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    Anchorage, AK
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    Getting a constant 144fps...
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    Told my mom I needed $2,000 for uni books, but I upgraded my PC instead.
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    4790K OC @ 4.6GHz Speedstep Off
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    ASRock Z97 Fatal1ty Killer
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    Sniper 1866 4GB x 4
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    EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 Hybrid
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    NZXT S340 Red
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    Intel 545s 250GB
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    Omen 24.5 144Hz
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    Kraken x61
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    K70 Speed
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    S8+ AKG Earbuds
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    Win10 Home Single Lng.
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  1. I've read some forums that I should frame limit my gsync display. Is this really necessary? 165hz GSync 1440p
  2. Yes. It's a feature that comes in with the chip and game developers/publishers will always have their games support SMT/HT since why not, helps with load, heat, and overall performance.
  3. Same. And who knows, maybe there's going to be a trans group and being a genital hybrid gives you +10% street cred on side quests
  4. Thanks for the clarification, had to make sure. But overall, he's in the right path.
  5. That's what I said, and I hope media creation tool works for him fine.
  6. Why do you need blender running when youre also running a game. Unless you're making mods for bethesda games, using hammer for dota2 map creation. Plus check https://pcpartpicker.com/ if manirelli already made a build that will fit your needs.
  7. Is this a Yay or a Nay for you? I mean, dystopian settings will always have girls with male genitalia or vice versa.
  8. Of the virus? I wish. I don't have or even know about it. I was joking.
  9. Then why do you need 240 fps? Only game can kick a constant 240fps is CSGO on 4:3 + a shit resolution. Save money and just get a 165hz one. And are you sure you want to revert back to 1080 from 1440?
  10. Oliv.r


    @MattKnutson84 Hell yeah take it back IF you paid for the insurance thingy which I believe is $50. I picked up one up a couple of weeks ago and I made sure that the monitor was manufactured recently -- mine was June 2018 while the others in stock are Nov 2017.
  11. Gotta make space in the warehouse for the RTX cards. FeelsBadMan
  12. U right. Different lang, same concept and idea but probs, my dude. U right.
  13. @Vengeance1020 I know that. I said troubleshoot parts with an S. There's a lot of variable and factor that can lead to a PC not posting, it'll be best to try things out and see for a cheaper price instead of just buying new hardware and hoping it would work w/o knowing the root of the problem.