOS post screen. It is black. It was working perfectly. Until I screwed things up.
  7. Hi I'm in this very same situation did you get any solution ?
  8. Hi, I have this H310M Gigabyte. I disabled CSM support and Enabled Secure boot. After that CPU turns ON but no Display output. Tried from my RX 570 and Onboard HDMI. What to do pls help ? Also tried clearing CMOS and also removed and added the CMOS battery.
  9. I'm sorry man for not being clear. I need to know what should I do now to enable secure boot ?
  10. When I try to enable Secure Boot I get this. Mobo is Gigabyte H310M 2.0
  11. Hi, When I try to enable Secure Boot I get this. What to do ? My Mobo is Gigabyte H310M 2.0
  12. Okay. So, if I install windows on a GPT SSD and then connect all the other drives will it work ?
  13. Also I'm going to get a SSD for installing windows will that help with this ?