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  1. Hi, I'm Daniel Joshua from India. I'm a Mechanical Engineer Graduate. Right now I don't know whether to do a higher degree or go to a job. The thing is I want to work in a place that is different which will give me opportunity to learn more and have fun. I'm good with computers (not Linus level) also with phones. I also can learn quick with a correct YT video. Pls help me out.
  2. For the past week. When I launch a game any game my system stops and crashes. Not happening all the time. But it has happened like 4 times in the past 10 days. What to do ?
  3. It's a Laptop Is there something else we can do ? I can see that What to do ? So will increasing VRAM do any good ?
  4. A friend of mine is getting this error. What to do ?
  5. Hey people, A friend of mine wants antivirus software on his 2 PC's and Laptop. Which one is the best ? Can be a paid one.
  6. Hi, My friend has a HP laptop it has a Core i5 8250U (4C/8T) 940MX 8GB RAM Don't know the battery capacity. The laptop is slow, unresponsive, Does not feel like a i5 8th gen machine. Eg, If a browser is opened, opening File Explorer takes so much time sometimes gets not responding warning Have tried formating completely but no difference. I suspect there is some hardware problem. Can someone clarify that for me ?
  7. Hi, I have a Gigabyte H310M MOBO. It has 3 PCIE slots one is PCIEX16 - For the GPU. And there are two PCIEX1_1 & PCIEX2_2 slots. I want to know what's those two slots purpose other than being a WiFi Card slot or Sound Card slot ? What else I can do with that 2 slots ? Thanks